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We’re running! We’re going to make it! Hello, KCA Mexico 2018! Hey, Polynesians, how are you? We’re super super happy today. Super super happy today. That’s right, today we’re in the National Auditorium where the KCAs are and where we’ll be living for one week. Well, not living, but we’re going to come every day. This is our first day, today we came to make wardrobe tests and also to record some clips. In addition to makeup tests. And obviously we’ve to rehearse for this. Behind us, as you can see, they’re just building the stage. Well, let’s start this day! The first part of the process is look at the costumes that we’ll use during the whole show, because at most the blocks, we’ve to use the costumes depending on the block. Then Lesslie has already chosen. Karen is also looking for and choosing the outfits, since they brought us several outfits, so we’ve to choose the ones that we like the most. This is a very long process, that’s why the preparation of the awards lasts for a week. Polinesios, we’re making many desperate combinations. It’s like “the rumba”. Polinesios, welcome, we already have some of the outfits, finally. I love it, because you know that I love the golden colors, the silver colors and then it’s like … I say
she’s ready, I think she’s super good. I’m ready and we’re going to record the first sequence, it’s my turn first, while my sister sleeps. So now I’m going to go there, I’ve learned my lines, there are not so many, then. We’re going to record! Rafa! Where is Rafa? It was real. Yes, there was someone in the bathroom. And now we are going to do a scene where I come to someone who’s bathing and everything will come out as Full of foam. I’m still in search of Rafa, see how full the foam room is, it looks amazing and I don’t know if I’m going to stain myself with foam too, I don’t know, but I think this is the funniest scene of those let’s do now. If you see Rafa, you tell me, okay? Yes, I haven’t seen him, but chance he’s in the foam. I’ll let you know if I see him. Ok, yes, goodbye. Crazy leg stained foam. I means, that room is really full of foam. Rafa! Hi! Karen. How are you? Bully, what are you doing? Oh, I wanted to take a bath before the show, you know. If you see Rafa, you tell me, okay? Yes, I haven’t seen him, but chance he’s in the foam. I’ll let you know if I see him, goodbye. Hey, we should do a challenge like that. Put in the comments if you want us to do a challenge in a room full of foam. Rafa is here because we’re going to record a part where he is making a sculpture of Bob. Now we’re going to see her, they say that it’s super pretty. There it’s, we already found it. It’s that one there! It’s beautiful! It’s super cool! – We’re going to make the only shot where we’ll leave the 3 together, let’s see how we have left. – Did you find Rafa? – No, but I feel he’s close. Rafael! They’re waiting for you on stage and, by the way, Bob’s nose isn’t that big. The nose is wrong. No, but that’s why I’m going to send him to Korea. Do you take care of it for a moment? I’ll be back. We did only one and apparently it’s ready. If so, we’re masters, if not, we will have to repeat. You came out in a scene and you were the protagonist because all the time we were looking for Rafa and we did not find you. What is the name of the type of protagonist that is not found but spoken of? That’s the narrative. When you go to make a book, you have to know about that kind of characters, right? Ok, my brothers will never make a book. We did it! We finish! Hey, how are you? What are you doing up there? Well, what do you not see that in this show we’re surrounded by stars? Polinesios, we’re already in the other day and today is my sister’s birthday. And I’m really happy since dawn we were singing The happy birthday, today we’re here in the auditorium about to read all the lilbreto. Oh, I’m very excited because today is your birthday! – Wake up brother! – Come off it! Come off it what? Come off it! You came to read the script, to work, not to sleep. But we’ve not started. -Come -He’s very grumpy, see!. We’re going to give Karen her presents. Happy Birthday! Surprises for you. Oh this one! He didn’t buy anything, I’m sure. Yes, I went. How does it feel to spend your birthday working? I do what I like, I’m really happy, I want to talk to the Polinesios. Yesterday we were here too, I was in depression and it’s because of the pre-birthday syndrome that I became super sad, I was really up to crying, and today I’m super happy. We love you very much, my sister, I hope you enjoy it very much. Let’s do something, ok? According to Rafa, he bought my gift for me. You have to tell me what it is because you bought it. Lesslie is bent. You open it at the same time, I tell you what it’s, I’m not going to see. It’s a belt! Oh, what gossip! He told you! No, I bought it! When it’s my mom’s birthday, when my dad, when the Christmas presents always Lesslie and I go super worried stressed, what are we giving gifts? And then it’s time to give, he gets like that and says, what do we buy them? I mean, I’m not going to buy things because I don’t want to do anything, it’s that I don’t have time. -Don’t be a liar, we have been able to buy. I’m a girl from the future. I wont lose them, I promise. -That’s recorded, so the day you lose them… – She’s going to lose them. They are shoes. OMG! They say Queen They say Queen and they have a crown. I knew you would like it, sister. In fact he chose them. – Uh! What not? – Thanks, brothers, They’re very nice. Make a Wish. Think it over.. You’ve to blow them at the same time. A lot of pressure It’s part of your birthday. – Are you part of the show?
– I’m your birthday show. – What part of the universe do you want to go to?
-To Mars. To the moon, to the house. Polinesios, we’re on our third day
of this week, we’re going to record in a studio that is not the auditorium. We’re going to record a scene where we’re doing slime, I don’t know if you remember that the first time we did promos, we were also in a laboratory. And here is a teletransport machine. – It’s going to send us to the auditorium.
– It’s very strange inside, like the light bounces a lot, I don’t know if it’s because of my suit. -Ah yes, it’s Rafa.
-Rafa the silver. Hey! Polinesios, how are you? I’m Karen and I’m going to send my brothers to Dubai. Well, now let’s start recording to see if it’s ready to the first You are ready? Now. We’re already so close, but it’s not the correct viscosity Almost, it’s almost there. This usually happens when you record for many days and many hours, you end up crazy. The second, we don’t need much experiment anymore, we need a mad scientist. It’s almost ready, but it’s not the viscosity
perfect. The slime is easy to do.
– Is this slime? -Seriously?
How is this slime made? Hey, but it’s already too late for the KCA.
If you dare, I can throw you in my machine. Thank you very much.
KCA México 2018 we go there! -They want to kill someone inside. – It’s super strong We finish here in the studio and now
we’re going to do general rehearsal in the auditorium, so we still have a lot
job. – I studied all night, I was reading.
– It’s not true, you were at Karen’s party. I was moving the booty, while reading the script. It’s not true. Well, now let’s go to
rehearse. Now let’s do the general rehearsal. We’re here in the auditorium and we’re going to start to see positions, to design the script.
– You left me. Oh yes! I bring the script and you there … – Oh, you’re like the one who brings the homework. I’m the student of the type that fulfills the task. Teacher, are you not going to review the assignment? By the way, will not you leave homework? We have 3 days off.
– Don’t be nerd, shut up. Polinesios, it’s a lot of information that they’re giving us right now, really It’s like… Since we read the whole script now and and they explained everything to us, we’re going to do a little general rehearsal, super fast to see positions, dialogues and see what we are doing wrong and what we should improve, so let’s go. Hey, Polinesios, I think we’re all in block D, which is like half the show. Here what we’re going to do is jump into that pool with a lot of foamy. – The floor is lava!
– Now let’s do the challenge with Bryan and Eddy here. They’re going to play the mysterious boxes. Here there are going to be several things, animals and other things like that. Polinesios, we’re almost done. We’re already in the final part, now we’ve to return to the stage to say the last lines that we’ve to memorize because there’s no other way, we won’t be able to see the screens. We’re done, Polinesios! They just told us that we’re done. Really I felt very calm, I’m confident. – Don’t trust so much. What worries me a little is to learn the whole script, because I do want to see the camera, otherwise we will look slim without looking at the camera, it will be weird. Hey, Polinesios! Polinesios, that Polinesio that you just saw came out in the thanksgiving video of the Polinesia tour, this is amazing. We already finished the meet & greet with the Polinesios. Ok, now they’re microfoning us because we’re going to present – The super girls. They’re girls who have several professions, They’re going to go by like a giant Barbie card and it’s like “you can be what you want” firefighter, teacher, doctor, you can be a vlogger Is there Barbie vlogger? In the series. But they should get the Barbie vlogger, so with your camera, your passport. What else do you need? Hairs of colors. – No, but that’s Polinesia. Polinesia Barbie. A Polinesia Barbie.
Polinesios, now we’re going to record a live fake where they’re going to put me in a botarga, I’m a gray dinosaur. I have a big tail.
I’m going to be riding the raptors, I’m the girl of the velociraptors. Polinesios, I just realized that it’s a T-Rex, it’s my dream come true, when I’m ready I show you how it was. Sister! Hey, but I also have a surprise super cool. Let me go here. And this is for Lesslie because you won the favorite Instagrammer category!
– Is seriously? – It’s real
– It’s not a joke, it’s true? -No, it’s not a joke.
We did it! Polinesios, we’ve a blimp To the Polinesios who voted for Lesslie, thanks very much. Thanks very much to my beautiful Polinesios, thank you from the dinosaur. Polinesios, now we’ve to throw ourselves to the lava. We’re very nervous because we’ve not practiced it, we bring heels and dress. – I bring boots and pants. It’s more simple.
– I don’t care. Do you know what is hotter? The floor is lava! Hey, it was super fun, I think it’s the funniest thing we’ve done. I said “I’m going to hit there” but no, when you fall. But, what do you think? Karen could not get out of that sponge tub and then one stuck in her heel. Polinesios, we finished the rehearsal and we arrived at the dressing room and what do you think? My outfit was finally completed at last. Karen, I’m taking off my pants and you talking to the Polinesios. Are you taking off your pants? We’re already going to sleep, we’re going to have dinner so tomorrow we don’t see dark circles. We’re almost done The next morning. Polinesios, hello how are you? See my look We have to go, literally, we are 2 minutes away, we have to run. We’re super happy, I really loved my outfit, it’s an Aztec Sponge Bob. It’s amazing, I loved this oufit. Polinesios, it’s already the great day of the KCAs. We already have our oufit, we’re ready. -I’m very nervous, don’t you?
-Not that much. Well, let’s go to the red carpet for this show to start. We’re already going to the orange carpet. I’m so excited. What a thrill! I’m really happy.
Polinesios, you can hear all the people who are super excited, all the guests, now we are going to go up to greet everyone. To all! greet everyone. To all! We’re here, to start giving the show, we have one hour to get ready, to be ready and to learn the script. Miss Lesslie.
-Rafa ate Lesslie. – The Polinesios? I knew that someday it would happen. They grabbed me for a moment, they grabbed me like that and they would not let me go. Hey, Polinesios, how are you ?! We’re super super happy today, we’re really happy because the KCA Mexico 2018 are going to start. We’re going to make it! Everyone is prepared. The show is about to start. Everyone is ready for this moment. Hey, KCA Mexico 2018! Hey, Polinesios! Today, I have a big surprise for you. You have won the blim. -I was not prepared.
-Me neither. Polinesios, this is thanks to you, and you know that everything we do is always with a lot of love for each one of you.
-We love you. I can’t believe it, Polinesios! We just won the youtuber. We achieved it together! KCA Mexico 2018! Hey, how are you, guys? Do you want a hug? We did it, we’re super happy and I have slime up in my mouth. I can’t believe it, I have a lot of slime in my mouth, everywhere, I ran out of heels on stage. Come off it, that thing tastes strange, but it doesn’t taste bad. I mean, the consistency is rare, but it tastes like an apple, like something so weird. Polinesios, did you see the whole show? We loved it, see! We’re all stained with slime, we look like little dogs, I feel like I’m a wet puppy. It’s the best. It’s an incredible experience, I loved it. No, I opened my mouth and suddenly I got a lot, right? It’s the best experience in the world.
We did it! Let’s continue showing that nothing is impossible. Thanks for inspiring us.


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