ELECTRIC PLANTS? — Mind Blow #100
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ELECTRIC PLANTS? — Mind Blow #100

Scientists at New York University have discovered
a new pathway for stimulating nerve-insulating myelin – which is damaged by Multiple Sclerosis
– that will hopefully lead to restoring and protecting nerve function. And VAMP is a solar-powered hypersonic entry
vehicle designed to collect data in the Earth-like mid-cloud environment of Venus. Vsauce! Kevin here. This is Mind Blow! 100 Researchers in Sweden have created a cyborg
plant. A liquid solution that included a polymer was sent through the xylem of the plant – forming
a solid wire that conducts electricity while still allowing the plant to transport life-sustaining
water and nutrients. The xylem wires enable organic electrochemical transistors to convert
chemical signals to electronic output, meaning future uses could include storage systems
that convert sugar produced from photosynthesis into electricity, all happening inside plants.
This video shows how they can change the color of a leaf by manipulating the conductive material
inside. The Haptoclone lets you touch holograms. Telehaptics
allows users to send a holographic image that another person can actually feel and interact
with. The box uses ultrasonic radiation pressure to create the feeling of the holographic image,
but the produced force is generally weak. If it were strong enough to feel like a solid
object, the ultrasound would damage your nerves.  But the system allows you to virtually touch
fingers with someone in real time. A computer learning algorithm can detect liars.
Researchers at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor fed the algorithm 121 trial videos
that included speakers’ expressions and gestures, along with whether they were convicted
of perjury. It correctly identified the truth-tellers 75% of the time, with humans managing just
59.5%, and the very best interrogators reaching 65%.  Meanwhile, scientists in Bristol have developed
urine-powered microbial fuel cell socks. Based on the circulatory system of fish, it doesn’t
require a powered pump like previous attempts – all it needs is pee. They say it could serve
a ‘proof of life’ function for military or outdoor gear because it’s capable of
transmitting a message wirelessly and only functions if the person is alive and peeing. LaserPipe is a snake-arm robot that uses high-powered
lasers to weld stuff. So yeah. Finexus is a project that uses magnets on
fingertips to explore virtual worlds. The fingernail-sized electromagnets are tracked
by magnetic sensors, and unlike amera-based tracking systems it doesn’t require a clear
view of your hands – and it’s much more immersive way to perform VR input than a plastic
controller. Researchers from the University of Washington are now focused on adding more
sensors and miniaturizing the system – possibly by creating a glove filled with electromagnets
and a wristband to house the sensors. Plant Lamps provide light sources for people
living in the rainforest without using gasoline or oil. They utilize the free electrons generated
from the oxidation process of plant-produced nutrients in contact with microorganisms in
soil – to power the LED lamps. Which is awesome. Over the past five years Mind Blow has uncovered
several innovations that have gone on to experience huge success, like Nest, a smart thermometer
featured in Mind Blow #51. Two years later it was bought by Google for $3.2 billion dollars. We’ve also witnessed the very beginning
of ideas that were later implemented on a massive scale. Mind Blow #39, uploaded in
April 2012, showcased the pizza button – a bluetooth fridge magnet from Red Tomato Pizza
that automatically ordered a VIP customer’s favorite pizza. In 2015, Domino’s announced
emoji ordering – just Tweet them a pizza emoji and your order is on the way. Various Augmented Reality systems have been
featured throughout the years, like Invoked Computing which could turn household objects
input devices, GravitySpace, which tracked users with a pressure-sensing floor, and KinEtre,
which animated everything. Well, Amazon was just recently awarded patents for an augmented
reality system that projects images in a room that users can interact with using gesture
controls. A concept for a smart highway highlighted
in Mind Blow #53 featured glow in the dark lines that would absorb light and emit a glow
for 8-10 hours. After a trial in early 2014, changes were made due to rain affecting the
glowing lines and a new moisture-resistant paint was used. The new smart highway finally
went public with glow in the dark lane markers and a glowing bicycle path. There are now
plans to launch glowing lanes in Japan and China. If you’ve watched all one hundred episodes
of Mind Blow, you’ve spent around seven hours learning about stories which in just
one video range from New Blue Butt Monkey and Acoustic Levitation to GPS Shoes and Tallest
Mohawk. If you’ve thought Mind Blow was called Mind Blown this entire time…that
could be an example parapraxis – a slip that occurs when the brain is trying to come up
with a word or name and simply selects what it deems to be the best match. But regardless of how you remember the name,
you’ve all come together to view Mind Blow over 228 million times. So here’s to the
future of cutting edge science, here’s to the next one hundred episodes – and as always
– thanks for watching. Meat-flavored water? Pea butter. New toilet
that can flush golf balls? The N64 upside down looks like a koala’s face. A robot designed
to scratch your itch? An octopus chair? A plasma ball watch? Edible spray paint? A beehive
for your apartment? A 27 pound lobster. A dress boat? A one thousand dollar ice pop.
And this robotic bear pillow is designed to tickle your face to prevent you from snoring.
And it produces contractions in the lower intestines that relieve chronic constipation.
Hey kid, want a lollipop thermometer? And a hummingbird feeder for your face. And guitar
pee. And a giant brain phone booth. And say hello to the newly discovered blue butt monkey.
And a snake cake. And a one million dollar gold vacuum with a rap song. A kid in New
Zealand recently found a chunk of whale poop worth $65,000. Like the internet, anternet.
Here’s the most detailed picture ever taken of Uranus. Half bear half dog and extinct
for nine million years it’s BearDog. Who’s hungry for a solid chocolate baby head? Newly
discovered loris? Check. Brand new species? Check. Extremely cute? Check. Venomous teeth?
Check. This is a hummingbird hawk moth. Bones of a new dinosaur were found in Utah and they
kinda look like a cow and a triceratops had a baby. Tweet Pee lets parents know when their
baby has peed. This robot tells you if you have bad breath. I”m a moth and here I am.
I’m a moth and now I’m a tree. On land or on sea. Amphibious RV. Sorry. It’s a Mind
Blow. Wait, what’s a Mind Blow? Ah, I’ve been waiting for you, Vsauce. Vsauce, I’ve come
to protect Kevin from the T-1000. Uhh, Terminator? I was just finishing Mind Blow. Come with
me if you want to live. I’m gonna leave you with a biped robot that corrects its balance
if you push it. I’m gonna leave you with a robotic ape transitioning from a quadrupedal
to a bipedal posture. I’m gonna leave you with a thousand robot swarm that self-assembles
into shapes. I’m gonna leave you with a humanoid robot autonomously playing the metallophone.
I’m gonna leave you with a gymnastic robot landing a quadruple backflip off a bar. I’m
gonna leave you with a superhydrophobic knife cutting a water droplet in half. And as always.
And as always. And as always – thanks for watching. Thanks for watching. Thanks for
watching. We’ll see ya there. Come on! And what? Oh. Well. As always – thanks for watching.


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