“Faith in God – the Cause for Israel’s Resilience” – TV7 Israel News 21.08.19
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“Faith in God – the Cause for Israel’s Resilience” – TV7 Israel News 21.08.19

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
News broadcasting to you from Jerusalem; And in today’s top stories;
Israel has reportedly attacked an Iranian target in Iraq, the fourth such known operation
in the past several weeks. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declares
that the foundation that brought about the inception of the state of Israel, is first
and foremost: faith in God. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged
the international community to work together with the United States to thwart the Islamic
Republic’s malign activities, which according to the top American diplomat, has brought
about “devastating humanitarian consequences.” Israel has reportedly attacked an Iranian
target in Iraq, the fourth such known operation in the past several weeks. Several explosions erupted in a militant installation
belonging to the powerful Popular Mobilization Forces, PMF – or Hashd al-Shaab in Arabic
– an Iraqi state-sponsored umbrella organization that is predominantly composed of Shi’ite
militias that receive most of their training, logistical support and operational directives
from Iran and its Lebanese-proxy Hezbollah, including the commander of the elite Quds
Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, General Qassem Suleimani. According to Iraq’s Civil Defense, ‘Yesterday’s
explosions devastated several of PMF’s bases and warehouses near Balad air base, which
is located some 80 kilometers (equal to a little under 50 miles) north of the country’s
capital, Baghdad. An Iraqi military source revealed to TV7 that
the targets of the attack were several weapons caches that sustained devastating damage. Witnesses confirmed this statement, reporting
that the massive explosions caused stored rockets to fly into nearby farmland and into
the Balad base itself. Shortly after the incident, Iraq’s Defense
Minister Najah al-Shammari visited the site, during which he told Iraqi state television
that several blazes that erupted after the explosions had been put out. He further noted that some military personnel
had suffered minor injuries. It is important to note that the Balad Air
Force’ base hosts U.S. military personnel and Western contractors, yet – thankfully
– there were no reports of injuries among any Western forces. While there were no claims of responsibility
for the attack; Informed sources in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv confirmed to TV7 that Israeli
units were involved in clandestine operations against Iranian targets in Iraq. One of the sources also noted that “all
of the Israeli operations are conducted in full-coordination with the United States.” That said, he refuted any coordination between
Moscow and Jerusalem regarding Iraq, emphasizing that “the Russian-Israeli coordination-mechanism
is meant exclusively for Israeli aerial operations in Syria, with the sole aim of assuring deconfliction.” Meanwhile;
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu alluded to yesterday’s attacks in Iraq, shortly
before returning from Ukraine to Israel. Netanyahu told reporters accompanying him,
that Jerusalem “will act – and currently (is) acting – against (Iran), wherever it
is necessary,” while underscoring that “Iran has no immunity, anywhere.” Also prior to his return, the Prime Minister
addressed members of the Jewish community of Ukraine, during which he argued that the
foundation that brought about the inception of the state of Israel, is first and foremost:
faith in God. “The almost-extinct people, who were mercilessly
slaughtered, today heads a strong, resilient, progressive and prosperous state. Did you translate this? Yes? And I will tell you how we did it, first and
foremost through the power of faith, first and foremost through the power of faith (In
God). Without faith we would not be able to accomplish
the miracle of the establishment of Israel on its land.” The Israeli leader insisted that in the face
of death during the Holocaust, many Jews prayed for Israel’s deliverance and the nations
salvation, which was manifested from their faith in God. Netanyahu also reiterated his dedication to
his weekly bible study, that is held at his Jerusalem residence every Saturday, urging
Ultra-Orthodox Jews to read beyond the weekly Torah portion and expand their studies into
the entire Old Testament – which Netanyahu emphasized – remains relevant for today. “Every Saturday when I read the weekly Torah
portion, I don’t do it for you. I don’t do it for the elections. I do it for the faith, and I read the weekly
Torah portion and I read the Haftarah (a series of rabbinical selections from the Prophets);
by the way I encourage you to read beyond the Haftarah, I would like you to read the
Bible (Old testament) as well. But this is a dispute I have with my ultra-orthodox
Friends. I read the Torah (Pentateuch) and the Bible
(Old Testament). I know you read the Torah (Pentateuch), but
read the Bible (Old testament) as well, what power (it holds). What great power it holds, of our people. Such great things that are so relevant. So, we are infused with faith. Same faith, same mission.” Now to New York, where;
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged the international community to work together
with the United States to thwart the Islamic Republic’s malign activities, which according
to the top American diplomat, has brought about “devastating humanitarian consequences.” Speaking at a United Nations Security Council
meeting on Middle East peace and security challenges, the State Secretary singled out
Iran as the main instigator of regional instability, while accusing the Ayatollah regime of fully
investing into a campaign of “extortion diplomacy.” The main publicly-acknowledged -reason for
Pompeo’s U.N. Security Council appearance came in light of the nearing expiration-date
of a U.N.-imposed arms embargo on Iran, as well as travel restrictions on key Islamic
Revolutionary Guards figures. As such, the American Secretary of State urged
the international community to work out how to stop Iran from being – what he termed
as: “unshackled to create new turmoil.” “We are already tracking very closely the
JCPOA provisions expiring in October of 2020 – namely, the UN arms embargo and the travel
restrictions on Qassem Suleimani. The whole world is able to track them, too. We now have a countdown clock on the State
Department’s Iran webpage. Time is drawing short to continue this activity
of restricting Iran’s capacity to foment its terror regime. The international community will have plenty
of time to see how long it has until Iran is unshackled to create new turmoil and figure
out what it must do to prevent this from happening.” It is important to note that despite Washington’s
efforts; the council has not and is unlikely to take any action on Iran. European powers have been scrambling to salvage
the faltering nuclear deal, while diplomats claim that Russia and China are likely to
shield the Islamic Republic from any action. Elsewhere in New York;
U.S. Special Representative for Iran and Secretary Pompeo’s senior Foreign Policy Adviser Brian
Hook announced in a press briefing that ‘in-light of repeated refusals by the Ayatollah regime
to negotiate’, the United States will once again ratchet-up its economic sanctions with
the aim of driving-up the costs of Iran’s malign behavior. “Iran over the last few months has rejected
diplomacy too many times; and as a consequence, we are focused on intensifying our economic
pressure campaign to drive up the cost of Iran’s malign behavior.” Meanwhile in Canberra, Australia;
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that his country’s navy will join the U.S.-led
coalition, to assure freedom of maritime navigation in the Strait of Hormuz. During a special press conference, the Australian
Prime Minister announced his government’s decision, which he underscored ‘is an enhancement
of existing and longstanding Australian contributions to counter terrorism and piracy.’ “The government has decided that it is in
Australia’s national interest to work with our international partners to contribute to
an international maritime security mission, know as the International Maritime Security
Construct, the IMSC in the Middle East. This will be an enhancement of existing and
long-standing contribution to counter piracy and counter terrorism missions in the waters
of the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.” Prime Minister Morrison emphasized that his
government’s decision came in light of Iran’s destabilizing behavior, which poses a direct
threat to Australian interests in the region. “This destabilizing behavior is a threat to
Australian interests in the region, particularly our enduring interest in the security of global
sea lanes of communication. Fifteen to sixteen percent of crude oil and
twenty five to thirty percent of refined oil destined for Australia transits through the
Sraits of Hormuz. So, it is a potential threat to our economy.”Morrison
did stress, however, that Australia’s involvement with the U.S.-led naval coalition will be
limited in both scope and duration. For more information on Israel and its region
visit our website at WWW.TV7ISRAELNEWS.COM


  • Sir Guy Fox

    I said before the last failed election that Benjamin Netanyahu was Our Heavenly Father Yahweh's choice as Leader of Israel in these troubled times.
    He has shown restraint in his defence of Israel, but strong leadership and firm actions in all areas as well.
    His faith in Yahweh is an example to all people to follow, and his acknowledgement that it is Yahweh who has regathered His people, and rebuilt His lands, is a testament to his devotion.
    Be strong, and of good courage, and Our Heavenly Father will bless and protect you.
    That is His Promise, and His Will.
    His sword will fall with great vengeance upon those that curse you, and Him.
    That is also another promise, clearly described in both the old and the new testaments, of His Words.

  • Daniel James

    Every evil plan there are planning shall fall upon them because the God of Israel shall neither sleep nor slumber in Jesus mighty name amen shalom ??

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Prime Minister Netanyahu acknowledges the nations need of God and it is most likely he is not far from the kingdom of God. Hopefully he will embrace the Messiah Yeshua and if this is the case what a leader he will be! Already he has proved to be a capable leader. He is no 'jellyfish' and Israel is the only nation that is really 'whompimg' Iranian militancy! Hopefully he will be re-elected. Israel needs a strong man at the helm and Bibi is doing his best to lead the nation. Those of us who know Yeshua as our personal Saviour Lord and Messiah need to keep praying for this man. God has installed him into that position (Daniel 2:20-22) Shalom to you Prime Minister Netanyahu. Brother Raoul www.blowthetrumpet.com.au

  • Jhon Hanya antek2 PKI yg melakukan hal itu . Jhon


  • Abraham Maruti

    God will have to shutter Israel's faith in America because God Himself will defend Israel & restore the right form of leadership. Democracy is not God's ultimate style of leadership for Israel, it's a foreign system. Righteous & Justice will be the foundation of that leadership especially when the Messiah returns

  • Peter H. J.

    Newsflash people: Israel has no more evil deities, they are all dead! And if you are talking about the good gods and/or God most high then you can all be quite sure that they don´t support the Synagogue of Satan in Israel!

  • Deepanshu Dwivedi

    God bess u israel .
    Isaiah 27: 13
    And it shall come to pass in that day, that the great trumpet shall be blown, and they shall come which were ready to perish in the land of Assyria, and the outcasts in the land of Egypt, and shall worship the LORD in the holy mount at Jerusalem.

  • Mamoudou Ouedraogo

    Iron Bibi ? ? shalom brother ? God bless you ? ?❣️ God bless Israel and US ??? hachem is our defense we always win

  • Mingyar

    When leaders kneel to the only God and submit to Him, He will deliver his nation from any harm and would multiply its blessings!

  • Jeje Wa

    And as Islam is a sect and not a religion Israel will always be the winner. Islam is based on BS. From Meka to the Quor'an and this is historicaly proven.

  • Edward Samuel


  • Appen Zeller

    I want to make sincere apologies for the two USA congresswomen who have been so vocal against Israel. They in no way represent the majority off US citizens…they just have big mouths and want to cause trouble. Both also do not represent moderate Muslims US citizens.

  • Roshan Christopher Dsouza

    Shalom, Psalm 115:9 Israel trust in Yahuwah, He is your helper and shield.
    Psalm 128:1 Blessed are all who fear Yahuwah and live in His way.
    Yahuwah Elohim bless Yisrael ??? long live ??? and all Spiritual Messianic believers families and assembly in the world and keep them safe, I pray in the name of the Yahshua Messiah Amen HalleluYah with ?????? from INDIA ???????????????

  • wills Kats

    Thanks Mr Hessen for the news we continue to pray for the peace of Israel and the peace of Jerusalem
    Thanks to Australian for understanding the threat posed by Iran in the reason

  • sonia aaina

    Since Jesus Christ is throughout the Old Testament as Sacrificial Lamb provided by the Lord to Abraham and Slain Lamb of Moses whose coated blood on the doors of Israelites saved Israelites from the wrath of God, let's pray that Jews will be able to recognize now that Jesus Christ is the long awaited Messiah of the Jews prophesied in Isaiah 53 and bring their faith on Jesus Christ and on the second coming of Jesus Christ which is at the door, shout with joy, 'Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord!'

  • Real new Yorker I’ll clap you

    America should sell new weapon to Ukraine Russia wants to be in Venezuela and Syria and support Iran make them pay more

  • Lotusrk123

    The book of Zechariah is of paramount importance in these days. Chapter 5, "the woman in an ephah" is a slight mis-translation as "Woman" (Strong's Hebrew # 802) has the identical spelling of the word preceding it (#801) which translates "fire offering". With this translation the whole chapter reveals (the roll) a nuclear bomb tipped ICBM that goes throughout the entire world burning houses and melting stone. It even alludes to the fact that the design is universal (common to many countries). The final 3 verses describe a different delivery system; "with wings like a stork" and a fire offering, or jet engine pod, under each wing. Sounds like the B-1b Lancer nuclear capable bomber. It says its target is Shinar, which could be southern Iran?
    Zechariah also reveals the soon coming Antichrist will be a "foolish shepherd", wealthy (preaches prosperity message?), and cares not for the sheep but devours them.

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