Ellen Tests Megyn Kelly’s TV Hosting Skills
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Ellen Tests Megyn Kelly’s TV Hosting Skills

My show is going to be if you
took a talk show and a new show and they had a baby, that’s
what this show is going to be. She needs to be prepared. She’s doing a talk show. And after 15 years of
me doing this show, I’ve done all kinds of things
I thought I would never do. For instance, I
never thought I’d be on TV in a giant sumo suit. Megyn, come on out. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] All right. So there’s all kinds of things
that you will have to do. This is one of them. There’s a lot of
exercise segments. There’s like lunges to do. You might want to do a lunge,
or something like that. This does not feel like an
Edward R. Murrow moment. No. It’s a different kind of show. There. Good. Good. Maybe jumping jacks? Is it– both exercise and
sumo wrestling at once? Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. That’s right. It’s not easy. Yeah. No, it’s not. But you’re going to have
to do it in daytime talk. I am? Yeah. All right, there’s
cooking demos. So get ready for this. [LAUGHTER] Oh my goodness. Yeah, there’ll be somebody on. OK. We have to move
over here, Megyn. Yeah sure. There’s marks to hit,
and stuff like that. You have to move around. You can’t just
sit behind a desk. You’ll have to be here. All right. So you’ll want to add
some flour on there. Put some flour on the– What? Right here? In the bowl. What? Oh, into the bowl. Put the flour into the bowl. See? See? Yeah. Yeah. All right. Yeah, you’d have to
pour it in, probably. Wow. Yeah. All right. There you go. Now you want to
throw the– the– you want to make the pizza. You want to throw
that in the air. Toss it. Am I doing anything with that? No, that’s–it’s TV. You don’t really do anything. Here we go. Yeah. Here we go. Yeah. I’ve got it. Yeah. That’s right. You’ve got it. All right. That’s good. There will be a
magic pizza done. Like, you pull it out and stuff. All right. And then you’ll have to dance
through the audience, which is really hard to do. You’ll have to dance all the
way through the audience. I’ll have to dance in the suit? Yeah. In the sumo suit? You’ll dance up the
audience that way. All right. There will be music. Yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING] Dancing. dancing. Dancing. Hi. Hi, how ya doing? Megyn Kelly. Nice to meet you. How are you? OMG. Help me. [INAUDIBLE] It’s horrible. [CHEERING] Hi there. How are you? Is this the aisle? Oh yeah. Sorry, ladies. Sorry. Oh yeah. Hey. What’s up? [INAUDIBLE] Sorry. Hi. Aw. [LAUGHTER] Oh, yeah. Thank you very much. Be careful. [LAUGHTER] Have a seat. Yep. [CHEERING] All right. All right. That’s great. Now, you’re going
to have to keep up with Kathie Lee and Hoda. You’ll have to drink this
entire glass of wine. So much for my cute pants, and
making my legs look thinner. Yeah. You have to finish that
entire glass of wine, because it’s Kathie
Lee and Hoda. Wish me luck. All right. Good luck. Not on the wine. On the show. OK. Good luck on the
show, and the wine. Ah. Yeah. All right. I have arrived. You arrived. Catch a premiere of Megyn Kelly
Today, Monday morning at 9:00 on NBC.


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