Facebook LIVE Streaming Tutorial — 8 Facebook Live Tips
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Facebook LIVE Streaming Tutorial — 8 Facebook Live Tips


  • Think Media

    ⚡️QOTD: What you done a Facebook Live broadcast yet? Have any tips? Let me know! ??? Learn the 3-steps for explosively growing your brand online and creating a 6-figure+ income using social media and YouTube ➡️➡️➡️ http://FullTimeInfluencer.com

  • Kuel Life

    Holy Cow!! I am a complete newbie and feel like I just had a four year education on FaceBook Live! Thanks so much…. will be on my first one tomorrow…..

  • Hall About Stamping

    Even in landscape the video is always sideways. I film from above so that my desk is in view as I film crafting tutorials. Any tips to get it the right way?

  • Im2good -YT

    I’ve watched about 2 hours of tips and tricks today… You have made the best tips and tricks video by far! I appreciate all the good info and you execute your own tips throughout your video. I really appreciate the great content, and I’m going to like and subscribe for sure!

  • Lorneka Joseph

    Thank you so much! I really enjoyed your delivery. I definitely learned a lot from you and need to do more CTAs in my videos. Excellent teaching!

  • Alisa Sample - Alexander

    You've been SUCH help! Thank you! I'm getting there one step at a time. I so appreciate it!

  • Ivy Perez

    This was awesome information! Thank you. Granted, I think I'm watching this 2 years after your initial launch, so I'm wondering if the 18 min on average is best? I love your tips, especially with regard to broadcasting. All your tips were great. Took copious notes and can't wait to tweak what I'm already doing, which is in its infancy 🙂

  • Danpaw Travels

    Thanks for the quality info. Can you tell me how to record (film) on a mobile device and have it sync to my laptop while broadcasting on Facebook Live? It seems that UStream was the answer, but I see that it was sunset. Thanks again.

  • Dave Panico

    Thanks for the info . I am new to fb live and haven't started yet . I have questions. Is a microphone needed or can you use what the device has ? I ave an ipad, Can I use that ?
    Can I put a link for a website or donate link in the title ? If not, where can I put that ?
    Once you are finished with th elive broadcast, how do you set up rebroadcast? Is it done automatically, or do you control how often it gets re broadcast ?

  • Stacy Roby

    Wow! Your knowledge about Facebook and best practices is impressive. Thank you for sharing. I am looking forward to implementing.

  • Judi Kahler

    Hi Sean. I’ve been trying to use FB Live in horizontal mode for 3 weeks on both of my iPhones. It just won’t work. It records me vertically and my videos look horrible. Any suggestions?

  • Taylor Morgan

    Who the hell are these people who clicked the thumbs down on this tutorial!?? This was a great, concise, and valuable training, Sean! Excellent tips. Excellent!

  • Somaliland American Council

    What best/secure software for live streaming on Facebook from a PC would you recommend ?

  • Tekk Luthor

    I find the option to target your follower's friends who are interested in similar things wors well. Especially if you're throwing an event both may be interested in

  • Jim Darley

    Sean, thank yo soooo much! I'm just about to produce my first FB Live for my wife's music studio (Heart Centered Singing). It is such a pleasure to come across your lively, understandable video, jam-packed with incredibly useful tips. And no BS. Best 18 minute of training I've enjoyed on YouTube for weeks. Extremely valuable!

  • sirarpi sahakyan

    I stream to Facebook and YouTube simultaneously. Restream.io lets me grow my audience even bigger with the help of multistreaming.
    Honestly, I underestimated the power of comments. Will keep in mind next time I go live!

  • Epic Journey

    This was so dope!!! OMG I really appreceiate the value that you give in every video you post! I'm such a fan !

  • John Young

    Discover powerful business secrets like reviews.withminta.com and discover a hundred more secrets at www.videogreeting.net

  • cayman2010

    Looking for easy and direct instructions on using the Elgato cam link with the Canon 80D and getting clean output.

  • cntravel aboyslife

    We actually use FB more than YT because I am just learning about YT. I boost his videos and put them on groups so he does fairly well. Christian loves and wants to be a you tubber. This was interesting and informative. Thanks

  • Mr. Asawable

    I just made a live stream today. I wish I watched this before I started. This is very helpful. I'll try all the tips you mentioned. Thank you so much

  • Jamie Allen

    Great information and packed into a concise video! I have a question…how did you broadcast from your business page to your personal page during the "live?" That would be so helpful!! thanks

  • Lauryn Joyce

    Even when I record horizontally, I can't see my viewers comments and they also say that they can not see it horizontally. Is there something I'm missing?

  • Dodie Pajer

    What a super video! The tips are so helpful. I tried my first FB live video today, and I rotated my phone to landscape orientation. However, it posted "on its side". I am searching for information on how to avoid that.

  • Inga Koujak

    I have watched about 6 different videos about how to video in landscape mode during FB live on iphone. I have done everything people mentioned to do and I can't get mine to show up in landscape. Instead it shows me sideways. Everytime I start the video it says to turn my phone back to portrait. I don't do it and it does not work. Can you help?

  • Virginie Steinert

    Thanks alot. Hammer Mega horny tips.?? Had my first live yesterday and it was a total mess. ?? Learning by doing. TOP

  • renhandi

    I've never liked the live videos because of all the time wasted in the beginning before they get to the meat and potatoes of the video. You say it best…people's time is valuable …make it interesting and to the point. Make me want to watch it again because there is so much value.

  • Stacy Landry

    You said 18 minutes is about the time frame you should shoot for FB lives. Is there a time limit that you shouldn't go over…a certain time that tends to be too long?

  • David Mosley

    I’ve done some FB Live…your feedback with help me make it better. Thank you!!…I’ll share more feedback as I get more experience.

  • PRedd 3

    Was searching for mic problems. Using an android phone with a new Shure MV88+ Mic/video kit (directional mic on a stand similar to yours)… Its not connecting to facebook live (sounds like sawing wood/distortion) unplugged it and use the phone direct it was fine. I see a lot of info for iPhones .. any suggestions. With all that said… i watched your complete video anyway….. EXCELLENT TIPS and Im new at this. Great job!

  • David BARNETT

    this is to FACEBOOK are you stupid you are putting young children at risk by sending there profiles on the page PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW you are exposing them to grooming gangs and rapists shame on you .it is time you stopped the page PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW PAGE this is a foot note to my message to face book, you have a duty of care to your members. in the uk there is a law data protection act you have broken the law by sending your members profiles to who knows where and to who with out there consent

  • Bx Iconic Family

    This is pure GOLD!!! I know I’m late Bt this is AMAZING!!! I just started going Live on my personal page…for my business. I thought it made sense…Bt after watching this video. I WAS ALL WRONG ????. Thanks for this videoo

  • Phoenix Devereux

    If you are facebook live streaming, and you invite someone else on to live stream from their location at the same time, if your mic is plugged in, I find I can't hear the other person talking. What is your mic/audio monitoring set up for having two people live streaming at the same time with good audio?

  • Dawn Sullivan

    Great video! How do you add captions? Also how do you add little text boxes to your videos? Is there a way to practice videos?

  • ACS Debt Collection Services

    Great Video!! Great tips too !! Thank You. Question for you .. I did my Live feed and turned my phone around as you suggested. However when i view it on my biz pages its not the right way up ? Help Plz..

  • Keep Calm And Run To The Best You

    What a great video! Thank you for this. I used it this morning when doing my live. These tweaks will really help me. I'm Tadris Parker on FB btw. Aug 20th live entitled "3 Steps to waking up early to get your workout done!

    ( You can see your tips in action)

  • The Cocktail Academy with Rochelle

    This is so useful and PERFECT timing for me! So many good tips. I've been stalling but I think I'm finally ready to tackle FB live 🙂

  • Sue Smith

    Oh Sean. I tried so hard. I really did. I watched this video and made notes of all the things not to do. And I even wrote out all the things I wanted to be sure to say, including the CtoC! But my first Facebook Live was pretty much a 3-ring circus. The content was there… but everything else? Mercy. But I’m not giving up.

  • Kathryn Archuleta

    We are doing our very first Fb live tomorrow morning. We are a non-profit that is doing a 4 hr conference and I’m wondering how to deal with it when we have our lunch break?? Do I simply split the broadcast into 2 separate videos? Otherwise all they’ll be looking at is a PPT projector screen that says LUNCH!!

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