Exército Americano Errou Ao Investir Neste Fuzil
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Exército Americano Errou Ao Investir Neste Fuzil

US Army Wrong While Investing In This Rifle The US Army’s Personal Combat Weapon program, launched in December 1993, aimed to develop a new ergonomic infantry weapon combining a rifle and grenade launcher, with probability of superior hit in medium and long range, between 500 and 1,000 meters. The Program needed to be exceptionally better than the M16A2 Program in the 1980s, which integrated the M203 grenade launcher. Along with this ambitious 1993 project, the Army also hoped to develop a new self-defense weapon and a new general-purpose machine gun, giving the green light to companies wishing to participate in the competition to submit their projects. AAI Corporation and Heckler & Koch applied for the contract. AAI developed its proposal with the help of several other manufacturers, including Belgian FN Herstal. The project featured a 5.56 x 45mm AR-style assault rifle with Bullpup-type 20mm grenade launcher, a technology system that features the charger behind the trigger, want to know more about the equipment? Visit the card above to watch the video already produced in high detail on the subject. In addition to the grenade launcher, the weapon sported advanced optics with a built-in laser rangefinder. It would be a very nice option for combatants, and although AAI’s design was innovative, Heckler & Koch’s individual combat weapon design eventually won, being designated by the XM29 army, now adopts 5.56 x 45mm NATO caliber, bullpup system, 5.56 ammunition reaching speeds up to 750 m / s, , and including a technology system for thermal vision, night vision, shooting assist and laser range finder. After several years of testing, heavy investment from the US Army, and various intimate weapon problems, including weight, volume and the lack of effectiveness of 20 × 28 mm grenade fire, in 2005 the Army completely canceled the highly technological Individual Combat Weapon program, but the effort was not a total mistake, on the contrary, even though it was not the goal, the program inspired the creation of the successful M320 grenade launcher and the XM25 air blast grenade launcher system. These are very common error patterns for any military institution that invests heavily in the constant development of war equipment, there are a lot of rifle designs and prototypes on the American test mat, although it’s not a lottery game, few weapons become operational and ideal for US combatants.


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