[ENGSUB]2NE1’S Mental Collapse Talk hosted by Sandara Park!
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[ENGSUB]2NE1’S Mental Collapse Talk hosted by Sandara Park!

We prepared a special talk show corner for Sandara Park who thinks to herself that she is a comedian. Widel’s special MC Widel? Wide’s Special MC DaradaraSandara’s I wish Talk. Hello I am DaradaraSandara who is the special MC for today. I prepared a special subject ‘I wish I had done this!’. Clap! I will give you the question. The first question is ‘I wish I were in love’ Park Bom! I think you should start dating. Do you have fantasy about dating? The love I dream of is… CL~ Can I reveal this here? Of course you can! But if you think some part is inappropriate to reveal than you shouldn’t. Actually I don’t want to get married right now. I just want to stay in good relationship with my boyfriend. Isn’t that what everyone wishes? Next! You just became 21 years old and is there fantasy of love you dream about? I wish for sweet love. What kind of sweet love? Um.. A couple doing sweet talks to each other. I am sorry but I have to ask CL to do this. Actually CL is a very pure and just the image of woman everyone thinks of. Could you show this aspect of yourself to us? Right now? With this styling? Do you think I can show my pure aspect with this styling? What do you mean by pure lion? I represent the new rising icon; Lion. I represent the lion among our members. I am the icon of neuter gender and also.. Icon of grain! That’s! Thanks a lot. I didn’t get the root part of my hair dyed. Why am I explaining this? It’s all because of the wild berries! Don’t blame it on us! You said that it tasted good! Next talk is about I wish you would answer’! We received some questions from our BlackJack fans! Fans sent us many questions that they wished to ask to 2NE1. Among them 2NE1 members picked out a few. Who has the talent for acting? Dara! Could you show us your acting of aphasia? There is nothing special to acting of aphasia. You just stay with your mouth shut. Is that acting? Didn’t you see the music video of ‘Come back home’? You can see my acting of aphasia. Can you feel the girl’s mournful mind after her boyfriend has gone away through Sandara’s acting of aphasia? I feel comfortable when acting in music video because there are no lines to deliver but just expressing through facial expressions. I was about to show you this. In the music video there is a scene where I kill my boyfriend by unplugging the machine in order to not send my boyfriend to virtual world. Another fan asked, many groups are trying sexy concept but 2NE1 isn’t trying that concept. Is it because you don’t have sexy image or is there other reasons? How can you say that! This is our sexy concept! Oh really? We are in that concept. You are watching the sexiest girl group 2NE1 right now. Don’t you think you were dressed immoderately for singing in the wedding? Oh yeah~ We sang in the wedding. Just a few days ago 2NE1 caused some issues because of their extreme styling for a wedding day. One of our staff got married. The date of the wedding and the schedule of our first stage
overlapped. Our stage was scheduled 3P.M and his wedding started at 2:30P.M. Since we really wanted to go to his wedding we had to go to there dressed in our costume. Actually I was hiding right behind Minzy. But I wasn’t able to because of my hair styling. Her styling of lioness is unable to hide. I think I haven’t felt so embarrassed like this in the past 6 years?! But congratulations! I couldn’t finish this talk naturally. This is all I have prepared for today. What do you think about my talent for hosting this special corner? You haven’t done anything! What have you prepared?!


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