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Evrinasp.com – Testimonial / Review Dewaweb Cloud Hosting

Hi everyone! My name is Evrina Budiastuti but everyone calls me Evrina. I am a blogger. I have a blog called evrinasp.com, which is a blog focusing on environment, with the tagline “Greening the earth through writing” I first found out about Dewaweb through testimonial. I am actually part of a community called Blogger Perempuan. At the time, Blogger Perempuan held a gathering and Dewaweb booth was also there. That was where I first heard about cloud hosting. I don’t have IT basic and not fully capable with the technical side. Dewaweb has ninja support and to me, that is the most important. Because I ask a lot of help from them. For example, not long ago, I wrongly installed a plugin and I was panicking, looking for someone to help me Thankfully, there is Ninja Support. The issue I faced was probably something
small and easy but the ninjas were quick to help. In a day, my blog was back to normal. Of course there is a huge difference. My blog was down a lot before I use Dewaweb. And it’s proven by stable traffic, more people recognised my blog, and more people want to work together with my blog, too.

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