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EMC Data Domain Boost Software

Hi – I’m Caitlin Gordon from the EMC Backup
Recovery Systems Division. I’m here today to talk to you about the Data Domain Boost
software option, which optimizes the Data Domain platform with advanced integration
for increased performance and ease of use. Today’s we’ll discuss how DD Boost provides:
faster, more efficient backup as well as simplified disaster recovery and advanced load balancing
and failover. EMC Data Domain Boost software distributes
parts of the deduplication process to the backup server or application clients enabling
faster, more efficient backup and recovery. Without DD Boost, the backup server or application
client will send all data, unique or redundant, to a Data Domain system for deduplication
processing. With DD Boost it only sends unique data segments to a Data Domain system. This
dramatically increases the aggregate throughput by 50 percent and reduces the amount of data
transferred over the network by 80 to 99 percent. With DD Boost, applications can control replication
between multiple Data Domain systems and provide backup or database administrators with a single
point of management for tracking all backups and duplicate copies. This allows administrators
to efficiently create DR copies of their backups over the WAN using EMC Data Domain Replicator
software, and keep track of all the copies in the backup application’s catalog for
easy disaster recovery. This also enables administrators to individually manage retention
periods for each backup copy, resulting in a more flexible DR deployment. DD Boost aggregates multiple Ethernet links
on the Data Domain system into a single group; so multiple links appear as one to the backup
application. The Data Domain system then transparently balances the backup load between links in
the group. In addition, if one of the links in the group goes down while the Data Domain
system is still operational, the system will automatically route both in-flight and subsequent
backup jobs from the failed interfaces to the surviving interfaces. This automatic link
failover keeps backups operational in case of temporary network glitches. To summarize, DD Boost provides …faster,
more efficient backup as well as simplified disaster recovery and advanced load balancing
and failover. DD Boost is the key to optimize integration
with Data Domain systems and accelerate backup and recovery across the enterprise. For more information about Data Domain systems,
please visit EMC.com/datadomain. Thank you.

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