Elementor Multi-domains & PolyLang or WPML (Easy)
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Elementor Multi-domains & PolyLang or WPML (Easy)

hi everybody this is Brad and I’ve been
teaching you guys how to get WordPress running with Polylang and Elementor,
making sure headers can translate properly and be displayed and display
the correct language on the front end. okay, so, in this case I have a website
passion4fashion.co.za, it’s in English. It’s a multi domain
multilingual site. So this is in English this is in Portuguese .pt I see that
it shows English but if you have a look in your Chrome remember that feature of
Chrome. But there’s a problem with this page it’s over here, the little icons are
not here, right, icons are not appearing some images don’t appear and a whole
bunch of other things don’t want to work. So out of the box
Elementor Pro is not compatible with Polyang multi-domain support. Just
going to show you quickly there’s English and there’s Portuguese. okay
under my settings you can see it set to different domains there’s passion4fashion.pt and .co.za. Great there is another problem that we have. So
the English version works, no problem but the translatable
version or the Portuguese version, it won’t load.Oh God, now it loads.
let’s see, but none of the buttons are loading. let’s see what’s actually going
on yeah there’s a bunch of issues blocked by CORS policy access control
allow origin header is present on the requested resource. okay so basically
this means that the resources that it wants from passion4fashion.pt,
it’s pulling it from .co.za. You can see the URL at the top is .pt. So
that’s a security thing, now there’s a plugin that actually solves this problem.
it’s called Multi Domain Support for Elementor. Let’s activate it, go through the
settings it’s pretty simple which is great I like simple plugins. It tells you
you’re multilingual plug-in is poly lang I know it also works for WPML and
Elementor multi domain support is activated. But there is a trick to this
plug-in, it doesn’t work out the box, so if the developers listening it would be
great if you could at least get the HT ACCESS rules to write. I’m going to go
over these rules with you guys quickly it’s very simple, the advanced solution
would be better this basically will tell your server to do the work for you and
you won’t have to worry about it again. The easy solution, which is not
recommended is because these settings can be overwritten in the future, so if
you edit your HTACCESS file and it needs to be changed at a later stage,
you might have to come back here and re input it. It’s also telling me my server
is on Apache so you can see it’s an Apache server, so you make sure you grab
the correct solution for Apache. If you grab the NGINXsolution you’re gonna stuff it
up. okay so let’s copy this text. Lets
connect to my FTP server and edit my htaccess file and you leave these things
here and at the end of the htaccess file paste it in,
save it, re-upload it. That’s it it’s done. also think it would be great if the the
plugin could notify you in saying okay you know you’ve inputted these details.
it’s working you good to go, or it should give you a notification you have not
done x y&z for it to work correctly but I’ll make those suggestions to the
plugin author as long as we can get it all working for now it would be a great.
ok so let’s see the changes. it’s probably cached so it’s gonna stay
like that. control f5 to clear the cache ah there we go,
icons already working, lovely, lovely lovely. let’s go to the Portuguese page
and see if it works and everything’s working let’s inspect and see what it
says. Perfect. So now you know if you need your Elementor Pro and Polylang’s site
to be on multiple domains it’s very simple you can just download the
multiple domains support for elementor plugin. also remember if using Polylang
and Elementor you need the Polylang Connect for Elementor plugin as that
will make sure that your templates created in the backend are translated
correctly in the front-end. that would be your headers and your footers. there you
can see it great stuff guys, please like my video subscribe and if you don’t like
my video tell me what I can do better love to hear from you

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  • DB Hansen

    What do I do if im on a litespeed server? really glad though to finally see a solution. I can't do anything to my other language version of my site:/

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