Era Of Celestials: 22/10 – Actualización – Domain Of Divinity Battlefield
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Era Of Celestials: 22/10 – Actualización – Domain Of Divinity Battlefield

good people how are we are here in
a new video on October 22 we will have an update on this
update we will have a new game mode called battle of
domain of divinity in this new mode we will also have a shop
where we can buy some of these materials
and there we have these materials that we can buy
and we have this this type of currency that it’s called warfare token and you can
get into domain battles of divinity where we enter and obtain
these these types of factions
so there we have the factions and we also have the rewards that
we can get what these would be we have the reward for classification
there we have these rewards for classification
depending on the ranking of your faction they will be in any of these
and in one of these rankings and by points personals are going to get any of these
rewards then we have rewards objectives making points we get
some of these rewards and then well here you have trade exchange
where I just showed you what this would be and then we have the divinity domain missions we have to perform these missions to
get points so and there we have battle points and the store points ok battle points
and points to buy in the store ok there we have those materials so what
what do they have to do also in the update that I don’t
I can show so I’m going out back to where it was there we have the
questionnaire we also have to complete a questionnaire and I think that
is all that they add in this update possibly in the ad
official update of the day Tuesday there may be new additions as well
that we will have to wait for Tuesday to see if there are other sections
more that are improved or added in what is the update there we have the
questionnaire basically it would be all this is the
questionnaire where can we get 500 rubies upon completion and here we show
what the update brings which is basically not much there is new gameplay divinity battlefield to change the city on the occasion of
halloween and the questionnaire to see if we can good at least I change it
here so I still don’t change or if changed not changed
well I think I don’t change I think if at least the npc seems to be with
halloween motive so that’s what that brings the update any questions
can you leave me a comment and nothing people see you bye bye

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