Evolution of Leadership in an Enterprise | Capt Raghu Raman [with subtitles]
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Evolution of Leadership in an Enterprise | Capt Raghu Raman [with subtitles]

Organisations are
forgetting their own past glory. They are forget forgetting what made that organisation
what it was in the first place. They tried to capture
that essence of that enterpreneurial spirit;
that can-do attitude; that chutzpah to take on a big
giant, and they try to make it a part of some core values that stick on a wall –
insipid words that mean nothing to anyone. Matter of
fact, just for fun, sometimes I go into a single
organisation, and I asked all the leaders there to
write the core values on a piece of paper. As you can
imagine, if they’re 50 leaders, I get some 200 core values… because you know when you say good Corporate
Citizenship, or good corporate citizenry – It
doesn’t mean anything. It’s like Be careful when you
cross the road. It has no meaning. It’s a insipid
statement. But if the very core values of that
organisation are getting lost, then it doesn’t really
matter what platforms you get, what posters you get,
wallpaper – this – that everywhere, reminding you of
your core values. Now, the reason why we have to do
this fundamental shift in thinking is because
leadership is changing. We are moving from an era of
of an authoritative leader, which used to happen in the
70s and 80s. And still continues in certain
professions such as the armed forces or manufacturing,
where you get in as a graduate engineer
trainee and work your way up. And if you got white
hair or no hair in some cases, then you’re supposed
to be a smarter person than a person who’s got black
hair. Now this kind of authoritative leadership
continued for a little while but when the knowledge
revolution came, you needed a different kind of
leadership. You need that actually coaching kind of
leadership. I want to take a page out of Harsha’s (Bhogle) talk, you
know talk so then you had a coach like Rama tanta
trigger, who in his own life has played only one first
class cricket, I think Hyderabad vs SBI or
something, but went on to create a legend by his

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