Embedding a large video file in  WordPress
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Embedding a large video file in WordPress

With A Voice Like This presents Embedding a large video file in WordPress –
If you have a video file over 50 MB, you won’t be able to upload it using WordPress. First,
you’ll need to upload via FTP. I use Filezilla. Once you’ve connected to
your Hosting server, on the right side double click the wp-content folder to open it, then
double click the uploads folder, then double click the year folder and the month folder.
To upload the file, click and drag it from its location on left hand side to the right and release…And it will begin uploading. I use Filezilla because it’s a free program
and works the same way whether you’re using Windows, a Mac or Linux, you can find a link
below. Your hosting service will also have an FTP program available.
Once the file is uploaded, you’ll have to make an entry in the database for WordPress
to recognize it. I use a plugin called “Add from Server” and for that, you can see a link below as well. Once you’ve logged in to you WordPress site,
on the left hand side of the dashboard, hover over Media and click Add From Server. This
takes you to a new window and you’ll see the uploads folder is one of the quick jump destinations.
Click that and you’ll see the file you just uploaded. Click the checkbox for your file
and then click the import button at the bottom. When it’s finished importing, you’ll get a
success message and you’re ready to Embed your video.
To do that, hover your pointer over Posts or Page, then click Add New, title it, then click
in the content area and click the Add Media button.
The insert media window will open, click the file you want to embed. Information about
the file will appear on the right side and in the lower right double check that the Embed
or Link dropbox says Embed Media Player. Click the Insert into Post button.
The video is inserted. Click the publish button on the right and
the embedded video will be saved. Once it’s saved, click view and you will see
the embedded video
and you can click the play symbol to check that it’s working (Embedded video and audio plays) And that’s how to embed a large video in WordPress. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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