Eilidh’s Computing Journey at RGU
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Eilidh’s Computing Journey at RGU

Hi there my name is Eilidh I am a third year
student here at RGU and I study computer science. I am here to tell you a little bit about what
I do the placements that I have been on and maybe convince you why RGU might be the right
choice for you. I went into computing because I have always
liked working with computers, I like building things, I like taking them apart to see how
they work. But for me the most exciting thing is the jobs that I am going to be doing in
5 or 10 years maybe don’t even exist yet, because technology changes so quickly, new
technologies emerge you don’t really know what is going to exist in the next 5 to 10
years and to me that is the most exciting part. So between second and third year I took a
year out to go on placement so I went out into the real world and did some work I did
a year at the science and technology facilities council which is a physics lab in England
and then I was lucky enough to spend the summer in Paris at Google it was a lot of fun. Interning
at Google had been sort of my wild card dream all year, I honestly didn’t think I would
get it so when I did it was an amazing experience, the people I got to work with and things I
got to work on were just incredible and I just found out that I am going back there
next summer as well which I am really looking forward to. If you are curious about how things work,
if you like building things, if you like taking them apart, if you like solving problems,
then I think this would be the right course for you. There’s loads of different things
you can try out, so even if you are not sure what you like you can try out everything you’ve
got web design, you’ve got software application, you’ve got cyber security, and you can try
a bit of all of them before you decide what you are most interested in. If you would like
to learn a bit more about computing or RGU or my placements ill be giving a talk at RGU’s
next Open Day which is on November third I’ll be there all day to answer any questions you
might have. I hope to see you there.

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