• Ulf Bengtsson

    You should seriously consider changing the table cloth from black to something brighter. I can not see any plastic ships (also black) at all in this video. πŸ™‚

    Other than that your stuff is brilliant as always.

  • BrennonTheBard

    Seems to play a lot like Race for the Galaxy and its expansions, in fact a lot of it seems almost the same lol. Looks good though, but as I mentioned previously it looks a lot like RftG so might not pick this up. Will be interesting to see the gameplay video though.

  • benediktcz

    i have a question: doesnt survey allows you to look at the both sides of all the planet cards you take before choosing one? it does say "look at X planet cards" not "take X planet cards"

  • David Brown

    When you said you played it over Skype, how did you get that set up? I've been thinking about stuff like that, but not sure how best to go about it

  • Valtharr

    This does seem like a nice Civilization-Building game. Not as complex as, say, Sid Meier's Civilization (which is way too complex for my family and takes way too long to regularly play it with my friends) but still more complex than, for example, 7 Wonders (which didn't seem deep enough for me). So yeah, damn you again, Rodney Smith! Just this Instructional Video prompts me to buy another game!

  • Lycrius

    Dust Warfare videos were still interesting and informative, they really inspired me to seek the rules and models out. And with a more sane price point than Warhammer 40k which I own few units of that game seems like something I'd get others to start playing too.

  • Valtharr

    The thing with Civ isn't that it's complicated or something. It just has many rules (mostly due to the fact that there's 4 completely different ways to win) and can take more than an hour before your Civilization has really developed an identity. But even though playtime is about 1 hour per player, the turns are fairly short and the choices satisfying, so it doesn't feel that long. So when you find players who aren't afraid of big rulebooks and can get into the game, it's really fun.

  • Tables

    Eminent Domain, sadly, is not really a civ building game – it's just about taking planets and and trading for VPs (researching is mostly just a way of getting better cards into your deck).

    If you want something a little deeper civ building wise, try out Clash of Cultures?

  • Scott Smart

    Thank heavens this game is not a solo one because it looks awesome. Glad you're back from your minis phase, not that that wasn't fun to watch too.

  • taloncarde51

    It wouldn't be too hard, just remove from the central board whenever your opponent does. The hard part would be planets, everything else you can easily mirror on your side.

  • Valtharr

    CoC seems a bit too deep, to be fair ^^ Seems about as complex as (and maybe even a bit more complicated than) the Civ Boardgame. So I think I'll still pick this one up, even though it's not a real Civ game. I always wanted to try a Deckbuilding game and I like the theme and mechanics of this.

  • Tables

    You said there are are five different roles at about 6:55 – there are six, because Trade and Produce are different roles.

  • Tables

    It's definitely less complex than Civ, but point taken. It's hard to strike a balance with civ games, really. Not to try and make your money disappear, but 7 Wonders is probably deeper than you imagine, especially if you play 3-4 players. This is definitely a good game either way though, even if it's not a civ game.

  • Unit Forward

    I've never seen Eminent Domain played before, but it looks pretty good. I'm a big fan of more spacey "4X" videogames (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate) such as X3 and Endless Space. This reminds me of those games. I have an itch to try something like that in cardboard form. πŸ™‚

  • cartoon80s90s

    You are correct. I was interested about Dust Warfare, but after 2-3 episodes I was reminded why I don't like miniature wargames. Too much use of measuring tape, too many rules and too much dice rolling with no actual effect (Warhammer is even worse with the multiple rolls to determine a hit. It is a nightmare.) I would likeο»Ώ to see some not so well-known miniature games in the future, like Kingdom Death (kickstarted in 2013), but let's take a break for now. πŸ™‚

  • twubear

    There is currently a kickstarter with about 30 hours left that gives both this game and the expansion with a bunch of extras for $50!

  • Nathan

    A question I had was if you are the leader and during the role phase, you pick the produce/trade card and decide to produce, can the second player, who wants to follow, pick trade instead of produce?

  • Mike Friesen

    I believe Rodney said he wanted to do a quick game to get something out to us and to give himself a small respite before delving into the more difficult dungeons of Descent.. I may be incorrect though

  • Seth Jaffee

    No, you must either follow the role that was chosen by the leader, or dissent (draw 1 card). You may not follow a different role. So if you choose trade, I cannot follow with Produce symbols any more than I can follow Warfare symbols! πŸ™‚

    Produce and Trade share a card, but they are separate roles.

  • Seth Jaffee

    You could do that, or you could visit the kickstarter project (25 hours left!) and get both the game and the expansion for $50!

  • Seth Jaffee

    I see that Rodney linked to the kickstarter page above, in the Notes section – right below the "table of contents" (is there a name for that for a video?)

  • Felippe Manjavachi

    I wish I could, but I'm from brazil and right now i don't have the money =)! But I will buy may copy as soon as possible!

  • Nicholas Ebel

    Rodney you have gotten me hooked on almost every game you've shown, keep it up! I look forward to each of these series!

  • Mauve Bird

    Japanime Games the people behind Krosmaster Arena Kickstarter said they were thinking of doing a gameplay video. I dropped your name into the conversation (i hope you don't mind) because i reckon you would do an awesome job!

  • Oni93657

    This is awesome. I've haven't played a deck building game yet, and I think this will be my first one. Thanks Rodney.

  • GameritisGuy

    I started watching the video just to get a feel for the gameplay, cuz I've seen this game SEVERAL times in my local gamestore but never really bothered looking at it carefully. Lo and behold, a half hour later and I'm sold! December ship date? I'm not worried…I have plenty on my plate to play! And with 20 hours to go, still!

    This is dangerous. My wallet begs you not to review more awesome games, but I know you won't stop. πŸ˜›

  • David Gatt

    I'm still unclear about what benefit resources give you during the game. Besides collecting influence tokens why are they useful? And why are resources different colours? Do those colours serve a purpose?

  • sparrowhawk

    I've had this game in my games library for quite a while but never had a chance to learn how to play it. This video was exactly what my gaming group and I needed.

    Many thanks, Rodney~! And keep up the great work~!

  • AndroidFugitoid

    I've been checking their kickstarter every day, going back and forth on backing or not…. well, bye bye money!

  • KAM1138

    I've already played the game, but this refresher (and the upcoming expansion) made me eager to break it out and play it again.
    I think the expansion is looking really good–the sort of added features that will likely give the game more long-term playability.

  • Mystogan Edolas

    You should have a look at "What's He Building In There?" it's on kickstarter right now, but it has been fully funded.

  • Raptormancer

    Pro tip: when playing at home on a black tablecloth, it's a good idea to lightly splatter it with white paint to simulate stars. Then spray paint your ships in a bright color so that they stand out from the background. Next, take a cardboard box and cut out holes so that you can clearly see the table/read the cards. Write "space helmet" on the side of the box so that other players know that you're really serious about this game. After each player completes an action, sa "I wouldn't do that Dave"

  • T0rche

    Hmm… I'm a bit turned off by the concept…a 2 to 4 player card game in which you have cards in the middle that say "attack a planet", "colonize" or "trade" …. at the start of the video I was like: "wow! this will have a lot of player interaction!!" …turns out you can only perform these actions with yourself lol!! What a letdown… It's another one of those "everyone-plays-solitaire-around-a-table-and-the-one-with-the-highest-score-at-the-end-wins" game…

  • T0rche

    loll thanks for the reply! forgot to mention thats it was a great instructional video by the way!! Just subscribed!! sorry if I seemed kind of fretful in my original post… watched the video at 2:30 a.m. and was really tired lol…

  • robert oren

    just subscribed……thanks for making things easier for me to play with my kids….i'great at reading rules………you do a fantastic job!!

  • sithknight19

    I know this probably isn't the right spot to put this but I'm really hoping is there anyway you can Review Fortune and Glory! It is a very awesome game that is like Indiana Jones. Saw this at PAX. πŸ™‚ Just a thought

  • Ozhan Sen

    Thanks for shooting up a series for this game, it is going to arrive this week by post, hopefully. This will help learn it much, much faster.

  • Ansley Freeman


    Thank you for this series. My copy of this game just arrived at my desk. That make 12 games now since you have started that I bought after watching your series. Keep up the good work. I hope one day to meet you at a Con and play something with you.

  • This_is_ellis

    Your videos are really well made. I can tell you put alot of work into it and it really pays off. Much appreciated. not sure if i will be able to get this game in the UK but i will certainly keep an eye out for it πŸ™‚

  • Rori Rants

    SO grateful for these videos!! BGG can be so confusing with the polarized reviews–this is so incredibly helpful! πŸ˜€

  • Anthony Bragg

    Every deck builder is like that. 90% of dominion games are like that. The competitive aspect is who has the better strategy, not who gets fucked the most by attack cards. It appeals to a lot of people.

  • John Jersey

    Darn, I've been staying away lately because I went a bit overboard last year with game purchases (over 100 games & expansions) and watching your videos is a trigger for my addiction. I must have this game…and an expansion coming you say?

  • kinofrost

    One thing I've never understood (after buying this game after watching this video!) is why there are different resources. There's no apparent difference between them.

  • kinofrost

    Found them! Bonuses to trading one resource type. Thank you! That was really annoying me :). Diverse Markets and Specialisation for anyone else looking.

  • Nazull

    After watching this play list made my mind up and will buy this tomorrow.
    ifο»Ώ its in stock πŸ™‚

    Great Game guys well done to you both.

  • VyrusTron

    I've heard so much about this game!! I'm glad you showed it in the show. I hope it gets translated and publish in Spain so I can play with my friends!!

  • mJesuile Demoisne

    Just wanted to post a thanks for this. It's a home-run for me – the wife likes it so I will be getting some quality gaming time in with this now. Btw I believe that it will be back in Stock fairly soon if others cant find (todays date 22.1013) as the expansion is out soon I think and a base game is due for a reprint.

  • Alex Christodoulides

    hey Rodney

    i just received my copy of the game and i have one question;When you conquer a planet and it has either the survey or warfare symbol how do you use them? are they boost the role of those symbols or can you use them as an action? For example if my planet has a warfare symbol can i use the planet as my action to attack another planet in my empire? Β  Also are the technologies that have multiple symbols work the same way as i described?

    thanks in advance πŸ™‚Β 

  • Ray Phay

    I just picked up this game and have only glanced at the rules. However this video has given me a really good idea as to how this game will play. I know that when I get it to the table in the next day or two I will have no problem playing the game. May just need to glance at the rule book here and there.

    These instructional videos are so much better then the actual rule books. I like to watch the video and then when I read the rules it all makes since and is pretty much clear. Thanks Rodney.

  • Kristian Jensen

    Hi Rodney. Great tutorial (as usual).
    A question: don't you go through the action cards REALLY fast when you put every card you take, both from the action phase and the role phase, to your discard pile?

  • Kosteri x

    how can i distinguish between this edition (WANT) and the previous edition (ugly)? so i can get it from amazon.
    – how long does it take?
    – how is the player interaction?

  • Aaron Chua

    regarding the planets discarded face up during survey, if you run out of planets do you shuffle them back into a new pile when you run out during surveying? or do you just continue the game without being able to choose further planets? (since running out of planets is not an end game condition?)

  • Jan Janovcik

    From the rulebook: Survey role: "… Examine the FRONT AND BACK of those (planet) cards, and choose 1 to add to your Empire."

    Rodney, I played this wrong quite a few times thanks to your video…

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