Falcon Heavy Arabsat 6A Launch Party Hosted by Tesla

(crowd cheering) (sonic booms) (sonic booms) (upbeat music) – Hey, we’re at the airport. We’re making our way and
Jack is being a good boy We haven’t told him why we’re going because he’s afraid he’ll
be put on the rocket. (upbeat background music) – So we’re here at the meet up and um I just got s*** on by a bird. (upbeat background music) – Okay we just finished the meet up. Uh had a lot of fun
meeting a lot of people. Thank you guys for coming out. Now me and Joe are gonna
go check out the Megaladon. Stay tuned. (raining) – So it’s raining out, sort of and the launch got pushed back another day and so we’re gonna go check
out Kennedy Space Center today and see what they have going on but first we need to extend our stay at this lovely facility, lets go. (upbeat background music) – Okay guys it’s officially canceled, but we’ll be back tomorrow. We’ll all be back tomorrow. Hopefully watching from right here. (slow motivational music) – What’s up guys I am here
at the Falcon Heavy Launch. Which is curtesy of the
Tesla Referral Program secret level 3. Thank you to Tesla for inviting me and what we’re gonna do is
go watch the Falcon Heavy’s first commercial launch of Arabsat 6A from this place right
behind me which is the Exploration Tower in
Cape Canaveral, Florida We get to watch from the
highest viewing point in the entire area and one of the closest to the landing pads. Where the two Falcon 9 rockets are gonna come down at LZ1 and LZ2. Fingers crossed, but before we do that, I thought I would ask friend Tim Dodd the everyday astronaut to explain to us what we can expect from a rocket launch. If this is new to you, if you’re not sure how this goes down. He is the expert at it, So here’s Tim, Explaining to us exactly
what to expect tonight from the Falcon Heavy launch. – Explain a rocket launch, huh Ben. Well basically you take a vehicle, you fill it full of uh rocket fuel, you put the pointy end up,
and the flamey end down. Then you let it go. Well of corse there’s
actually a lot more to it and uh we’re only about two hours away from seeing uh SpaceX’s
Falcon Heavy Launch. Which is an awesome vehicle and since it’s only about 500 kilometers 3 miles behind me here,
uh at Kennedy Space Center and this vehicle is special because it’s the most powerful
operational rocket in the world and 90% of it can be re-used. So those side boosters
actually land back here on land and the center core will
land about 1000 kilometers or 600 miles down range on
a drone ship in the ocean. So then the vehicle is actually able to be completely re-used and go up to space again and that is something very different very unique, and extremely groundbreaking, and offers a very good glimpse for the future of space flight. So it’ll be an awesome launch to see. – Alright, thanks Tim. So without further ado, Let’s go into the event (upbeat pop music) (crowd conversing) – [Young Man] Watch the Launch Pad. (crowd cheers) (cheering) – There it goes. – [Young Man] I can
feel the heat off of it. – There’s the sound. – Whoa. (crowd goes silent) (crowd cheers) (crowd silent) – Is it just getting littler? – Yeah it’s going up to space. (voice over loud speaker) (crowd cheers) – [Young Man] Announced the separation – [Man 2] Oh the separation. – [Young Man] You can see them – [Man 2] I can see them. (chatter amongst crowd) (crowd cheers) – I don’t see them. – [Wife] You don’t see them? – No. – [Wife] They’re right there. See the little white dot. (voice on loud speaker) – Oh I see them Jack, look it, look, right there. What, oh my gosh. Jack, look it, Jack, right there look. (crowd cheers) – Oh my gosh. You got it baby, you got it. ( voice on loudspeaker) (crowd cheering) (sonic booms) (sonic booms) (crowd cheering) – Oh my god oh wow wow what’d you think honey. – [Wife] I’m glad you told
me that, that happens. It sounded almost, crazy. – Jack what’d you think? – Again. – [Wife] Again! It’s a once in a lifetime Bud. – Wow – We can watch it on TV. – Okay. – [Ben] What are your first thoughts? – Um, amazing, I still
can’t believe that I’m here like seeing this right
now with my own eyes. So cool, it was really bright and I felt like it , it
took a minute to actually to like hear anything I was
surprised at how long it, I mean it felt probably
a long time because I had that anticipation
going but it was so cool. Oh for sure! – [Ben] Joe Scott, first thoughts? – Uh well I was just saying on my channel that uh, it’s, you really
get a different perspective on how fast these boosters
are coming down when they land because on, on YouTube like you see it from the core, and I mean that’s cool and all but, but you really, like they’re just falling out of the sky, and then in the last what 30 seconds they, they turn on the engines and they slow down really
slowly before they land that really stuck out to me. That’s something you’ll have
to be here to see I guess – That’s like the uh, Lunar
Lander right the game . You ever play that where
its like you’re coming down and you just (buzzing sound) – The one I fail at
every single time, yeah. – Yeah apparently Tim
has the world record. Of corse – Of corse he does. – We hate you Tim We love you too but we hate you also – [Ben] Dan, what did you think? – That was cool, um I
totally missed the shot with my camera but I don’t even care because I didn’t even focus on it . I was just, I set the camera up and then I just wanted to
enjoy it and take it in, so, I did that, I think it was fun. – Yup, that was amazing. Hope you guys enjoyed this video, uh if you want more of this kind of thing. My friend Tim Dodd that
was in the video earlier, and Joe Scott, who you heard from, We have a PodCast called Our Ludicrous Future Where we talk about
things like Tesla stuff, SpaceX, uh future tech, and just kinda what’s going on and uh, that’s gonna make our
future even more ludicrous. So go check that out um,
at or here on YouTube. Ill put a link to it down below, and I’ll catch you guys in the next one, and uh thanks Tesla again
for inviting me out. What a special day, Thanks
for making it possible. Peace. (inspirational music)

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