• Steven S

    16m20 sec you could have only put one colony card under jen's planet and keep one for the next turn to use as an action to settle the planet. Cause she has an colony symbol on her technology card

  • Adel Zekri

    Hey rahdo, I've been following your videos for some time now, Really good so far 😀 Made me decide on some games too.
    I got a suggestion, Ever thought about using a GoPro camera? You could headmount it. Keep up the good work!

  • yujinishuge

    You didn't play Jen's hand correctly.
    Action: Colonize (there are now 2 colonies under the planet thanks to the +1 from fertile ground)
    Role: Colonize. The planet is flipped.

  • Ozzy

    Rich… Do you think Roll and this can co-exist in my collection? I know Roll is a dice game, but are the two experiences different enough to warrant ownage of both ? In your opinion.

  • Paul Salomon

    In your first turn, Rahdo, couldn't you have attacked your starting planet during the action phase? It had a warfare cost of 2 fighters, but your scorched earth policy reduced that by 2. Doesn't that let you play a warfare action, attack the planet, and flip it over for free?

  • Dan Hull

    At 15:33 Rahdo says "and now she can do a Colonize Action", which might be confusing to new players, because the word "Action" is reserved for the Action Phase. What Jen does now is a "Colonize Role", since she's in the Role Phase.

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