• BigBlueMotors

    Wow! What a great product. I can see the future with graphene powered batteries. A lot of good information and thanks for taking the time to share your product. Best hour I've spent on YouTube.

  • olsonspeed

    Thanks for the information, extremely informative, well done! Commercially producing a Part 103 airplane is huge task, it looks like you have great operation and are at the beginning of a new wave of ultralight flight.

  • Gerald Nelson

    As a former GA/Lazair II owner/pilot I am enjoying this video immensely. I was never impressed with the QuickSilver but you it appears you have brought it to a whole new level.

  • him Dude

    What's the flying speed and how much it costs.? Is this equipped with extra parachutes for additional safety in emergency


    if you are flying for less than 1 hour or even two, you seriously need to re-evaluate your airframe choice. love the talk, and would love to talk about the airframe end of things. I have no experience with designing full scale aircraft, but lots with electric models, and have them flying for over 4 hrs. would love to chat. cheers!

  • Gord Elliston

    Okay, I have watch almost all your videos and I am impressed. Amazing little airplane and I want one. I have started renovating my shop. Next I must repair my kerosene heater as I live in Canada at Wasaga Beach. The worlds longest fresh water beach, on Georgian Bay. We are not far from Blue Mountain ski resort where I used to fly hang gliders back in the early seventies and eighties. I still have my honourary Mountain Flying Licence from United States Hang Gliding Assiation for introducing the sport in this part of Canada. Got my plans from Dick Eipper who designed the famous Quicksilver. Next I must figure out how to download your plans and start building. PS, sorry for the umm comment.

  • Jon Streeter

    I was going to get another license because I let mine go for a couple of decades. I got my ASEL around 1963 and added a glider rating in the ‘70s. When I went to the local airport to start lessons. Two things put me off. One was the cost. I knew it would be higher than in the ‘60s, but not THAT high. The second was the paperwork. I think I filled out one sheet of paper the first time. This time I was handed a stack of papers that looked like a phone book. Pass. I’m going the nonlicense, nonmedical certificate route, thank you very much.

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