EVGA GTX 980Ti Hybrid – Análise, teste em jogos, benchmarks e overclock (Full HD, 2.5K e 4K) CC
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EVGA GTX 980Ti Hybrid – Análise, teste em jogos, benchmarks e overclock (Full HD, 2.5K e 4K) CC

Hey guys! What’s up? Welcome to another video of Peperaio Hardware Channel. I’m Lucas Peperaio, and today I bring you an analysis of a card which you have asked for many times, so the manufacturer heard your request and finally sent me the GTX 980 TI HYBRID that is installed here on the bench by my side. So, in this video, we’ll make visual analysis, finishing, cooling system, game testing, full HD 2.5k and 4k, overclock, benchmark and temperature testing as, of course, we need to check if this card actually delivers what it promises when
it provides a lower temperature than air cooling systems, OK? Well, folks, here we have another GPU from NVIDIA, Maxwell 2.0 and broadly we can say that this card is a cheaper TitanX, with specifications, very similar, a few hundred dollars cheaper, and it’s good for our wallets. The board already differs from the box, as you can see it’s an all-black box, with just the trademark GeForce GTX 980 TI HYBRID EVGA here on the top so we can see the card and the radiator in front of us, everything is well-separated, all accessories are in a separate compartment, and the documentation stickers, posters and everything else
that accompanies this card. One of the points I like about EVGA boards is its finishing, the design of the cards, nothing fanciful, without LEDs and without many curves I also liked the combination of
colors that EVGA put in this card, then we have here a gold mixed with
black… It brings that aspect of a luxurious product, and to be honest with you, this is one of the most beautiful 980 IT that we have seen here in the channel, and I must have already tested around 5 or 6 different cards EVGA also gave special attention to the top of the card, note that we have here a small rubber that seals the area between the tubes of water to the card cover, leaving there everything well fixed and protected, in addition to own tubes that are sleeved (they have a mesh sleeve) they are very flexible, I thought that was pretty cool. And a point that many people complain when it doesn’t come with: rear backplate. This card comes with a beautiful black metal backplate, with the EVGA highlighted trademark and the transcription GeForce GTX 980 TI which is visible when you insert the card into its case, then it is especially interesting for those who have a case with a plexiglass window to view the internal components. It’s a shame that the logo on the top has no light, it would become even more beautiful And, finally, let’s talk about the cooling system that is what really matters. So here we have a hybrid cooling system, i.e., it mixes the liquid cooling system
with air cooling system, without any need for liquid exchange or maintenance, so you just insert the card into
the motherboard and fix the radiator to the upper part of the case, at the front, at the bottom or at the back, the tubes, they are large enough for you to put it in these positions, and here we have a
120mm radiator and a 120mm fan, enough to cool the GTX 980 IT GPU Well, let’s test games, benchmarks, temperature, overclocking … Let’s start by Crysis 3, that is a game
relatively old, but is still too heavy for the current video cards, you will see it in the test in 4k. So, firstly, in the test in full HD, on very high and anti-aliasing MSAA 2X, EVGA runs at 76 FPS average and at 66 FPS minimum, on the first mission. Now you see the gameplay on the second mission, there is a lot of action and a lot of explosion at this moment, it isn’t so calm. Increasing it to 1440p and maintaining on very high, but changing the anti-aliasing for FXAA, EVGA runs at 54 FPS average and at 49 FPS minimum. And things get tough in 4k. So EVGA runs on high, on very high… On very high, she runs at 27 FPS average, on high at 38 FPS average, it improves the situation, but it is still a very difficult driving We will now play GTA 5 with fixed benchmark, you will see on the screen a few gameplays I recorded to show
the card performance also in the city, so EVGA runs at 109 FPS average, 82 FPS minimum on very high and with Full HD So we are comfortable in increasing the settings or the resolution, and that is what we are going to do. At 1440p maintaining on very high, it runs at 77 FPS average, 58 FPS minimum, while still allowing us to increase even more the settings. And finally in 4k, it runs at 40 FPS average on very high and 52 FPS on high. So we are comfortable in playing it. Of course this is the test with fixed benchmark, at another point in the game as the mountain times, for example, it could be completely different depending on the settings you choose, OK? The third game, Metro: Last Light Redux, which is an internationally used benchmark, despite being ancient, is still extremely heavy. So Full HD on very high EVGA runs 78 FPS average, 52 FPS the minimum. In 2.5K, maintaining at very high, it runs 46 FPS average and 32 FPS minimum (GTX 980 TI HYBRID running), and finally in 4k it runs at 46 FPS on very high and 63 FPS on high. The penultimate test is Rise of The Tomb Raider. In 1080p on very high with FXAA, EVGA runs at 110 FPS average, a great performance, and at 82 FPS minimum, so there’s no sense anymore in running on
Full HD, even at very high that is quite high, which is not the maximum potential of the game, but is still a high setting. So, let’s see it in 1440p resolution, maintaining the FXAA on very high, and it still runs at 78 FPS average and at 59 FPS minimum. So, as we are still comfortable, let’s rise to 4K Ultra HD 3840×2160. That way, EVGA runs at 50 FPS average on high settings and at 41 FPS average on very high, so it’s a very heavy game, EVGA 980 IT offers very good performance in this game. Let’s see the last game, The Witcher 3, so EVGA runs on Ultra, with Hairworks off, at 78 FPS average and at 63 FPS minimum, in 2.5K EVGA runs at 57 fps average and at 49 FPS minimum, and
finally in 4K EVGA runs at 39 FPS average on high and 33
on ultra, so the situation becomes complicated, but it still offers
a good performance when it runs between at 35-45 FPS without falling below 30,
because so the gameplay would be very heavely affected. I also performed the test run of 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme Ultra that is a test which summarizes many characteristics of various games in a single round and shows the final score, it is extremely useful for comparing results So in that case 980 IT HYBRID offers a good performance, better than TitanX, and we need to emphasize it because its boost clock is higher than it should, and it makes it slightly ahead of TitanX, but working with default clocks, of course, OK?
It is also ahead of Front Fury and FuryX, and the
same thing is basically repeated in Unigine Heaven, so you see the graphics on screen. And Hybrid offers a performance above Fury and FuryX, and a little below other 980 TIs, as SuperClocked+, which incidently is a EVGA, just like Strix and G1. Let’s see now the temperature of this card, because this is one of the most points highlighted by EVGA on its website. So, according to EVGA, HYBRID runs 20, 25 degrees less than a
980 common TI and, in fact, it keeps its promises. So you saw in the test that it works runs at around 50 degrees, which is a good temperature to a GPU TDP of 250 watts, OK? It also enables us to up and overclock the board. It comes with a moderate factory overclock, but it can be further increased noting that, of course, it will increase more or less according to the GPU, it is necessary to test individually. In my case,
the card ran with 1500 MHz and remained steady even at about 50 to 52 degrees, a very good temperature if we
consider that the card is overclocked. Well, let’s see now the points that I liked about this card and the points I did not like so much.
Positive points: from the box unto the card finish, everything is well done, this is a point I like a lot about cards from EVGA, so EVGA deserves congratulations. It gives the impression of that it is a luxury board and in fact it is, on account of its price, on shortly I will show you Other point is that it keeps its promises about temperature and noise, running at 50 degrees even overclocked. And it offers high performance for more demanding users, Full HD 2.5k and 4k, it is one of the fastest boards that we have on the market nowadays and she has a three-year global warranty
direct from EVGA. Now, the point that I did not like so much: it would be interesting if this card had harder clocks. If you compare it with some competing cards that have a liquid cooling system, you notice
the clocks are not so high, but you can overclock and solve this problem Other point that I did not like so much:
the board price. It costs 4500 reais in Brazil, so it is clear that
very few can buy this video card. If you do not want to buy that particular model, there are 11 GTX 980 models TI and there is a reference model, ACX 2.0, which I have already reviewed, tested, I’ve done SLI, there are links in the description of this video Here we have For The Win, Kingpin, Hydro Copper… Finally, many cards are available, so the user can choose the card will work best for him and, especially, in times of crisis, for your pocket. OK, guys? So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this review. Give us your like, leave your comments, share this video with your friends and give EVGA Brazil fanpage your like.
EVGA is providing this analysis for you. A big hug for you and see you soon in another video of the channel Peperaio Hardware. Thanks, people! Here we have the EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G2, a 1000 watt power supply with 80 Plus Gold Full Modular that comes with 10 years global warranty from EVGA EVGA GTX 980 TI Superclocked+
is a customized model that offers a performance better than that
of the reference model in both FPS and temperature, and it’s just 20 dollars more expensive.


  • Peperaio Hardware

    A EVGA conta atualmente com 11 opções de GTX 980 Ti, sendo uma delas a GTX 980 Ti Hybrid, que conta com um sistema de refrigeração líquido e a ar simultaneamente. Confira o review e testes em jogos, overclock e benchmark nas resoluções Full HD, 2.5K e 4K.

    Cupom de desconto PEPERAIO para compra de hardware: http://goo.gl/PFbk6O

  • Lucas Santos

    essa placa é show! pena nao ser 8 + 8 pin. daria uma margem melhor de over como a 980ti classified. Mesmo com 8 + 6 ja consigo 1470/8000 na 980ti sc+ aqui, porém com 75 graus

  • Maicol Vieira / Spider

    Sinceramente, vou esperar a "1080Ti" mas vou ter que pegar um desses modelos com WC já, pois o que me incomodava muito com o antigo Sli de 970 G1 Gaming é o calor gerado mesmo com gabinete bem ventilado e tudo mais. Mais um belo review, gostei desse modo mais dinâmico. Parabéns Lucas

  • InfoTech

    Os reviews do Peperaio é muito bom de assistir, uma boa narração, um cara sincero e sem esbanjar… Além de ser uma pessoa que realmente sabe o que está falando. Sinceramente, espero que esse canal cresça cada vez mais, você realmente merece.

  • boby Skyhawk

    to eu aqui tomando uma agua gelada , e do uma olhada na tub do video e me deparo com essa pretuberancia omogenea dessa vossa 980 ti , me lenbrei de algo ó nobre menino peperaio que você poderia ser meu irmão ,e eu jogano fps na sua casa kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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    Segue meu hardware:

    MOBO: Asus Rampage iv extreme.
    Memory: 16gb DDR3 Corsair platinum 2400mhz
    SSD: Samsung evo 500gb x2
    HDD: 1tb seagate
    fonte: corsair XFX pro 850w
    Processador: i7 4930k
    VGA: gtx 680
    Case: Cosmos II

    Você, acha que pra rodar em 4k nessas condições o que me recomendaria? e mais uma dúvida qual o seu monitor? eu vi que é um asus, porém o modelo em específico eu não sei, desde de já obrigado.

    E continue com esse trabalho, extremamente informativo e esclarecedor.

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    Placa linda, fria, energeticamente eficiente (face seu desempenho)! O que querer mais de uma VGA? Parabéns pelo Review, meu amigo.

  • Daniel Rios

    Puts, nos benchmarks ela perdeu pra G1 Gaming, pra Strix e as vezes até para a SC+ que inclusive é da própria EVGA e é um modelo abaixo. Esse clock dela é absurdamente baixo, o GPU boost poderia aumentar mais ele já que a temperatura é sempre baixa ne.

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