• Zoe Bueche

    Ate it dog ate it perhaps hmmm maybe are lying hmm is shame bet thiefs stole all money trying hide it ahum wow so do they go to jail now??? I think is necessary because this is illegal and they did so… Busted! Idk lol

  • Jimmy McJimFace

    The greatest line of this segment is: everyone in charge has done literally everything wrong. You are a true peoples champion oliver. We may have failed this city, but not you. Never change you blessed god of a man.

  • Tom B

    Hate to ruin everyone feeling all self righteous about hating Equifax, but in a BIG way, it is not really their fault.
    They were compelled to hire certain individuals to be are higher levels because of government mandated diversity quotas.
    In this case, they had to hire a woman in a senior position.
    They apparently couldn't find a qualified woman, so they hired a woman named Susan Mauldin as their "Chief Security Officer" who must have been thought of as qualified because she did have a both an undergraduate and graduate degree.
    BUT, those degrees were in MUSIC!
    Another thing is, she was told that these break ins were taking place over a four month period and she did nothing about it, nor did she tell anyone.
    So instead of screaming at the moon about how this could happen, try asking yourself why are we willingly and eagerly doing this to ourselves.
    Next time you hear that Diversity is our Strength, remember this, because it really isn't.

    Want more, google Susan Mauldin Equifax and just see what a train wreck she is.

  • A Rios

    Can someone use equinox data to hack elections? Register people who don’t vote, and use them to sway elections in swing states with absentee ballots?

  • Jay Bloodworth

    6:44, when the live audience groans loud enough for you to hear it on YouTube, you know you've fucked up.

  • Ambra Jasmine Manes

    MyEquifax.com is yet another security disaster…. XD

  • Hyper Sonic

    Sue credit bureaus for lack of proof that YOU took out the loan, not some chimpanzee who happened to have your info. Defamation lawsuit.

  • KingJustice98

    How about breaking up all 3 credit bureaus and make it a government function where people can check their OWN credit for no fees as many times as they want, which is the way it should be. This is proof that private corporations can screw up much more than governments.

  • momijinohanako

    I'd be angry, except I'm Swedish and we have a national public registry of names, personal numbers (which include your birth date), and address of every citizen. You can walk into any tax office and ask for any individuals information (you'd have to know their name though) and they're required to provide you with it. Why I'm not angry? That info's pretty useless anyway, since without me and my ID there's not much they can do with it.
    Credit reporting agencies are also required to inform you any time someone checks your credit, so as soon someone tries to sign you up for anything you'd find out any way.

  • Sergio Melendez

    This was the segment I’ve been waiting for since September.

    Honestly, it might not have been as cathartic as I wanted it to be, but I’m glad that John covered some of the biggest points and warned others that probably didn’t hear about it. It’s just frustrating that a company that most of us had little to no contact with breach some of our most important information.

    The sad thing is, I’m not quite sure what should be the game plan in the long run. Many people suggest moving away from using SSNs as an all-around identifier, and I agree, but how long will it take to develop the plan (and possibly the technology) to do that?

  • Frederik MHz

    john dont has kids but a wife? ok i wouldnt want them to grow up in this world either kids are nice and inocent unless you show them the world then they become what they see…. shit

  • Shinbu1128

    Never thought I'd be thankful to be a college student with debt and terrible credit. If you're hoping to open a credit card in my name, have fun getting told you're too "high risk" for a Starbucks card.

  • The Garden of Eatin

    Well, at least we won't have to live with this bullshit for very much longer, what with Western society getting ready to collapse in 6.7 years.

  • Michael

    Freezing your credit is not smart…you will be declined every time you apply for credit. It is a giant headache.

  • H. Ammar

    To make things worse, none of that customer data has been offered for sale on the dark web which is highly unusual considering that this was the mother load of all breaches. How is that worse? That means that whoever did this wasn't after financial gain. The leading theory now is that a state actor (the cyber-espionage forces of another nation) are behind the hack and now have extremely detailed personal information on literally half of the US population including presumably politicians, industry and business leaders, and key figures in the government. What good is that information? You could use it to financially extort someone, to fake official documents, or to wreak havoc on our financial institutions through a massive coordinated attack at a time of their choosing. Bottom line is: all that permanent info is out there and no one knows who has it or what they plan on doing with it.

  • Lissy London

    That one person
    Susan Mauldin
    Equifax “Chief Security Officer” Susan Mauldin has a bachelor’s degree and a master of fine arts degree in music composition from the University of Georgia. Her LinkedIn professional profile lists no education related to technology or security.

    This is the person who was in charge of keeping your personal and financial data safe — and whose apparent failings have put 143 million of us at risk from identity theft and fraud. It was revealed this week that the massive data breach came due to a software vulnerability that was known about, and should have been patched, months earlier.

  • paula brill

    I used to work for consumer credit counseling and we always recommended checking your credit report at annualcreditreport.com. it is completely free. You can check it from all 3 credit bureaus once a year . Annualcreditreport.com is administered through the federal trade commission .

  • Corvus Crump

    Well, I mean, the fact his identity was stolen only 13 times is actually kind of impressive for such a moronic move.

  • Andrew Gould

    just want to say you have to protect yourself from larry untill death too because he will git you love the show

  • tifforo1

    Equifax issues corporate bonds and has a Baa1 credit rating from Moody's. Who the hell would lend money to someone with such a demonstrated history of irresponsibility?

  • Glasses&Mouthplates

    Apparently Equifax Cyborg Executive Officer Rick Smith neither patched and updated his program to emotionally function and convincingly disguise as a human.

  • C Alex

    I want to correct Jon and NBC: the personal data Equifax collected is NOT only for Americans. Many VISA and green card holders have an SSN and their data are collected by Equifax as well. So when data leaks, the victims are not necessarily all Americans, but probably contain foreign nationals as well.

  • Zhanna K.

    I absolutely hate Equifax. It’s been two months I cannot get my annual report. They required me to mail my ssn and other sensitive information! I was able to see my annual report from the other two bureaus with no problem online. How can they still be here and active?!

  • boomboom

    There needs to be a corporate equivallent to the death penalty, and Equifax should receive it. This sort of thing should be sufficient to take action to ensure they cannot cause so much harm through incompetence/apathy ever again.

  • Savannah Burris

    Man this is so fucked. I just turned 18 and I have nooo idea if my credit had been frozen by my parents or not. Anyone know how I can check which places have my info without my knowledge?

  • G Walsh

    That guy from equifax looks like deadpool if Ryan Reynolds stayed in that universe as a patient with terminal cancer

  • TWSTF 8

    Nobody is taking out a car loan or a credit card in my name lol if anyone stole MY identity they'd be BEGGING for me to take it back!

    I wouldn't be surprised if they showed it after getting pulled over and got arrested because I'm so likely to have a warrant sometimes hahaha

    And if someone is spying on me for the government or whatever they have the most BORING job on the planet and have probably considered suicide multiple times now!

  • thetruephoenixful

    How the FUCK did Equifax get to control anything after this? How are they still allowed to be in business

  • trogdorstrngbd

    Overall a very informative piece. But I must point out that being able to register www.equifaxfraudprevention.com is not really Equifax's fault. Generally speaking, you cannot tell a domain name registrar "I want to buy every domain name containing 'equifax' in existence." Now, in a way it is their fault for letting it stay up, but it does require legal resources to dispute it. Well whatever, I don't really feel like defending them. EDIT: Nonetheless, there is absolutely no excuse for the "Tweeting the fraudulent links and deciding in the first place not to just put the damn service on the Equifax main site."

  • Frank Smith

    If you care about this stuff and want to seriously fight back against these assholes, VOTE FOR ELIZABETH WARREN IN 2020!! She has been fighting these bastards for decades, and they are SCARED of her. Alternately, vote for Kamala Harris, who would hopefully make Warren Secretary of the Treasury.

  • DowskiVision MagicalOracle

    John Oliver cucked out and failed to mention that this was caused by feminist bullshit. Namely that the job of Cyber Security Director before this breach happened was given to a diversity hire with a background in women's studies and music composition. A pile of qualified men with backgrounds in IT security were turned down in favor of this incompetent twat … because vagina, of course!

  • Euro Guy 85

    What’s the name of that company that sells safety on your social security and info? I think they have a hand in this issue to get people to buy their services

  • Thomas

    data collection without proper representation . . how these agencies are allowed to operate was a wonder, until you factor in government laziness to reign them in. Even if you use the site to get all three reports, they can lie and say all the question hoops you jumped through isn't enough, send them photocopies of very serious details about yourself thru snailmail and trust them to not add more misery. Or buy there credit boosting . . . pay to win . . . packages yet they are the reason for the scores . . . why don't we just buy the graduation degree from college instead of attend… level of bull.

  • ysa :P

    I thought it was a company that takes an animal from a shelter that needs a good home, lets it come to your house to lick peanut butter off your dick, and then immediately returns it to the shelter.

  • Paul J. Morton

    I don't get the point about the domain names. What sould Equifax have done? Pre-emptively buy every single possibly imaginable relevant domain name that anyone could ever come up with? Wouldn't people still come up with more and more similar sounding scammy domain names?

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