Experience quantum impact with Azure Quantum
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Experience quantum impact with Azure Quantum

[MUSIC]>>The Microsoft Quantum Program
is a global scale program focused on enabling commercial
scale quantum computation. It’s really about bringing quantum impact to people
today and tomorrow.>>Quantum computing has
the opportunity to make an impact on the world right now in a revolutionary game-changing way.>>We’re focused on developing every element of the quantum system, an end-to-end full
stack technology from the algorithms to the software
stack to the hardware itself. To reach a commercial
scale quantum computer, it requires revolutionary
discoveries across physics, computer science, mathematics,
material science…>>All of which have
to come gather to make topological qubit and
multi-topological qubit systems.>>We have a team that’s spread across eight labs around the world. Although we’re spread out, we’re one
team working towards one goal.>>Building a quantum
computer is a huge task. It’s all the way from the software,
all the way down to where we control the quantum states
that make up the qubits.>>Here in the lab
we have fabrication technologies, nanotechnology… it allows us to turn dumb materials
into smart devices.>>The Microsoft Quantum
program allows us to dream big and we need to dream big.>>Azure is the world’s computer. You have access to
the tools, services, and solutions in a very
familiar environment and with Azure Quantum we’re bringing quantum solutions forward
to that environment. We’re bringing quantum
impact to your fingertips. We’re working with
enterprises and companies around the world,
energy optimization, risk and financial analysis,
and medical diagnostics to identify where quantum solutions will bring about impact
To their businesses. A great example is Case
Western Reserve University.>>We’re working with
Azure Quantum to optimize the way
people get MRI scans. Patients have access to faster and better MRI scans in a way
that wasn’t possible before.>>We can make these scans
up to three times faster by using quantum solutions on
classical hardware today. [MUSIC]>>The really high level
scientific goal is to be able to solve problems that
we can’t solve today.>>Azure Quantum enables every
developer, every person, every enterprise to really tap in and succeed in their businesses and Their endeavors with quantum solutions and that’s incredibly powerful. [MUSIC]

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