Elon Musk Is Hosting Meme Review – NOT CLICKBAIT
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Elon Musk Is Hosting Meme Review – NOT CLICKBAIT

Stop what you’re doing, Elon Musk is hosting
meme review and no this is not a drill. What is happening people this is inform overload
where we tell you about what’s happening on youtube. Hit that subscribe for daily news updates
that will make you stop what you’re doing. By the way I’m charlotte, and I’m your
host. If you wanna connect with me and the rest
of the IO team, our socials are posted in the description. Elon musk has officially, like officially
officially confirmed that he has recorded his own meme review. As in, he’s already made his video and its
going to go up soon. No turning back now guys. And If that news isn’t epic enough already,
just you wait. He is also hosting meme review with Justin
Roiland, who does the voices and is also one of the creators of Rick and Morty. Is your mind blown? There have been rumors flying around that
the eccentric billionare Elon Musk was going to host meme review for a while. I mean pewdiepie would joke about it in his
videos sometimes, but never did we think that it would actually happened. Then the rumors were further inflamed after
Elon Musk tweeted this photo on January 27th 2019. To which pewdiepie replied. Don’t shoot, please host, we need this. I mean, it would have been epic for elon musk
to host meme review but never in a million years did I think that it would actually happen. BUT WAIT. On February 18th, elon musk then tweeted. Did meme review last night with Justin Rolland
from Rick and morty. Ok guys, I’m going to just come out and
say what everyone else is thinking. I think getting celebrities and huge media
personalities to host meme review is going to be how Pewdiepie can stay ahead of T series
for as long as possible. Just as a recap for those of you who have
no idea what im talking about, Pewdiepie, the most subscribed youtuber has been in an
epic battle against T series, an indian record label, that’s gaining subscribers at an
alarming rate. T series was supposed to beat pewdiepie in
subscriber count back in the fall, but with the help of the youtube community who’ve
essentially created a meme out of ‘sub to pewdiepie, he’s stayed in the lead. But The subscriber gap between to Pewdiepie
and t series is about as close as its ever been. At the time of this recording, the gap was
only about 14 thousand susbcribers. That is way too close for comfort. But think about it. Elon musk is one of the most famous people
in the world. Hes a billionare entrepreneur, ceo of spacex,
ceo and product architect of tesla inc, and co founder of paypal. He has 24.8 million twitter followers. That’s more than double the amount of twitter
followers that felix has. If pewdiepie gets huge celebrities to host
meme review and post about it to their millions of followers, and essentially get on the sub
to pewdiepie bandwagon, he will definitely stay ahead of t series. As of right now, we don’t know when elon
musks meme review is going to be posted, but my guess is its going to happen pretty soon
because if it doesn’t, t series is going to come out ahead of pewdiepie. My guess is the video will be up in the next
couple days, if not hours. Ok guys that is all I have for you on this,
are you excited, im excited. Im so excited that I’m going to do the comment
dance and read out some comment replies. Canary speedpainter – is it just me that
did this or did anyone else look at the background for the near entire video and say to themselves,
hey that’s a nice background. – shout out to our editing team for the
amazing backgrounds. Bubbles Bubbles – you know the best way
to watch videos is to run away from the channel and then after a few years you’re overloaded
with information. But then the videos are old news. Sure the info is still valid but don’t you
want to know whats happening before anyone else? I do. Angel – IO should could collaborate with
Gloria borger or poppy harlow. This is my dream. THIS IS MY DREAM. Ly’ana – I swear best information entertaining
news channel I have ever come across. I swear you guys at io are so amazing. I look forward to your content every day. Keep up the good work to everyone working
there especially you my potato queen. Kaia lie tetreault – I just unsubscribed
so I could subscribe again. Kind of counterproductive but thanks for the
sub. The video is over, Click this playlist to
keep watching IO, leave a like if you enjoyed t his video and, oh yeah. Sub to pewdiepie and unsub from t series.


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