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Enterprise Computing Technology

[upbeat music] – Computers are very important,
especially today for communication
all over the world. – It means being able to support
a variety of computer systems. It’s very area-specific,
and the jobs are out there and they’re demanding
that training. – Choosing a specific path
to go down could be hard because there are
just so many possibilities. – There’s the regular PC support
and software support, but you can take it further
into the administration side of Windows and Linux
operating systems. – It’s a lot of hands-on work. Century has the only SANs lab
available to students in the United States. – We’re incredibly lucky to have
the instructors we do have, because they’re all
extremely experienced. – I think you need to be
a person who can adapt to change easily. – They need to be very, very
self-motivated and driven. There’s a lot of work involved. But the end results
speak for themselves.

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