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EMS Web App Making Reservations

Welcome! This tutorial is designed to cover the process
for finding and reserving space on the Valpo campus. To start, you will point your browser to valpo.edu/reservation-calendar. Also, be sure to login in the top right corner
with your ValpoNet credentials. Once you are logged in, find CREATE RESERVATION
in the left panel of the screen. The options on the next screen will indicate
the types of reservations that are available for you. The MEETING SPACE option will present spaces
to you that are setup and conducive to meetings. The EVENT SPACE option will present spaces
identified for events such as union ballrooms, some larger areas with more flexible options,
etc. The INFO SPACE is an option for displaying
content in many of the campus public areas such as table tents in the union, display
and will include all rooms and generally requires a longer lead time to process events. This is a category that you will want to use
as a last resort if you are not finding the options above conducive to locating a space
to meet your needs. For the purpose of this training video, we
will select MEETING SPACE. All the other options will follow the same
process in making your request. To get started with the request, select BOOK
NOW next to the option of your choice. On the next screen, you will see there are
three major steps that will each require information to continue. The first step is Room Selection. First, choose the date of your meeting. Second, choose the start and end time for
your meeting. Meetings can be scheduled in 15 minute increments. To change the time from AM to PM, just click
on the icon. Since all meetings are on campus, leave the
booking time zone to Central Time. If the event has a recurrence, for example
it meets the last Thursday of every month, choose the RECURRENCE button next to the date
and fill out the form with the recurrence rules. You will also notice that the location defaulted
to the Harre Union. To change the building location, simply click
ADD/REMOVE and make your choices from the list provided. Selections of one or more buildings can be
made. You can also view by space type by clicking
on the VIEWS tab. Once finished in this menu, click UPDATE LOCATIONS. You will use the same method we just demonstrated
with SETUP TYPES. Click ADD/REMOVE and choose from the list
provided. Click UPDATE SETUP TYPES when complete. Choose the number of people for your meeting. Once entered, click the magnifying glass icon
and you will see the rooms that meet your needs on the right-hand side of the screen. If they are not available, they will be grayed
out. If there is nothing available, you can go
back to choose a new time, or location preference for the meeting. Once you have a time and location that looks
open, choose the room, or rooms, by clicking on the plus button next to the room name. Then click NEXT STEP in the top right corner. This will take you to the services page where
you can select catering options, chairs, tables, etc. There are even pictures for you to see what
the options are and special instructions you could include for layout. Once you have these items all selected, you
will click on NEXT STEP again to set up the contact for the meeting reservation. On the RESERVATION DETAILS screen, you can
upload documents (diagrams of the room, special instructions, etc.), name your event for the
calendar, setup additional setup/teardown time if you need additional time before or
after your event to special displays etc. Once the form is filled out, click on CREATE
RESERVATION. At this time, your reservation will be forwarded
to the building administrator in charge of the spaces. Once your meeting is reviewed and the space
is approved, you will receive a confirmation email. Your space is not reserved until you receive
a confirmation. This will complete the training on creating
reservations using the EMS Web App. Thank you for spending a bit of time with
us today!

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