EP.5 (WEB K-DRAMA) Number Six Sub ENG
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EP.5 (WEB K-DRAMA) Number Six Sub ENG

The lonely singer-songwriter, Seo Won Tak
Lee Min HyukThe lonely curator, Cho Min Ju
Baek Seo YiThe married man sold at first sight, Lee Chang Kyung
Kwon Young MinThe married woman with many secrets, Oh Eun Kyung
Woo HeeThe subtle sleeper, Park Se Jun
Kang YoolThe cheating fiancée, Kang Se Ra
Han So EunTiming and Subtitles by Always Together Team @ VikiNumber SixDid you only sleep with Chang Kyung? You slept with Se Jun too, a long time ago! Are you crazy? When did I… What are you doing? Se Jun. You don’t have any food at home, right? It’s not that, I was just going to borrow this. What do you mean by borrow? Just take whatever you want to eat, there’s a lot of food in my house. I’ll take you home, let’s go. Did you apply? Yes, at Hongdae Arts class. Work hard, cause if you get into University, I’ll really pay all your tuition fee. Hey, I’m also doing a part-time job. What’s good with having a rich friend? Haven’t you heard of Joseph of Arimathea? Joseph of Arimathea? Is there someone else other than the one in hands joined in prayer? Hands joined in prayer is the one who died for his friends. Joseph of Arimathea is… Are you okay? Are you tired? It’s because of my long part-time jobs. If you continue you will end up destroying your body. How many part-time jobs are you doing while studying? What about sleep, do you get any sleep? I tried to sleep for 3 hours but I can’t. I have to go home and sleep for 30 min. Seriously… can’t you just quit that part-time job? I’ll give you your living expenses. Sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. Did I hurt your self-esteem? It’s okay, you’re only saying that because you care for me. Thank you, I appreciate your kind heart. – Hey, are you really alright?
– That night when I chased after Min Ju and Se Jun,the sound that I heard in front of Min Ju’s house.No matter how long I listen or if I listen again…It was the sound of Min Ju moaning.I can’t understand you with my mind. Just what are you? Are you qualified to say that to me? You’ve also got a guitar from Eun Kyung. What about this jazz bar? Where did you get the money from? Se Ra? Or Eun Kyung?It is Chang Kyung.If it was that painful for you… you shouldn’t have let your friends take advantage of me. Did you even like me? Shouldn’t you have run in and punched them? You coward! I’m cowardly?I was confused. Am I crazy?Or were you that kind of person?What about Se Jun, Chang Kyung?How could they do that when we are friends?But one day, you came looking for me…Won Tak.I’m so sleepy.The beer part-time job is so hard.Carrying glasses and…going up and down 3 levels.Please tuck me to bed.Se Jun and Chang Kyung are…drunk and sleeping at my house.So I can’t go back there.You felt that Se Jun and Chang Kyung are men…But you still came to me and slept so soundly.So I’m really just your friend, damn it!You idiot. I was really sleepy. Don’t touch me.Some woundsdon’t heal no matter how much time has passed.When did we startto go wrong?I like it. Min Ju, move your butt up. That’s right. I like it. Min Ju… Just stay there as you are. I’m going in. But, can we remain happy after marrying? Why? I am someone easily swayed by my heart, you know. Haven’t you played enough? Get married, have kids and inherit the clinic. Then, I’ll play until we get married. Okay? Until I won’t have any regrets. Then you just do that, I’ll do the same.Last night, Clay’s shooting range boss asked me to keep it.He said the police came to do an inspection and he has unregistered gunsso he asked me to keep them.This place isn’t bad, right. I heard they have the tastiest pizza in Gangnam… I already came here. The last time, the man I was here with said the same. Really? Who? That man has good sense seeing that he knows about it. Why? – Were you here with my husband?
– Yes, I came here with Chang Kyung. I came here with Won Tak. He said it was delicious. Really? Right now, you are really weird. It looks like you meet with my husband often. No, just from time to time. But, when did you come with Won Tak? I don’t know… When was it? What are you doing? Ah, right. My husband said we should go for a Number Six travel for our tenth anniversary at Tongyeong at the end of this month. You have time for it, right? What can I do? I’m preparing for an exhibition that week, so it will be difficult for me to go. We already reserved the rooms, see if you can make time. We’re all going. It’ll be weird if only you don’t come. And only if you go, Won Tak will join us. What are you saying? Well. Because we are all couples, it might go well for you and Won Tak. Go well? You should get married too, of course. Isn’t Won Tak nice? Handsome, charming, and now he’s a boss. Yeah, Won Tak is quite nice. If he’s that good, why don’t you go have an affair with him? Hey, aren’t you saying nonsense? Hey, it’s a joke. A joke. I’ll see if I can make some time for the trip. Yes. Thank you for worrying about me. We’re friends. Of course, I worry for you. But is that what you really want? If I become Won Tak’s wife, will you really be happy? Chang Kyung too. If I become Won Tak’s wife, will he really like it as well? What are you saying? Of course, we will be happy about it. I get it, then. I don’t know much about that but… I’ll go first. Why is Min Ju like that? Why is she feeling like that about working things out with Won Tak? Didn’t they like each other? It really doesn’t matter if they like each other or not… I’m really uncomfortable because of her now. That’s why, why did you do it? If you know something but you don’t have physical proof, what do you do? Why? Min Ju… no way, with your husband?Timing and Subtitles by Always Together Team @ VikiNumber SixTiming and Subtitles by Always Together Team @ Viki

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