Falcons players and Legends hosted wounded military veterans for annual fishing tournament
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Falcons players and Legends hosted wounded military veterans for annual fishing tournament

It’s a heart-breaker. It’s like taking a football away from a football player. What else am I going to do? I don’t know what to do. This is all I know. After 15 years, this is all I know. My daughter was born and she was 3 months old before my first deployment to Iraq. The first initial invasion. There was a soldier who betrayed the United States and decided to attack American soldiers. A bullet grazed my leg. And the only thing I could see is people screaming my name. Doc! Doc! You know, come here! I couldn’t think of anything else but to go to them. And continuously on, I deployed again. Injured. Got home. Try to get well. Get injured again. Constant. Nonstop. It was taboo back then. You know, PTSD or TBI, it made you think that you were weak. But you were still fighting that demon. I finally got to Afghanistan. And… got injured again. And finally realized once I seen the doctor that I’m not okay. I have invisible wounds. All my other flesh wounds are healed. But I still have invisible wounds. The football players, you know, they have that camaraderie. You can’t get that anywhere unless you been through that with each other. And that’s the veteran community no matter where you put us. Like this trip here. Put us all in a fish bowl. We never met each other before. But we can communicate. And that, kind of like you said, a parallel, of Brotherhood. It mirrors the image of a football player. Just like, we call them professional athletes, and that’s the same thing a veteran is. He’s a professional athlete for the longest time until he goes to combat and then he gets injured and now he’s a disabled veteran. We relate to the players just like they relate to us. And showing society or the community, that hey, your veteran is here, he’s in your community. You need to be knowledgable about this guy. It’s very important to see the Falcons take that leadership role to show us that hey, we know we’re in Georgia, and we know the Falcons got our back. Very important. I’ve never seen anything like this before. And to see my warriors come in, and how they interact with others, it’s amazing to me because we can’t get them to do that in society. It feels like I’m back with my guys again. You know, I can’t stop now. I really can’t stop because organizations like the Falcons organization that keeps reminding us and letting us know that hey, we didn’t forget about you. I think that’s always going to be dear to my heart. Take your resilience wherever you go. No matter what task life gives you, take that resilience and use that for your forward momentum. And just keep moving forward. Just like a running back. Keep moving forward just like an infantryman. Just keep moving forward.


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