Eminent Domain Microcosm Gameplay Runthrough & Final Thoughts
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Eminent Domain Microcosm Gameplay Runthrough & Final Thoughts

Hey Everybody! This subtitle channel contains Paulo’s list of “Rahdo’s goofs”. If you report goofs we didn’t notice, please leave timestamps. Thank You! 🙂 And with 0 Colonization Icons you can Colonize the Planets on the Planet Stack that require at least 0… so you could Colonize one of those Planets with that card Spoils are kept face up and sideways, so you can tell them apart from Colonies (planets that have been colonized are called Colonies in the final rules).


  • Anthony Trupiano

    Do we get to destroy planets yet to build highways? The base game confused me because it has absolutely nothing to do with the title. :


    but when you aquire a planet with warfare card you must put sideways and face up not face down…and they not be revelead cit.warfare card

  • J.J. The Great

    Hey rahdo, How do you like Microcosm compared to regular Eminent Domain (with and without the expansions)?… I am actually surprised you did not compare them in your final thoughts.

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