Episode 9: Maggot Racing
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Episode 9: Maggot Racing

do you ever wonder what happens when the
police leave crime scene cleaners are private companies that handle to clean
up after the police are gone Spaulding decon is one of the nation’s largest
cleanup companies handling the aftermath of homicides suicides decompositions
Auden and much more these are stories we are at the scene of
a decomp today as Friday and this person passed away well was discovered on
Tuesday we don’t know when he passed away based on the amount of medication I
think he was probably pretty sick he lived alone the scene is rather small
it’s it’s pretty contained so we got a little bit of clothing we got carpet we
do have quite a bit of maggots the smell one of scale from 1 to 10 is probably
about a seven seven and a half so it’s really not too bad so we are going to
get started working in this room here it is a bit cluttered there’s a lot of big
items but we’ll take care of the odor and get rid of all of the nastiness we
are going to be working in a pretty shitty environment it’s hot already and
the AC appears to be broken so I’ve got it on 67 and it’s reading 86 degrees in
here I open this up and it looks like this air conditioning system is
duct-taped together and I think I can’t even see the year on this thing
but it’s like ancient ancient old so it’s gonna really be a crappy
environment for us to work in it’s pretty dirty too so oh well another day
another dollar hey guys we are here in Tampa on the
31st of July we are doing a animal Beagle matter clean out if you follow me
so the guy was known as a drug user a known drug user he has stolen out of
another apartment a stove and a refrigerator we’re actually taking this
refrigerator with us today you can see it is leaking down here really gross so
we are all animal lovers here the animal has been taken away he had his dog locked in the bathroom
this is what we’re here to clean today these are the situations in our heart
for me not too bad we’re gonna remove flooring we’re removing base sports
we’re gonna sanitized seal the floor we’re gonna call it a dad welcome to
life asphalt line well it’s not as bad as decomp
but it’ll be fun it’ll be easy hold on is so bad yeah they tease bro so it’s so
so bad so hot Oh actually it’s fast like August 11th look at that this is
perfectly fine today oh my god maggots look it over so you know let me tell you
something maggots are my best employees they never Chloe sick they never
complain right you see they don’t cuss me out they just do their jobs
look at that that floor is gonna come out so we’re removing the refrigerator it is
full of food I don’t want anything falling out of my fucking trailer it
will have to be empty or I will call her a scrap after the fact when we get back it’s fucking gross I didn’t open em but
the maybe supervisor Sonia’s fuckin girl so I have nice together do you want me
to open it all right that’s a fucking challenge challenging there we go
challenge accepted get all up in it you want to see the refrigerator smell
anything hey we had a three-way maggot race and
Kyle’s maggot one that’s kind of fast or fast what’s wrong forest ruin what you
know what let’s set up a maggot race oh I want that one okay on the count of
three one two mine’s winning already here’s
this retargeting that’s mine yes bottom aside this yeah this is what
yeah mines waiting Oh yours went off track one what are you doing whoa oh
he’s going back at you whoa he smells the clouds no yeah my maggot did not win
my maggot was in second place though it’s just because Kyle was part of a
three-way well we were cleaning it up I mean maggots were running and we thought
what a better way to get them some exercise since they’ve done such a great
job for us in the cleanup of course we did and Wan’s maggot was semi disabled
because he ran in the wrong direction okay and upside down and upside down so
but in my defense my maggot was the fattest so that’s why I came in second
mine had the flattest ass or I mean hey yeah it was able to run with nothing she just called me sad and she called
before all right we hate you we’re leaving oh my god take that sweater off it’s
summer you know I need to shave or anything though I’ll wax it for you
though I’ve always wanted to get waxed Oh do it let me pull it oh my god see so
you could see I’m somewhat dry he is soaking wet
I’m dying even has butt sweat crunch no I have ball sweat my ball sweat has
balls laughs well my flat by high school you got six right it’s probably wait
should we get a 95 degrees outside yeah 86 inside yeah so it’s really hot we’re
taking a break we’re having to remove the subfloor because it went through
which we weren’t really surprised because
filled up the padding so one lost the maggot race so he’s got
such a subway yeah everything about that you can hear in the background actually
taking a break in the 95-degree heat argument yeah this was an elderly man
that just honestly passed away from got out of college
yeah there was nothing cranky about this at all there was a little bit of blood yeah deerfield stunk worse yeah well I
thought I was like episode worse than that that’s all economically
so we are just trying to have a little bit of light humor here because if you
don’t it can be really bad the day’s the day’s can really get to you if you don’t
like take them lightly you know right yeah yeah you start dwelling on yeah
exactly so we have to kind of have light humor about it it’s it’s the circle of
life I mean it’s really when it’s your time to go we’re not
sensitive or just you know making a lot of Pacific if we didn’t show I have my fogger
with disinfectant in it I actually labeled a on top shockwave so that way
nobody gets it confused I try to keep one for the stuff that I have for mold
and then I try to keep one that has shockwave in it once a mold killer the
other one is a disinfectant I’m just gonna go in everything before I start
talking everything cleaned up the mess on the floor from the refrigerator so
what we did here we literally stripped the bathroom down had to remove the
toilet to get the sticky laminate flooring up I stopped at the threshold
everything in here has been sanitized wipe down on inside cabinets I could
lick them if I wanted to I’m just not in the mood inside the drawers here we’re
good to go there the tub build it by hand tub looks phenomenal I would
actually take a bath in it I would sit on the toilet seat I probably would lick
it since I’m the one that cleaned it move for that either that’s essentially
it today so what I’m going to do now I’m gonna follow my disinfectant gonna fuck
with my disinfectant I’m gonna go ahead get all the walls I’m going to do a
heavy fog in the air so that way it’s inside crevices and things like that
again this was a known drug user drug of choice was heroin I have a box of
needles that I actually have to pick up it’s already been sealed so I’m not
gonna open it you guys unfortunately aren’t going to be able to see it that’s
it okay here we are Bradenton Florida at
the bio asset that we did older gentleman died of natural causes you can
see here we actually removed all of the carpet I’m getting ready to set mine up
goes down machine to get rid of the smell so if there was two layers on the
floor here one one particle board the other ones plywood it actually feels
like when you’re walking but you’re gonna fall through the flooring it’s
just everything is on swol because of moisture and things like that it’s my
hometown it was kind of nice to be home but it was kind of a fairly easy cleanup
had to rip up all the carpet at 196 Caleb I go Ben maggots galore had a
maggot race which is really cool this at my autozone machine we’re gonna dip out
of here so hope you guys enjoyed this episode with Laura
Wong myself not very often the Laura and I work together but we always try to
make it fun have a good progress


  • Sydney Jones

    So happy I got to see an episode with Laura and Kyle doing the same project!! I love your guys channel and appreciate what you guys do. You guys are the heroes most people don't know they need.

  • L S

    More videos please! Maggots are pretty cool! Per Google, maggots are creepy, crawly, and slimy. But that slime is a remarkable healing balm, used by battlefield surgeons for centuries to close wounds. Now, researchers say they've figured out how the fly larvae work their magic: They suppress our immune system. SOOOOO…. Kyle, Laura & Juan – if you get wounded on the job, you can apply maggot slime on it and you are good to go! You see, another reason why they are the best employees!

  • LifeByCandlelight

    I love the dynamic that this group/company has. They are compassionate but get the work done. I remember a documentary I saw about a man who owned a cleanup company, Neil Smither was his name, and he was horribly cold and insensitive about his work. His remarks about the deceased were incredibly tasteless and coldhearted. He only cared about the money. It is nice to see people who do a hard job still show compassion and have a joke or two while getting the work done.

  • Crazycade19

    Imagine watching this and they are cleaning up your loved one maggot racing lmao i love this channel i wanna do this

  • kitkatcoco67

    Question ..couldnt the landlord had the bathroom cleaned by removing the dog shit and steam cleaning the floor and surrounding area ?? Seems like alot of money spent with the removal of the entire floor down to the foundation ..it's a small area to re- floor so could save some money per square inch …just seems like the bathroom floor could have been deep cleaned instead of ripped up ..

  • Nana Cole x6

    Great, informative, & even a few laughs video. Your “laughs” were not at any client’s expense. As a retired RN, there were times we needed to laugh due to the stress of the job. It was always done away from the hospital. Amazed at your continued blessings for those & to those in need of your services. Thank-you.

  • Stacy Goldstein-Collinsworth

    Everything i wanted to comment looks like has already been said! Ha! Anyhoo, freakin' love you guys!! Keep posting and I'll keep watching 🙂
    oh and Laura.. hmu ??

  • The Sleepy Snake Bit My Leg

    I love stepping on maggots and hearing the sound they make! Plop!! And if you leave them out long enough they turn brown and crunchy. Hahah really cool video ❤️

  • Tammy Trevino

    3-way maggot race ( yours is retarded) lmfao. I luv you guys. I get so stressed out day to day and I laughed so hard when I saw the race. Thanks so much for bringing laughter and smiles to my life. ♥♥♥

  • Livry LP

    I had different jobs in my life and I guess I would be able to do this one (if I really had to !), but … I would be very interested to know why some people say in comments they want to do that work (no judgement in my wondering).
    The race was welcomed, like a "take a breath" !

  • Amy Blackwell

    Omg!! I was eating cereal while watching and almost lost my “lunch” when you started the maggot races 2019 lol

  • Taylor Cunningham

    Maybe next time you have a maggot race, you put something rotten at the finish line, or dangle it in front of them.
    It is sad to think of the elderly guy living there w/o cooling for who knows how long.

  • Kristina Fisher

    Boss lady: maggots are my best employee. They don’t call in, they don’t complain….

    Employee: fuck you

    Boss lady: they don’t cuss me out lol ?

  • Tammy Aguilar

    Love you guys you all are so funny! I agree with you Laura you have to make light of things otherwise it will drive you crazy!

  • Jasmine Mangrum

    Me, reading the title: "What's maggot racing?"
    Me after watching: "Oh…"

    Also, that apartment looks nice. What a shame.

  • Brittany Billington

    Aww man, every episode i watch Kyle is always so amazing, from how he explains things to keeping it so respectful and considerate.
    Please if your ever in the Phoenix area send me a msg!
    I would love to treat Kyle and his favorite coworker to a spa day!
    He deserves it!

  • Genekitty

    I really appreciate your channel here, guys.
    I tried watching the crimescene cleaners out of CA a few times but could not stomach the owner, Neal.
    So being able to see you guys working these jobs, and being so informative and considerate of the people affected, really makes yours the standout channel to watch.

  • ROWM

    So gentle, professional and yet still tastefully funny as hell. So entertaining. Takes a lot of guts to this work. You guys rock. The maggots “aweee they’re so cute” ?

  • Maria Sanchez

    I just love Kyle. He said afterwards he’ll need a spa soak and champagne ?. If he were doing regular house or office cleaning I’d love to work with him. ?

  • Alyssa Brown

    We had to keep a stray in our bathroom (fought our dog) for a few days till the owners came back to town but we took him out walked him let him hang in the back yard then brought him in it wasn’t hard who does that to an animal

  • Meagan Hiller

    I need to sit down and have a talk with my father! He is a mechanic but could built a house from the ground up…my husband is getting out of the military and we are trying to figure out what’s next….we are in Hernando just north of y’all and I think we could do this!

  • Nunya Me

    Kinda wonder now…if you came over when they found my uncle after a week or so. Died in his sleep in bed. Wasnt terrifying as some of these jobs I'd believe.

  • Donald Trump

    Not a lot of crime scene companies do the real procedures as in removing flooring and sub flooring. Good to see there’s REAL PEOPLE in the buisness

  • Bekah Brown

    What would be amazing to see sand so fascinating would be a while you were working time lapse! I know not all locations allow room, but it would be so cool to watch!

  • Marcia D

    Having worked in pathology and also did autopsies, I agree, humor is crucial. It tends to lean towards the macabre sometimes and that's ok…. I'm sure there's worse things that have been said/done besides maggot races…. It's all about what you keep between yourselves vs what you show to outsiders. Glad your maggot won, Kyle, you're still the best (even with a flat butt, lol).

  • KateFayed

    Kyle needs that winter sweater gone! (Although a hairy chest is amazing, and would hate to see it go)
    It would be an awesome comedic experience on ur channel!

  • Mediocre Generica

    From what I understand, a lot of jobs that deal with death have employees making light of their job so they aren't so down. Crime scene investigators, morticians, funeral workers, etc. They try to have a laugh to make it less depressing. I get where you guys are coming from!

  • 316LVM

    Some of the most compassionate people that I have ever met, have had the darkest humor a'going – anyone dealing with the dark side of humanity – police, medical, military personnel who've seen combat, firefighters, human services, cleanup crews, emergency response teams, etc.
    I've said it before and I'll keep saying it – you guys are angels. Much respect and love.

  • Messr's kitchen

    The guy with the dog pisses me off more than I can even convey. If I were locked in a room with him for 2 mintues he wouldn't be walking out. Btw who was paying for that pretty nice apartment? Section 8? That wouldn't surprise me. Ive seen some of the pieces of shit out there we take care of with our hard earned tax dollars.

  • Connor Harbison

    The thing I absolutely hated the most when I was cleaning Scenes was when there was hair left over after decomps or like chunks of flesh with hair after they blow their heads off. I despise loose hair. It makes me wanna puke but I don't. Even when embalming like a goddamned hair would get stuck in their mouth or something… Pulling it out would make me cringe so hard ? literally nothing else bothers me. And as regards to maggots, my last job had piles of them. I scooped them up and showed my supervisor and was like want some lunch and she grimaced so hard

  • trisia44

    Do you actually remove the toilet seat and clean under the hinges? I'm sure you do, but I haven't seen you do that or mention it. After that gentleman who went Elvis style and he melted all over, that's all I could think of.

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