Ellen Releases Walmart EV1 Winter Collection with Surprise Fashion Show Hosted by Kalen Allen
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Ellen Releases Walmart EV1 Winter Collection with Surprise Fashion Show Hosted by Kalen Allen

Greetings, everyone. So you know here at the
Ellen DeGeneres Show, we love a good prank. Well, we are taking our pranking
talents today to Walmart. Walmart has just
launched a new winter line of Ellen’s new
fashion brand, EV1. And today, I am hosting
an EV1 fashion show. Now, the catch is
that my models, they really don’t
know that they models. But it’s OK because
I love a good ambush. All right, come on, everyone. We’re setting up a
surprise runway– don’t tell anybody we’re
in the parking lot– A surprise runway
inside of the store. Everyone that walks
our aisle today is going to get the
opportunity to shine, baby. Welcome to Ellen Fashion
Week, darling, yes, yes, don’t hit me. Geezus. Surprise! Oh, so fresh and
so clean, clean. So fresh and so clean, clean. Here at the Walmart
giving us the basketball short, a little small hoodie. Look at that. Look at them tall socks. Oh, there he is. There he is, the man we’ve
been waiting for, a superstar, everyone. I’ve got to give
you a little bag. Go on ahead. Oh, oh, oh, he done
accessorized and categorized and wore-that-ized. Oh, it’s a fashion show, honey. Baby, that’s talking about a– yes, honey, you’ve
got to wave, wave. Snap, snap. Ah! Oh, [BLEEP]. I mean, it wouldn’t be the Ellen
Show if we weren’t out here scaring nobody, y’all, OK? [INAUDIBLE] Ah! Oh. [CAMERA CLICKING] Ah! Ah! We got it, baby. And now presenting, the
EV1 holiday collection. Oh, yes. Wow, a hair flip. Oh, yes. Oh, dear. She’s stylish. She’s cute. She’s comfortable. Darling, give it to ’em. Give it to ’em. Oh! Oh! Darling, darling, pose, baby. Mm. [CAMERA CLICKING] Well everyone, that concludes
our EV1 fashion show where everyone is a star. As Ellen would say, be
kind to one another. Bye bye. Oh.


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