Ellen Looks Back at ‘When Things Go Wrong’
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Ellen Looks Back at ‘When Things Go Wrong’

Oh, it’s hard to believe, but
our 2,500th show is tomorrow. If there’s one thing I’ve
learned from doing 2,499 shows, it’s that things don’t
always go as planned. And that is OK. Watch. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) You’re
such a motivator. I gotta you there
to set the scene. Yes, sir, yes, sir. [LAUGHS] [SHOUTS] Backwards from this deck. Whoa! Where’d it go? Hold on. I got it. Whoa. I got it. I got it. You got it? All right. Oh, oh. Oh, nice to meet you. Yeah. Yell out, I need a hug. Just yell that out real loud. I need a hug. I need a ho. [LAUGHTER] No. No. No, no, it’s not a ho. Not a ho, a hug. Pickle Boy, please
bring me my joke. [CHEERING] Which one is it? [LAUGHTER] Stop. [LAUGHTER] All right. [SIGHS] That’s lovely. I get this really good feeling. And getting a deep
breath, that’s the most important thing too. Especially when you have
bronchitis like me right now. Do you have
bronchitis right now? I do. I do. Oh! [LAUGHTER] [CROWD CHEERS] [CROWD GASPS] [LAUGHTER] And one of you’s getting this. [VIDEO PLAYS IN BACKGROUND] [LAUGHTER] What? [LAUGHTER] Would those really work to
keep your manicure perfect? [LAUGHTER] Look at these. [LAUGHTER] You can catch our
first guest every week on the hit NBC show, The Office. Take a look. My boss is sending me
abroad to do a presentation to an international client. Please welcome– I love you, Ellen! Oh, my god! [CROWD CHEERS] Got her! [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] [LAUGHTER] I’m looking into the camera. Look at what you did now. What the [BLEEP] did she do? I hurt you. Am I– am I OK? No. It’s OK? No. It’s OK. Let’s do it. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC – “LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME
you made me do. Look what you you made me do. [LAUGHS] You’re a doll. Exactly. [LAUGHTER] You have 30 seconds to
make Kim go outside. She fell down. [LAUGHTER] [SCREAMS] All right. [LAUGHTER] We even made a game
for your backyard. What’s it called, William? [LAUGHTER] What’s it called? Cornhole. Excuse me? [LAUGHTER] It’s called cornhole. [LAUGHTER] Why is that funny? [LAUGHTER] (SINGING) I check it once. Then I check it twice. Ah! [POPPING] That’s OK. [CROWD SCREAMS] [CROWD CHEERS] Andy? I’m OK. [LAUGHTER] [ELLEN LAUGHS] [CROWD CHEERS] (SINGING) –what
you just made me do, what you just made me
do, what you made me do, what you just made me do. This one is called
the face [INAUDIBLE].. Claudia, will you put this on? [LAUGHTER] OK. We got it. Yeah, it goes over here. No, don’t pull your hair out. [LAUGHTER]


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