Experts Talk – VMworld Technical Session PD1877U
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Experts Talk – VMworld Technical Session PD1877U

Hello everyone, and welcome to another
Expert Talk. In this session, we’re going to be covering another VMworld 2019
session, today I’ve got with me Kelby Mahoney, who is an associate consultant
in the Professional Services organization, this session, we’re gonna be
talking to today is a little different in that it’s not technical in nature but
it is a very important topic that I think everyone should pay attention to
so I’m really excited to have Kelby here with me we’re going to be talking about
the session PD 1877 U, Kelby, welcome to the Experts Talk and can you just
give us a little background on what this session is about and maybe why
you’re doing the session speaking at it, yeah, absolutely, so in my own
organization, I noticed a large gap between our underrepresented minorities,
and for a lack of a better word, everyone else, and though we worked really
actively to promote an inclusive culture and the diverse culture and some of the
things that I’ve noticed both in this job and in previous jobs I kind of mushed
together in this presentation to showcase things that we’re currently
doing that are working to promote a diverse and inclusive culture in the
workplace, particularly those where there’s not a lot of underrepresented
minorities and I wanted to assure everyone that they don’t need to feel
fatigued, both the underrepresented minority groups that may feel tired with
the emotional labor that they’re having to give to their organizations to
have a positive impact, also white males that may feel as though they’re
constantly bombarded with the idea that they’re doing something wrong, when in
fact they are allies, and they belong in our inclusivity as well, yeah I mean you
bring up a really good point about that and maybe if you can talk a little bit
more about what do you mean by fatigue, and for me as a white male, I’m feeling
kind of the same way, and I’m like I’m doing something wrong because
you know I don’t have more unrepresented minorities working for me, and so this
really hits home for me right now, especially since we’re really focused on
that at VMware, and including more people regardless of sex, race, gender,
choices, things like that, so maybe what what do you mean more about fatigue and
then maybe just give us a little spoiler into kind of what you’re gonna talk
about there, right there and around with the white males, absolutely, so from a
fatigue standpoint, on the one side, we’re asking underrepresented minorities to
give their labor in their grief process to help other groups understand
what exactly it is they’re going through, and one of the processes of grief is
anger, and so a lot of people really stay there in and that’s very tiring to that
community, on the other side with people that may feel as though they’re being
told they’re doing something incorrectly, I think it’s important that we highlight
what’s already been done that’s working and how far that we’ve come over a
series of years and where we continue to go, so a lot of this presentation is
going to be focusing on small tangible items that can be added to your
organization that will help to induce change without anybody having to do any
additional work, because for example and Roger you work in the Atlanta office, so
you know that there’s puzzles on every break room floor, and I was thinking
about it the other day that as simple as that is to put a jigsaw puzzle in a
break room it does force people to work together and to help solve a problem, and
you don’t know who’s gonna come in the break room, it could people from multiple
teams, people from multiple genders, people from multiple races, et cetera, so
it’ll be talking points such as those that will help to showcase that we are
an inclusive culture, there is inclusive culture to be had at other organizations,
these are just going to be suggestions and examples and the research behind why
these items are, awesome, so I mean I know I would love to come to the
session from my own personal standpoint as a white male and a manager, who would
you recommend coming to this session from attendees of VMworld, I originally
wrote this session for the white male archetype just because I think that
they may have felt as though they’re not being included in the conversation and
that’s not fair either, that’s not equality by any means of the term, this
session is also really wonderful for underrepresented minorities as well,
I do make sure that I include everyone from a remote employee to a disabled
employee to a veteran to black Latino to women, everybody included, single parents,
et cetera so it really is a catch all, but my
original intent was to gain a lot more of that white male type perspective that
we see so often in the tech organization yeah, it sounds like you’re gonna cover
topics for the white males and also for the unrepresented minorities and how to
deal with some of the stress and some of the anger and and maybe suggest some
positive things like you know you could do as a team or so group or inclusion
for other people that maybe some people just don’t even think about it, I know
one thing that comes to mind is that I know we have like ping-pong tables and
sporting types of things which is generally associated with the male
personality and that may not be very inclusive for females or you know we
have things that are focused on you know things that I would assume oh man that’d
be great to do but that may not be very inclusive so I assume you’re gonna kind
of cover topics like that, yeah absolutely so one of my suggestions to
make a more inclusive culture is to allow other people to make a decision on
afterhours events within your own team, so often in tech we see let’s go out for
drinks and we don’t consider the fact that there may be a pregnant woman on
your team that can’t or something but we’re looking at mystery right or let’s
go if we’re gonna have an offset meeting let’s go drive go-carts or something and
that may be absolutely not any fun for a female or especially a pregnant female
can’t do it so you know there’s there’s lots of things to just
that you may not have done intentionally but without thinking about it just kind
of happens so that’s awesome yeah I think this would be a great session is
there any kind of material out there or anything that someone if they’re going
to come to the session then they want to be prepared maybe with questions or they
want to do a little bit of research can you think of anything that maybe they
could do prior to coming the session just to be a little more prepared yeah
absolutely I think one of the main things is to research your own diversity
and inclusion policies at your own organization I think it would be helpful
to have talking points so that other suggestions can be made in place of
what’s currently there and there are going to be some resources that I use
within the presentation itself that I am happy to send out to the session
attendees if they’re interested I’ll have a slide for that as well so one of
the things that we’ll be talking most about is the progress principle
otherwise known as the theory of small wins the main author on that was Teresa
amiable and so we’ll be discussing that if people would like to learn up about
the theory before coming into the session awesome yeah that’s very helpful
well listen Kelly thank you so much for doing this a and thank you so much for
coming on with me and talking about it so I’m really really excited to to come
to your session and hear what you have to sa,y again if you are interested in
attending Kelby’s session, please go to the VMworld 2019 session planner and search
for PD 1877 U or you can just search for Kelby Mahoney’s name
and find it there and then sign up and attend this session I think it’s
Tuesday from 2 to 3 p.m. in San Francisco at the Moscone Center south so
we look forward to seeing you there. Kelby, thank you again and I look forward
to seeing you at VMworld. Thanks Roger, appreciate it.

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