Episode 324 John Holland – Bridging Two Realms…Your Loved Ones are Only a Thought Away
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Episode 324 John Holland – Bridging Two Realms…Your Loved Ones are Only a Thought Away

Welcome to another episode of We Don’t Die I’m your host Sandra Champlain author of the international bestseller book called We Don’t Die A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death. On our show today I am thrilled to share internationally renowned psychic medium spiritual teacher author and radio host John Holland I first became aware of John when he spoke at an event I attended at the Omega Center in New York many years ago when I was on my secret search to find evidence of the afterlife he’s a great medium and I remember thinking that he’s so caring and he’s so dedicated to healing broken hearts he’s got integrity and teaching the truth that we do survive physical death and we can connect with our loved ones John is the author of many best-selling books power of the soul psychic navigator born knowing the spirit whisperer Chronicles of a medium a hundred and one ways to jumpstart your intuition and his latest bridging two realms learned to communicate with your loved ones on the other side he’s also created oracle cards and I’m thrilled that you can download them on your smartphone and has numerous online workshops based on his signature workshop series he has starred in several TV specials including a Andy’s mediums we see dead people he’s also starred in his own pilot psychic history for the History Channel for over nine years John has hosted his own internet radio show on Hay House radio called spirit connections there’s so much great information on his website which is John Holland comm and you can meet John at one of his upcoming workshops including the Seoul summit Scottsdale which is September 12 through 15 2019 and you can visit Soul summit Scottsdale org to find out more John Holland welcome to We Don’t Die Radio. Thank you just so much for having me I’m thrilled I just you’ve been on my bucket list to interview never knowing how and when it would happen and here we are today so thank you now you’re welcome John how does your story start can you take us back to when you know in the past when you even started getting involved in mediumship and is it something you’ve always been aware of or yeah just tell us your story if you wouldn’t mind um well that’s right it’s a it’s a long story but I’ll briefly tell you okay as I can its it also it I was very I was like – as a child actually in most mediums they’ve had signs of spilled juice some type of a spiritual connection when they were younger in myself I was very fascinated even as a little boy like five six years old in psychic matters spirits ghost magic religion I had a thing for an affinity for the Saints any theology book so this is you know pretty interesting for a five or six year old and my dad would try to get me to go outside and play you know baseball with my brothers and 105 from New England yes Irish Italian Catholic and I was always the different one and I was very sensitive as a child and now the key word right now San Jose you know was empath or empathic I guess I really was I was just very very sensitive and I knew things that I couldn’t a kid couldn’t possibly have known or heard I knew when someone was going to visit the house unexpectedly I knew what other people were going to say I used to dream of. I thought I was dreaming of people walking in my room like spirit people but I was actually awake and a lot of people Sandra they said well weren’t you frightened by this like I can’t be frightened or I couldn’t be frightened of something that was always there you know what I mean it wasn’t like the movies too many people think of like the movies and then I studied psychic abilities as a kid I was fascinated by it you know loved I Dream of Jeannie bewitched this soap opera Dark Shadows and I was always fascinated in status study in psychic abilities even as a kid and then, just like a society really quickly Susan it’s you know people when you’re a little different in society yeah laughs dad called name so that’s you know it’s why I push the ability down or didn’t talked about it for years and many years later I was in an automobile accident in Los Angeles and the abilities that I had or pushed away came back so strong I walked away from this accident where the car was totally crushed and I was actually thankful for that accident believe it or not and I believe that some try a lot of trauma happens in the light what you do about it is the freewill part and it changed my life when I was living in California and once that accident happened that’s when all these abilities opened up I got my life together in LA was a young man and it was so they the abilities were so strong that I I had to learn what is happening to me and I didn’t just start doing readings I wanted to know how is this happening what are the mechanics of psychic ability and so I went into even study more people and then people asked me to do readings I said no finally I started to and then two years into doing readings people on the other side started showing up and I said okay well here I am dealing with being this psychic and all the stuff that goes with that now what dead people showing up for me so I didn’t understand what was happening it was different and I started reading reading reading on mediumship and I read about the Fox sisters and spiritualism and all the books that I read were from England because spiritualism started here but took off over in England even more so and one can led to another two weeks into reading these books on mediums and I said to myself if I could only go over there and study what the spiritualist little did I know that it was here in the States and so if I could go to England and study how great that would be two weeks into reading those books I stepped on a person’s foot at a party or for me that was from England and that’s how it all started synchronicity led me to England to study there to find out how to do the proper way to do mediumship understand my own soul very very intense training over in England for a few years and then came back here and that’s how it all started really but synchronicity I believe you meant to do this work as a medium I believe we all have the potential to do this but to be a medium as a life of service I think spear in synchronicity led me one door opened after another and then the books happened and everything else so unexpected didn’t ask for this didn’t didn’t know what would happen just followed like what I feel I was supposed to what I was supposed to do in this lifetime really what was the first book that you wrote born knowing that talked about how my childhood talks about my family a lot of personal stuff in there and how it all started from my very first experience right up into lust going to Los Angeles California pretty great and I know what you mean about the synchronicities it’s it’s like personally with me I feel like I’m only given the next step and I’d probably be overwhelmed with the big picture but the amount of synchronicities and things that happen and whether you’re to be a medium or not pay attention because I think each one of us has some potential Oh absolutely I believe we’re all born with the potential to do so I kick a mediumship work but to live a life of it is a totally different story you know and I believe I had a high potential obviously when I was a kid so I was born this way someone may have a lower potential for this it’s just they just need to work harder at it if they really feel the calling for it Susan and you know I tell all my students why you take why do you want to be a medium the number one answer should be to help people to help people and not to be famous or because you saw someone else do it or to be you know to be on stage it has a calling actually you know what I mean I do I am NOT a practicing medium but I’ve certainly taken enough courses to know that it’s inside me and when if it’s meant to bloom into something it will but to even being in a workshop with someone and to be able to give evidence of their loved one and see the reaction it heals hearts this is this is important I mean we have all experienced grief especially listeners of this show and I John don’t think anything is more painful than the grief of a broken heart and to be able to shed a little bit of comfort that your loved one is very much alive and yes we can’t hug them we can’t talk to them right now but they are around and to see that and I’ve also seen the flipside of it I’ve seen plenty of people that are out charging an enormous amount of money being kind of crappy mediums and it’s all about the show the ego and all that and that is not the reason to get into mediumship you’re right no it’s myself and a few other mediums who have said who have a few ministers have been um they’ve been certified by this spiritualist Association of Great Britain I think it’s where we’re striving striving to bring the quality of mediumship evidential mediumship back to the way it should be mm-hmm you know why I say that Susan for net and everyone who is with Sandra because I’m sorry guys because you know I’m thinking it because I’m thinking of Suzanne from the the soul summer yeah you talk to hundreds of people I’m not hurt don’t worry about it no that’s okay because we’re when you know we’re going to be talking about Suzanne and you know the Arizona is say somebody takes a course remember mine was a study of a few years sitting with mediums every once a week for two years in circle seeing them work on stage going the active friendly college the college of psychic studies I wanted to do it right I wanted to learn the mechanics of this some people get into it too fast and if if an inexperienced medium is up there on one or on a platform or on the stage and there’s a mother and a mother in the audience who lost a child the hardest of losses and the mediums not that great um that Orton or not on that mother in that audience may think I mean this is our first time seeing someone and if that’s she’s seen she may say well if this is what it is I’m never coming back to this well this kind of you know looking for answers this way so one medium can represent all of us you know so that’s why that you gotta be careful be prepared if you’re going to do this work make sure you understand how it works and practice this mm-hmm and have the love for the spirit world be there first there’s an I’m really grateful that you’re you’re speaking this language and have this passion because there’s some Philip Dykes and Kerry McLeod in the UK that are the same passion and they’re excellent excellent mediums but one of their concerns is this is becoming entertainment more so than you know helping broken hearts he’ll break our freakin arts and while a platform demonstration certainly can have entertainment value go and build energy and laughter because they are still alive you know we don’t die but the goal really does have to be first and foremost for being the messenger from those in the spirit world so I will because that’s how you’re really working yeah Sandra is is it’s it’s you’re working for the people on the other side and mediumship is just more than delivering messages also it’s another thing I say it’s also helping to heal the living right it’s about healing the living and I understand the entertainment value I can be quite funny on stage I use humor I know it’s not funny losing someone but when you have a hundred to a thousand people in the audience you have to raise that energy of the room because it’s a three-way connection it’s those on the other side myself in the audience when all three are in sync the energy is high then it’s like a perfect shaking cocktail it comes out it comes out perfect I need that audience I need that energy up and and there’s nothing wrong with laughing a mother says to me not too long ago, this is the first time I’ve laughed and smiled in four months since I lost my child and some people feel guilty laughing it’s okay we are the ones that are still here we’re the day and they want us to be happy until we see them again – so it’s a it’s a big job for medium – to hold the attention of a thousand people you know so yeah but it’s what I love it oh yeah you’ve got to and someday we’re gonna be there on the other side and go oh I get it okay I get how this works all right you know so we’ll be on the other side um I just before we spoke a couple hours before I was diving through your website and everything and I actually found your online course on mediumship and I bought it you know I just thought you know I’ve taken enough courses the price was extremely reasonable through Hay House you offer a 60 day money-back guarantee who does that right that’s integrity speaking and it just showed me your fashion really for training people teaching and for myself you know like I said I’ve got this I don’t want that dormant ability it’s just I think I’ve been too afraid to practice but it’s just you know I’m excited to just to get get started on again and just see where it goes so well yeah I know which one you’re talking about the spirit communication course that is basically – it’s a lot of information in there for you because just like my book bridging two realms which came out last year I wrote it for the bereaved but I also wrote it for people who want to study this to show you what it takes to have a solid let me say that again a solid foundation of how this works so that course is great if there’s a lot of information and just like the the book bridging two realms learn to communicate with the alum ones on the other side is to show people that but it basically that book came to me because hey house asked me do you have another book in you and I and I I already wrote about five I only wrote like six and then you know a lot of other stuff with it but I said well how many times can I how many different ways can you say the dead don’t die I mean that was not dead so I thought about it and I used what was in society what am i hearing lately I’m hearing empath soul people are connecting to the other side who have no training and they don’t understand why it’s happening is the consciousness of man changing or the veil on the other side getting thinner I think it’s a little bit of both so it’s for the bereaved and it’s also for people who are curious who want to take this to another level or just to uh just for more information so but thank you oh yeah I’m excited just I mean like I said to you before we started recording this I’m a listener I’m actively a well obviously a human being I want to have the best life possible I do think we all have this box of tools that we don’t know we can use and tap into I may not be meant to be a medium but so what if I can get in touch with my own intuition and my own abilities and I love the title of your book bridging two realms learn to communicate with your loved ones on the other side like I want to have the best life possible feel comfortable that they’re still around and all that so can you give us a way some tips or talk a little bit about bridging to realms a little bit that there you know not everybody may read your book but just is there any tools that we could use now just to feel comfortable that our loved ones are there or something we can do to communicate with them right be aware I also talked about there was a book hello from heaven by Bill and Judy Guggenheim they wrote they did in they interviewed thousands and thousands of people of people that have had experience from the other side without a medium so that’s key in there it’s calling cards from heaven is what I call it that’s the dreams you have of your loved one but the shiny pennies you find the Dragonfly is you think in your mom that lands on you the smells or of flowers are perfume filling your house these are after death communications without the help I mean having your own personal experience so I list those also but basically it was I wanted people who were believed to show them that look your loved one is not gone but when people have believed so much xander they when somebody passes away was so bereaved that your loved one could be standing right beside you you know in spirit or spiritual form and you feel them and many people after when someone loses someone a few days or right away they start saying I feel like he’s still here because they are but because we’re so emotional because of the loss or the bereavement we don’t feel them you love once all they want to let you know is I’m here I’m right here I’m with you so in the book the first part of the book I talk about all the where is the other side a lot of people like what my loved ones doing can they see me here do they have schools over there so I talk about the spirit world the levels of the spirit world to give people a basic knowledge this is what the spirit world is that’s our real home that’s where we really came from and you know this world earth here’s it’s temporary so I give people an understanding of where their loved one is not just floating in some ethereal space and I start teaching them the connections of we’re in a society right now Sandra everything if there’s so much noise so much social media so much Internet there’s just a lot of noise on the outside world so many times you can’t even hear your intuition trying to give you a little clue because of all the noise because all this outside stuff we’re we’re forced to go on the outside it’s getting quiet really quiet you have to make I was taught as a student you have to make your space in your own consciousness or your own mind for the spirit people meaning you got to get all of today out of the way all the technology for the moment that you want to connect with them and the simple technique is you get a picture of a loved one too many people and someone people who are listening understand this yourself and myself was in my mom we remember too much how the person looked just before they passed and that’s the image that’s stuck in her head maybe for the rest of our lives when I’ve always linked with people on the other side they said please tell them not that they can be this way because sometimes it’s not always an attractive thing before somebody passes away because of illness or an accident so get out a happy picture of your loved one the most happiest picture you can find with them smiling and they say the eyes are the windows to the soul get the picture with the smiling eyes put it in front of you get it go into a quiet room or a space in your house if you don’t have a room for a dedicated room light a small candle or a volt of candle and just get quiet just get real quiet look at that picture breathe like a form of a matted teacher and ask your loved one ask them to step forward now stay away from what you see in movies they’re not going to come through a Star Wars 3d rift and pop into you into your into your house it’s a you know nor you’re going to see like glitter come down something it’s it’s there they have an aura you have an or you may feel somebody standing right beside you may feel a warmth on your shoulder you may feel a breeze don’t explain it away you may feel a warmth on your shoulder and you’re going to turn around and say oh must be the heat they’re gonna show you any way that they can to get your attention and just invite them in your child my mom step in step it mean to step into their space and that’s how we teach students step in step into my shoes step closer let me feel you and let you love one no because they do take the cues from you they really really do if they know showing you a sign or stepping close to you or you have them feeling you or you’re seeing things or hearing things and you freak out you get really emotional because of the contact they’ll wait or to go to somebody else so let them know that you’re ready that you welcome any signs from them and be open not it could be an after death communication sign or it could be a physical sign that you’re feeling them and people say Sandra how do I know it’s them you’ll know you’ll know in your heart if you say to yourself this is coming to me or is this coming from me you know when it’s your own mind sometimes with your imagination an imagination will just come in and go away but intuition your soul spirit communication keeps coming back and you working this is a big thing to Sandra a lot of people who are experimenting with mediumship is very sensitive they can’t shut it off they walk it around they say I see the people I see people on the other side all day that’s an untrained medium you try to learn oh you have to learn the master of your abilities I don’t really like to say gifts too much because gift sounds like I have it in you don’t master the ability of how the psychic mechanisms of yourself work so you are the master of your abilities it is not the master of you yeah I like it and then you know we are all familiar with gut instincts right so that is your that’s a psychic ability so it’s like duh we have them you can feel when you walk into a room somebody’s got good vibes somebody you want to stay away from so we have we do have this like you say you know if you want to go train to be a medium and some people that is you know there’s maybe a souls plan or something but we all right all of us can can start this kind of stuff immediately and I don’t maybe you can shed a little light on this but when we die or transition or whatever step into the others or I don’t think we are giving given all knowing of the whole universe so that I know how to do all this stuff oh god yes yes you know God you’re a good woman God you’ve done your work nothing um because a lot of people they come to me I had one woman came to me and she said can my father help me with my finances and I say the story all the time and I said well how was he here with money and she said he we um he said he sucked with money or he was awful with money and I said well he still I said just because somebody passes away doesn’t make him a bookkeeper and accountant or a financial adviser now maybe Sandra if her dad was a banker or a financial planner and then he passes he still has that knowledge I had two sisters come to see me too and the mother came through and that was fine and I at the end of the reading I heard one of the sisters sigh she went you know she just sighed and I said it were you not happy she’s no John the reading was great I you know I know it was my mom she said but my mom the one thing I wanted to hear was my mom tells me should I divorce my husband and I said oh darlin look I said those on the other side they cannot interfere with the karmic lessons that we’re supposed to learn here they can’t all right so she can’t say yeah divorce him it’s not her job that’s that’s the thing you have to deal with that they were brought you that they’re to help you but they don’t become all-knowing in every single subject maybe some they want it sometimes they want to come to some people come to see me they want their loved one to give them spiritual advice well did they do spiritual server here just see what I mean I hear you chuckling I did you know and I can really I really believe it’s true well I really believe that when you go to the other side you may have a higher view of things and I and I liken it to this if you’re in space or above the earth you can see where a river start right you see from what ocean it turns into a river and you can see where the river is going just a higher view but you can’t influence it do you see the mean so I think that they can help you guide you put you at the right place at the right time play with synchronicity to show you that they’re there but they’re not all-knowing beings meaning their loved ones then you get the guides and the angels which is a whole another level no Celeste you’re playing yeah mm-hmm I do like that I’m excited about reading your book your latest one that’s cool thank you I am but as far as the afterlife do you um maybe a dumb question but our loved ones just floating around us are they up to things are they continuing their life for the continuing learning yes it’s we’re we try to explain one of my good colleagues and she became a friend of mine who used to tour with Wayne Dyer Anita Moorjani and yes with the kindest woman in the world – also in a good friend and she says she’s doing she’s lecturing all over the world I mean her in her book also dying to be me woman passes away she was on death’s door goes to the other side she had stage four cancers tumors the size of tennis balls and she meets her dad and she had the whole experience over there on the other side and he says if you come back you have a job here and but she no it was fascinating she said to me that when she was on the other side she could see her family in the operating room all looking down at her she didn’t know how to connect to the other side I mean to us and see so first of all I will answer your questions those on the other side they also have to learn how to do this again communicate with physical beings with the power of thought yeah so you know and then what she came back well this goes to your question were they doing on the other side now we try to explain it in physical forms do that because they’ll come through saying they’ll tell me on the other side or show me look they have their body back is there really a body or they really show me that isn’t it a spiritual body so sorry I’m still don’t know and I don’t even claim to know all the answers I can only go by what I’ve heard from near-death experiences I can either and Raymond Moody’s work who I love that’s a near-death experience is in the book I also write about but I’ve been I’ve been told on the other side that this school is Meadows there’s there’s different places of existence for now here’s something that it shows you Oh did a reading for a mom once when I was living in Massachusetts now I’m up in New Hampshire and as she was sitting with me I think it was in a group sitting I said I just saw a wheelchair push across the room I said why is your son I already connected to the son I said your son is telling me he’s not in the wheelchair anymore and he’s running the bases bas es listen do you understand that and she started to cry and I said what does that mean because I don’t know sometimes and she says John when he was born he had spina bifida and he passed suddenly because of a situation that happened he hurt his neck and he passed it as a young boy so he couldn’t walk this whole life because of the spina bifida up in his room he would sit in his wheelchair and look out the window and the baseball field was across the street where he could see all the boys playing so and he always longed to be with those boys but he knew he never would so here he is he passes away tells me telling my mom I don’t need the wheelchair and I’m up running the bases now so he’s playing baseball on the other side so is that for me to show the mother is a really a baseball field I don’t know Sandra but I can only go by the things that I hear had another grandmother say to me just tell my granddaughter that she I’m in my favorite chair on the porch and she know and that’s exactly what she loved doing is sitting in this wicker rocker on her front porch over look in her garden so is it are they doing things on the other side other places I believe so and Brian Weiss because I’m so blessed to be an author I get to meet these people Brian Weiss many lives many masters every time he would do a group regression I would I would just fall asleep or and I said Brian why does this happen because I’m a spondylus I went deep he said the only way he said the best thing to do is if you had a past life regression yourself personally so who did it Brian himself so how cool is that he took me do you know he took me to that I was into that in-between I had a few past life experiences but I was in that in-between place not there not here like there in the middle and I saw Mike I felt my guides heard them I saw meadows and you’re going to hear this a lot I know you and a lot of people here this other side cannot be described because there’s no words to describe it it’s the strangest way to say this everything is all energy the colors the the flowers it’s just really really different but I was there and that’s what I saw so I believe that we do do other things and what another one really quickly I had a son come through tell my mom that I’m now teaching kids well just before he passed away he was about to graduate college with a with a bachelor’s and teach so he does still go on to do what he wanted to do in this life teaching kids on the other side you see so it’s really it’s I don’t know if we’ll ever you know what sander this is what’s going to happen we’ll know when we go there no but I can I can only give the best evidence possible I haven’t like I can only give the best evidence I have a story for you to hear it in and for listeners before my dad passed away he had well first of all he had cancer 30 years prior and he didn’t die it is one of those miracles that survived he did all the mind-over-matter the meditation and worked with dr. Bernie Siegel and all those kind of things so he spent 30 years really trying to help people live but he used to always say you know you got to fight this illness you don’t get to bring your toys with you da-da-da-da-da so I was secretly studying is there ever any evidence of the afterlife just based on my own fears of dying you know you never told anybody dad was very religious spoke about Jesus more than anybody else on the planet and went to church at Catholic school Catholic Church every day and he he ended up passing away from cancer and towards the end I just knew in my heart I had to tell my dad about my secret study of the afterlife and and so with really big eyes he’s looking at me like a little bit freaked out but also a little bit interested and then John it came out of nowhere I’m seeing a yellow airplane with black lettering a tail dragger as they called it dad was a pilot and I said dad I don’t know why I’m seeing this but I’m seeing this airplane and da-da-da-da-da I’m feeling that a man is here and he’s laughing and telling me to tell you that you were wrong that he did get to bring his toys with him and John in that moment my dad started to cry he said his friend Jim had passed Jim was a pilot he had the yellow airplane with the black lettering and he had had cancer and dad said I was always trying to help him say you gotta fight this she can beat it cuz you can’t bring your toys with you towards you so dad then said sander tell me everything you know and it was because of dad who said Sandra when I’m gone promise me you write a book and that’s how this all started and so I do believe that it’s a great place maybe earth is designed very similar to it but they don’t have all their the answers of how to communicate so if it takes using some of the practices within your book even setting a time mom today or tomorrow we’re gonna you know yeah I’m gonna quiet my mind and ask you to step forward and you know give that feedback they don’t have all the answers but you still have the relationship when you say that the same time because I teach my students and this is how I was Todd is every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. this is in England every Tuesday for two straight years I would sit in a spirit circle with other mediums and you would for an hour and half an hour just getting quiet feeling let your loved ones come close what it feels like for spirit to come close and there was a medium that would keep our eyes open and watch all of us and then half hour or give off what we got and through that practice is how I started you know really you know refining you know the ability but I forgot where I was going with that Sandra I’m sorry oh no you and I are so funny we were talking about Tuesday 6 p.m. yes every setting an appointment way yes spirit yes every Tuesday that’s right the schedule you said setting the time yeah beg your pardon so every Tuesday I was committed and the organizer I mean it was in her home she said listen here at six o’clock spirit is going to be here at six so you honor them because they’re going to be here and it you weren’t there by six they would lock the door and you couldn’t get in because anyway disturbing so I was there and you know when I took the bus to get there so I was there all the time when you’re doing this kind of work I teach my students also whether you’re meditating communicating with spirit try to do it in the same room at the same time what happens is the energy in the room of that space if you don’t have a full room because the energy starts to build around it and around it we it’s it gets easier and easier to make that contact because you’ve already built up the energy in the room and if you can’t beat at the same time at least trying to do it in the same spot you know and it gets easier and easier just slip into that space because there is a fee to the room just like you said when you can when you meet someone or you walk into a room that’s clear sentient you can feel it so it is make a commitment instead of time make an appointment with spirit and they will never let you down so you try to stay to the appointed time so you know good on you thank you for that you’re welcome and I’d like to talk just a little bit about your thoughts on being human a bit because it’s so easy to be a skeptic and it’s so easy even me with all these years of doing all this I don’t wake up in the morning remembering this you know I get the negative thoughts in my head sure you think that the world of negative thoughts or doubt or cynicism skepticism and all that is just part of being human and it keeps us tied into the game of life I mean deed because it’s I don’t even know if I’m asking a real question here but no I understand us no maybe we’re physical beings and spiritual beings you know no gentleman asked me once why would I wonder when he says I’m you know we’re in the physical world why why do I even want to investigate or to understand or discover my spiritual side they said because they said you’re a physical being and a spiritual being we’re both if you’re too physical and not acknowledging your spiritual side or if your spiritual Sandra who pins so the people who take it way too far they forget the physical right everything is like you know that it’s like you know woowoo you go to it’s a 50/50 to honor only one side to whether it’s physical spiritual you only live in a life half lived and I am the same way I make mistakes I say stupid things we have these thoughts because human just just remember if you have a negative daughter if you snap at somebody or you say something too soon to somebody you know that’s your ego not your soul doing that what are you gonna do about it next time so you don’t have that reaction but it’s a human it’s okay I don’t walk around levitating with my palms up you know it beams of light coming out of my hand I’m a human just a guy and a lot of people forget that I’m just a guy who has this ability and they think that I know all the edges I don’t it’s 50/50 I’m doing the best that I can with the time that we have and it comes out of making the wrong decisions that we learn to make the right decisions it comes out of some of the most horrific traumas and rotten things that happened to our life I think that have us wake up and have our still souls start to grow and start getting us on the spiritual path right I would have never been on this had my dad not died the way he did and the families start fighting the way we did and we’re learning about growth and out of the worst thing that’s ever happened to me when I hit the deepest darkest time in my life came the absolute best thing that’s ever happened to me me being on this journey and now being able to share yep and you know this too like me with that accident I think I if that accident actually saved my life because like I said I was a young man living in the crazy LA you know Los Angeles being from New England you know I was crazy life living out there but some of your most situations you may think of the worst times in your life or the people in your life were the worst negative relationship they can be the biggest I learnt this from a colleague of my – it’s a it can be a situation like that that you learn the most from or a negative situation could be the biggest spiritualist catalyst for you because if everything is good you’re learning I understand that but it’s those hard lessons the hard things that happens you that’s when you really shift if you do something about it if something happens to you yes you can complain that my parents will like this my parents will like this , but what are you going to do about it now Jassi so don’t let life don’t complain that this is what life did to me what are you going to do about it you know we have free will here yeah Neale Donald Walsch has a great problem I can’t remember exactly what it is but it’s something to do with your dreams fulfilled or outside of your comfort zone yeah I bashed whatever the quote is but it really is it takes courage the fear can arise but it’s like you got to cross that barrier you can take action and it may not be comfortable but there’s great stuff there John can you talk a little bit about our soul and what that is and of course I know you’re speaking at the Soul summit coming up but just who are we as soul beings and and you know is there a plan for our soul ie I always a might we’re just Todd is a workshop called magic of the soul and it’s based on my book power of the soul inside wisdom for an outside world which I wrote in 2007 and if you notice that everything is soul soul soul now and that’s what that word is really really big and I always tell my students or the audience what is the soul you hear soul food that person has soul look at them dancing your soul is beaming what is the soul what is the soul and for this conversation soul and spirit same thing in the book I break it down differently but for right now same thing that I say the people would it what does it mean to you and to hear all kinds of answers but it’s really it’s our essence it’s who you really are you’re a soul that comes with the body not a body that comes with the soul everyone thinks oh I’m a body and I have a soul with me no you were so first that has a body you are so long before you incarnated into this world you can be so long after you leave this world you know the end the soul the other side that’s that’s our real home so it’s the essence and your soul tries to get your attention all the time through different ways it tries and tries dreams intuition synchronistic events and wake-up calls those are the four top ones that I write about my wake up call I mean your souls like okay let’s give them this juicy to put them on the path net then listen to that intuition given that little nut nope okay we’ll put these people in situations in front of them didn’t listen to it and then finally wake-up calls my wake-up call was that accident and I don’t and I believe that we don’t get too many of them that’s an opportunity now I’m not saying that my soul made me have that accident or maybe it was planned I don’t know but it put me on the path of where I was going to where I was going and by me accepting that accident say okay my life has got to change I met my soul halfway in other words my physical self met my soul and I did a lot I did a lot of work so the solace is who you really are and some people say to me to Sandra what’s my purpose John I’m so confused what’s my purpose no we get confused the perp our purpose is not to be a host like you a radio host or an author or me a medium or a mom just to be a mom or the president just to be a president or a of a company or something your sole purpose for here is to be all that you can be a Divine Being from God or the source using your gifts talents and abilities to help others so that’s what I say it’s my ability of mediumship me as a medium is I my purpose wasn’t to be a medium its to use that ability of mediumship to help others in any way that I can so basically I think that’s it’s a essence it’s just soul is basically yeah essence but we don’t listen to it a lot Sandra we forget that we even have one like I said technology is pulling us away from our soul it’ll always be there but we’re so programmed now to be in the outside world and seek all the answers on our outside whether it’s the of the world around us or technology so go in once in a while have a soul check once in a while and if you’re ever saying to yourself for you for anyone who’s listening to all the people who are listening if you keep saying I really want to take that class or like me I would dry by the SPCA the society prevention of cruelty to animals for weeks and weeks I kept saying maybe I should go in there and ask them can I help raise money maybe I should go in there I finally did I have my own no charity that raised $135,000 for animals that need curtains for the New Hampshire SPCA that’s just Sol anytime you keep saying I can’t keep living this way what’s wrong with me I really should if it keeps coming back to you those statements that’s your souls way of saying you’ve got to check in with me and that’s when you have to learn to meditate a little help me so show me the synchronistic events so there was a little you know there’s a little work and what you sold it took us years to not listen to it just takes a little more time now to understand how it works and it’s prompting it’s pretty cool stuff I know you’re speaking at the Seoul summit and got to do and Scottsdale and I had the the great honor of talking to Howard Martin about heart math math yeah and what I’ve always well back in the day I used to believe I was a human being with the soul and there was this kind of little dot in the center of my chest and that was yes oh but yeah this is now this is my own belief I don’t push this on anybody else but I have done so much with dowsing rods and kinesiology and energy and Java and so to hear Howard Martin talk about that they can actually measure the electromagnetic energy field that emanates from the heart and that the better the thoughts of appreciation and gratitude and love how much that changes and how far it reaches and all this I actually think yes we’re a soul with a body but I think you know our soul is much bigger than we are I mean oh god yeah that’s what I believe and just putting all this together I think you know we’re just you know like us this little body is just one part of it but to listen and to pay attention to these synchronicities and these little passions that you’ve had and they can change throughout your life I don’t think there’s one thing we’re meant to do but when you said help others I if I you know in my invisible writing I’m doing right now help others underline underline underline underline it really is about using who we are and making a difference for others and we change ourselves absolutely one person said to me – I’m just one person what can I do I said are you kidding me one kind act I say this at the end of my radio show every week one kind act can create a ripple effect that reaches farther than you could ever imagine and that’s simply that’s your soul saying to do this don’t don’t do it because you want something back the universe will take care of you in its own way but you could be I do this sometimes I go through tolls even though I have that piece of equipment that I can just buzzer the toll but every once in a while if I’m drawn to I will go where people have to throw the coins and now reach into my car and I’ll take out the money and I’ll say it she’ll see that I can get through and I’ll say this is for the person behind tongue right have a good day maybe they were having such a bad day or they were hurt by someone or they didn’t believe in people and they go to that toll and then they for maybe that’ll change a person’s mind at least for that moment and then they go on and it makes them have a better day you never know what one kind act is going to do for some do for you don’t know the ripple effect and you may never know but trust me kindness and love it ripples through the world it ripples through the universe and when that gentleman says well I’m just one man what can I do imagine if all of us did something like that or you don’t I believe in the power of numbers so yeah it’s beautiful yeah there’s a movie called pay it forward that came out many years a little kid remember yeah it was great and I have interviewed a ton of people John that have had near-death experiences and when they talk about the life review it is going through life seeing the difference you made with other people a lot of it first the negative you actually get to feel any pain or sorrow or whatever however after that you get to see the ripple effect of the good that you’ve done and that amazes me and and that helps me live now that it’s easy for me to compliment some what I don’t know or if they’ve got a great smile I tell them you never know the difference my mom and I had lunch yesterday at a restaurant and the waitress was phenomenal so we got her laughing and said really great things just genuinely and she just said you made my day who knows what her life has been like and what her day had been but it’s those kind of things you don’t have to write a book you don’t have to be a that’s right right but speaking about being a host for nine years she’s not a house radio and can you talk a little bit about your show sure I’ve actually been on the show for thirteen thirteen years that’s a lot thirteen that’s a long time and I remember being one of the I’m still in the same time slot Mondays at 3:00 p.m. on the East Coast and 12:00 p.m. on the West it’s called spirit connections it’s where I do readings for people you know for free they can call in I bring on guests and I try to push the consciousness I try to push your consciousness and to show you that we’re spiritual beings with unlimited potential that’s why I love having guests of all different topics from like yesterday had an energy healer on I may have an astrologer or Brian Weiss on sometimes or from all different fields in and and to introduce new mediums also into the into the field so I love doing it and it’s a lot of people are like what station is on its Hay House radio calm just like you its internet radio and I’m blessed and you know what I mean Sandra we’re reaching a lot of people in a big way and it’s a lot of people that are sitting home and nobody in their life buys into this and I think everybody in and that’s why to get together at one of your workshops or a conference it is so great to be sitting next to a person one-on-one and it’s just like oh my god this is real this is this is true yes and you know what and I know the conference are you talking about the soil summit yes I’m doing a Suzanne asked me to do a an open to the public mediumship demonstration the Thursday and it’s open to the public you could take day passes or go for the whole thing 12 to the 15th and get to meet George Noory from coast-to-coast radio right the first time I’ve been on a show many times so that’s going to be told and all the other speakers there but it’s um it’s I am looking forward to that so you know thank you for mentioning that oh yeah absolutely I would be there except for my day job has me working that I can’t be this year but I’m sure I will be in future years as well but the sort of the Seoul summit Scottsdale is host is um what’s the word sponsored by the afterlife research and educational institute AREI right which put to get out of the afterlife symposium so many many people have been to the afterlife symposium for the past couple years and so this although it’s a different event there is a lot on the afterlife but there’s also a lot on living life and we’re really tapping into your soul so I can’t recommend it enough so you’re gonna meet someone there just like you said yeah we all need someone to talk to and a lot of people it’s great I mean I love online stuff too but to be in the audience with the speaker with other people besides it’s a whole another energy and some people may be nervous they’ve never traveled by themselves here you’re gonna meet friends there because it’s like-minded people this is just this can be your soul tribe and I’ve seen I’ve done I’ve been touring for 17 years and I see people walk out with friends for the rest of their life I seen people get married that meant that these are events too and you know you got to trust your gut too synchronicity if you keep feeling god I want to go to this I maybe I should right maybe I can’t that’s your soul thing please you know so I am looking forward to it too and I’m just honored that’ll be one of the keynote speakers there yeah I’m great grateful you’re gonna be the to Seoul summit Scottsdale dot-org and you and I are bound to meet up because I live in Massachusetts just south of the New Hampshire border so it’s kind of happened somewhere some you mean we haven’t crossed paths I’m only up near Portsmouth and you’re in Northern Kevin yeah – by Newburyport oh girl I know I know well we’ll continue this one we’re not recording but it’s kind of it’s gotta happen and let’s face it this is a synchronicity but what else do I want to talk about technology just briefly as much as we can say sometimes we’re not in the moment we’re not paying attention we’re you know too busy on our phones so I found out that you have these oracle cards that you can download and this morning I pulled a random card and it was so funny John because in my life there’s a lot I want to do with the whole we don’t die world but I also have to respect my day job my mom and I own a catering business and we travel around the country cooking for race car teams and I always think by now I should be somewhere else and I should be doing something and done it so the card that I pulled I don’t remember what the title of it was but right in it it said have faith and divine timing and know that everything changes for a reason this card acts as a reminder that it’s a perfect time to reevaluate search within your heart and soul for new insights it was just like it really is all about the perfect timing so we can use technology for good we can use it to remind us of who we are and really use it for our intuition so I say go to John Holland comm find out all about all your good stuff but I think I might check my eyesight too they can find the soul summit in Scottsdale the September 12 to the pits right on mine too they have to go look there absolutely and then also you’re going to be in Methuen Massachusetts in October Portland Maine October 20th I’ve looked at all these things November 8th through 10th wakening your soul your natural intuitive abilities Virginia beef beach he got a couple events in November so he got lots going on John so we have just a few minutes left any final words of motivation or inspiration or well whatever I say to if a lot of people they put their phone beside them when they go to bed and I understand that it could be the alarm but if you’re you’re just really quickly you you wake up you just lift that you were in that beautiful sleep state before you reach for the technology yes okay shut the alarm off if that’s it you know that’s how if you use your phone for that but put your hand on your heart in the the middle of your chest and just have one word to set the tone for the day whether it’s peace healing love prosperity a positive word and before you look at Facebook Twitter Instagram Snapchat emails because your leaves in that beautiful place that you just worry your spirit was on the other side rejuvenate just like your body is in the physical and you immediately into technology all right before put your hand on your heart and say I am Sol Sol I am Sol and set that word so my thing that I I came up with Sandra is instead of reading firstly in the morning instead of reaching for your outer technology reach for your inner technology yes done – got your day off that way yeah yeah thank you yeah I love it I love it um yeah you’re great and I’m so grateful that all these many years later this has come about because I knew in the very beginning when I first heard you speak and oh here’s something kind of cute it was my first afterlife conference really that I had the guts to raise my hand and ask a question and I don’t remember what the question was but you were the one I asked you know and so I was like I gotta be courageous but I want to know this answer so here we are right here and really quickly if you’re in Newburyport I mean I’m always out in August I am at the Unity Church and that’s on my site so please come to one of my events just call me now that you know how to track me down and sometime how to find you excellent well John I would thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being our guest today. Thank you so much uh and for our listener just a reminder you go to John Holland com to find out all where he is what he’s doing all about everything because he’s got so much really good information he’s even got a great YouTube page that there’s all kinds of videos you can see you can join John at the Seoul summit Scottsdale’s September 12 through 15 thinking visit Seoul summit Scottsdale org to find out more or on his site there’s so many other events that he’s if you want to see me which I know you do you keep an eye on live events on we don’t die radio.com in fact I’ll be speaking I’ve got my own small workshop with Kerry and Phil’s Scott Milligan Sonya Rinaldi and some other great people it’s called to we don’t die Discovery course you can get deep into some things that we talk about on this show and I’ll also be one of the speakers at the Internet Association of near-death studies AIIMS conference and their international conference near Philadelphia Pennsylvania August 29th through September 1st so you can go to we don’t die radio.com click on live events to find out more also on that site we don’t die radio.com you can join the insiders club that is my mailing list which I don’t send you lots of mail I promise but you do get a free copy of my book we don’t die as well as a very healing audio that I created after my dad died called how to survive grief so in closing my name is Sandra Champlain and you can hear it in my voice that I am so happy to be your host on we don’t die radio I do believe that life is an education for the Soul that we do get to bring our toys with us that your life is important we’re here to learn we are here to serve so look at those little nudges that you’ve had and things you want to explore he thinks you want to do things you know that you’re good at and and ya find a way to share them with others to brighten other people’s days so
I want to thank you for listening and we’ll see you soon.


  • Rouge red

    I will never forget the day of my grandmothers funeral, when I got home that evening I went to the kitchen when I switched on the light there was this ENORMOUS ! moth/butterfly? I couldn't believe how huge this thing was!!! sitting right smack bang on the cafe curtain, I instantly knew that was my grandma.

  • I am !

    And there's still those who think/believe this from "The Devil" or Satan!
    Any wonder why I am NO longer a christian! "It" is in us all and we choose to either believe or NOT believe what already exists in us and all around Us! Thank you Sandra and John! We are waking up! "I am Soul!"

  • dee 1

    This was so good! Shared with Cyrus's FB Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics group. Also appreciate the positivity you both share!

  • Ginny Paul

    Love when you interview John. He is so interesting. I do wish we could or would all open our gifts! What a great show. One of my favs! Thank you!

  • Ozark Oracle

    I’m so excited that you had John Holland on. Wow! He’s my favorite. He’s someone I have always enjoyed, and have learned a great deal about my own gifts from listening to him. Thank you for this interview!

  • Janet Komanchuk

    Thank you for this interesting episode with John Holland which I identified so with so strongly. I too was always deeply interested in metaphysics, and the afterlife. Even as a teenager my Uncle Bill, a free thinker and an avid reader was forever giving me the most recent books he had read on spirituality and healing which went beyond the bounds of traditional medicine.

    Nearly twenty years ago, in my early fifties, I was experiencing excruciating pain, depressed, and barely able to function. Painful, chronic, debilitating fibromyalgia had taken its toll. Nothing medical or holistic had helped, and if I knew of it I had tried it. At my wit's end—I was preparing to spend what little time I had left in this world in misery in a nursing home. Defeated I prayed for an end to my suffering. I even prayed for my own death, anything to stop the pain.

    Unexpectedly Uncle Bill phoned. During our conversation he told me about an amazing couple, the Overlees, the founders of Joy of Healing, who work with spirit to help restore health. (Could this be synchronicity Uncle Bill was always talking about?) Fellow members of the Edgar Cayce group Uncle Bill had founded who also understood metaphysics had introduced my uncle and aunt to this special work.

    Uncle Bill explained that Andrew is a gifted medium and healer, and Tamara, his wife, is a dedicated spiritual counselor whose family in spirit writes through her. He describes how they had helped him, my Aunt Phyllis, and my cousins as well as the friends who had introduced them. Uncle Bill assured told me if anyone could help me it was the Overlees.

    Eager to learn more about this special work with spirit that my uncle had such faith in, I searched out their website, then phoned Tamara who told me about their dedication to their life's work with their spirit family, and their commitment to helping people from all walks of life to resolve physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that are keep us from enjoying happy, healthy lives. This was different from from the psychics I had read about and seen on television who delivered messages from a loved one who had passed and was communicating to prove the eternalness of the soul. My doctors on the physical plane had certainly not been able to help. Why not give ethereal healers a chance? This could be the answer to my prayers.

    It has now been nearly twenty years since I met the Overlees and experienced the joy of my own healing. Andrew and Tamara and their spirit family are my dearest friends. They worked tirelessly over several days to help my poor bloated, body to heal. Their energy work is phenomenal. Together we worked on digestion, absorbing nutrients, a healthy diet best for my particular needs, an exercise regime—walking in a pool and swimming— so much easier on my tender tissues, muscles, and joints. And during subsequent visits and sessions we also worked to recognize and resolve the numerous unresolved issues that had haunted me from childhood, things I had never revealed to anyone. Instead I selfishly locked my insecurities and fears away, hoarding them much as I had hoarded my finances and possessions, my thoughts and feelings.These I selfishly hid deep within where they festered and made me so very ill. It was time for me to be honest and show others who I truly am. It was time for me to heal and with each visit I grew stronger, more active and vibrant—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

    I am forever grateful for my remission! Thanks to my dearest friends and my uncle, who introduced me to this beautiful work and my own commitment and desire to change for the better I have my life back, transformed and full.

  • Donna Baardsen

    As moving as this story is, the Bible makes clear in numerous places, we don't go to heaven or hell immediately after death, are not conscious, know nothing. For example: in the KJV Bible: Ecclesiastes 9:5-10, 12:7, leaves no doubt. Also see Psalm 115:17, Acts 2:29, 34, John 5:28, 29, 11:11, 14, 23, 24, 39.The dead are brought back to life only at the Second Coming of Jesus: John 11:24, 1Thessalonians 4:16. Most importantly, only God has immortality: 1 Timothy 6: 15, 16. The Bible is remarkably consistent on this subject. We must connect each and every verse in the Bible when trying to learn God's truths about any subject, beginning with the Old Testament and then all the way through the New. Doing so leaves no doubt that the dead are dead. Anyone who claims otherwise, and anything that conjures up the dead is satanic, of the occult and demonic.

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