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Far More than Google Analytics -Managed WooCommerce Hosting by Liquid Web

Every store owner that I know, is told
the same thing. “Hey, if you just connect your store to Google
Analytics you will know everything”. You’ll know, how long they are spending on
each product page, and which ones buy and the path towards that purchase and you’ll
know everything. And they do, they go and they connect their
store to Google Analytics and of course they discover well I have to start doing some more. I have to configure some more in Google Analytics
and they don’t always do that. But then, more importantly, you get data and
then you don’t know what to do with it. It doesn’t come out in clear ways that say, you know,
this is what to sell next to this person or this is a group of people you should pay
attention to. It’s not there. And so when we started building
this we said yea we want Google Analytics but we need more. Which is why we partnered with Glew. Because Glew gives you the very thing store
owners want. The data that allows them to say which group
of customers are the right customers to sell next to or what’s the right next product to
sell to that set of customers or how do I create promotions and the right promotion
for the right kind of customer. They take care of all of that.

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