Ellen Meets Inspiring Mom Koeberle Bull, Who Derailed a Potential Mass Shooting

I am heartbroken by the news
out of Pittsburgh last weekend. And I am sending all of
my love to our friends and our viewers there. And in times like these,
people like our next guest give me hope. She is an incredible
mom from Lumberton, New Jersey, whose gut
instinct helped prevent another mass shooting. Please welcome Koeberle
Bull and her children Olivia, Sophia, and Isaiah. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Oh, I give my
life, I give my life– I give my life for you. Oh, I give my life– I give my life– I give my life– for you. Hi. Hi. Hi. How are you? Hi. (SINGING) did I come
running home to you. So nice to meet you. This is– We’re ecstatic to meet you. Well, I’m– We’re huge fans. Can have a tissue? All right, so this
is an amazing story. As Mary just told me, this
is social media gone right. This is actually
an amazing story. So you were a single mom. Your husband died away– died seven years ago of a– May of 2012. –of a heart attack. So– Of a heart attack. That you are now a
single mom of three kids. They’re beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful kids. And you received this
horrible, hateful attack on you and your– Vile. –children. I mean, really horrible. We’re not even going
to– you can say what– some of what he said. He basically wished my
children to be hung. He wished us all to be dead. Said I wanted to be
of another race that– just very vile things. Yeah. My first instinct
was to protect them. It was in the morning,
so I shooed them out. And– Because you didn’t know if
he was coming for you, or– I didn’t know if
he was in the area. I had no idea where he was. OK, so how did you
find– then what did you do when you got this? You called the police. I called our local authorities. And they took a
report, which was fine. But something just
didn’t sit right with me. I got to work, and I
knew my kids were safe. But it just wasn’t sitting well. Right, so you’re in New Jersey. And you don’t know where he
is because he blocked you. So then– I copied and pasted
it onto my Facebook. And it was shared by a good
friend of mine, Jerome Henry. And they found out
where he was, and he was in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. So he’s in Kentucky. So you decide to call the
authorities in Kentucky. I called Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. And they said it was
a state police matter because I was in New Jersey. And I got patched through
to officer Satterly, who was amazing. He, for lack of
a better word, he took it like he
was investigating a threat on his own children. And that’s what I needed. I needed a dad. I needed a dad to– You needed– yeah. I needed that other
part of to protect them. Yes, so because
some people would have said like that person
said it’s a state issue. You’re in a different state. So what happens when
they go after this guy? They found him pulling
out of his driveway with a Kevlar vest, a gun,
and 200 rounds of ammunition, and a detailed attack– plan of attack on the
local schools down there. So– You prevented a major
attack on schools there? And that’s what
they’re telling me. [INAUDIBLE] [APPLAUSE] I mean– [APPLAUSE] That’s why with
all the craziness that’s going on in
the world out there with the recent events that
have happened, there were signs. All you have to do is look
at what people are posting and look at the hateful– and somebody– that’s
when you see something, you say something instead
of everyone looking at it like there’s nothing wrong. You see something,
you say something. I was going to do
anything to protect them. But good for you. I mean, what an
amazing mom, huh, that she doesn’t just get
scared and do nothing. But she goes after and
then prevents this– Yeah, I think that
she’s not just the people in Kentucky’s
hero but also our hero. [CROWD AWING] It’s good to have
a hero as a mom. Your mom’s a hero. All right, so and
what is the officers, the trooper’s name that was in– Officer Satterly. I mean, he really– He’s my hero. Let’s bring him out then. Oh, no way. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) [INAUDIBLE] Everybody
knows it [INAUDIBLE] So, yeah, we’re doing down. Everybody knows– everybody
knows where we’re going. Yeah, we’re going down. Everybody knows– everybody
knows where we’re going. Yeah, we’re doing down. Yeah, we’re going down. Oh [INAUDIBLE]. All right, well– Oh, gosh. This is amazing that you took
this seriously and decided to pay attention to this because
a lot of people wouldn’t have. Why did you decide to do that? I have a two-year-old myself. When I seen that
message, I thought there’s no room for that
kind of hate in this world. I called Koeberle, and I
could tell in her voice that she was very disturbed. So I seen her Facebook of
her three beautiful kids, and I just felt like I
owed it to her to help her. So– [APPLAUSE] Thank God, you did. All right, so there’s
something you came here to say to Koeberle. On behalf of the
Kentucky state police and the communities
that I serve, we want to thank you for
making that phone call. If you hadn’t made
that phone call things would have ended
up a lot different. You’re a hero in a
lot of people’s eyes in Lawrenceburg, Anderson
County, Kentucky, and Shelby County. Furthermore, the people
of Anderson County are wanting you to come
down the end of November to our annual Christmas parade. So hopefully you can
make that happen. [APPLAUSE] We’ll make the trip. It’s his birthday. [CHUCKLES] What was that? November 30th is his birthday. So it’s going to be
a great birthday. That’s your birthday? Yep. That’s going to be a
good birthday present. Well, we decided we felt like
you needed some place to go and relax and just take a
vacation and just chill, because that’s– so we’re going to send
you on a one-week trip to the Intercontinental Fiji
Golf Court Resort and Spa. That’s a spectacular beach. You can enjoy things like
river safari, snorkeling. What? We’re going to Fiji. [INAUDIBLE] We’ll be right back. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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