EF HOST FAMILIES: pros and cons

my name is Joanna and I am back here again and I’m gonna be living in limited alone and I’ll be leveling with y’all about EF host families are beginning you or the pros and cons or the minus and plus coins and everything you need to take into account before making a decision on where you’re gonna stay but before anything else if you would like a brochure with all the information about the courses destinations prices everything that you should go to the link that I’ll be living below so you can order one they’ll be there we’ll be sending it oh you can’t talk right now I can’t and they will be sending a brochure to you okay oh so their background and also a disclaimer I never actually stayed in a host family I never chosen to stay in a host family before but I know a lot of people who have so these are all secondhand experiences just wanting to say that and now that we got that out of the way let’s stopped and as path first leave the pros so us you will be literally leaving with a family list there you will experience everything a bit different obviously you will be seeing firsthand their traditions their culture like they’ll be will be seen what they ate at what time how they treat each other now if you were assigned to a good family they might for example show you around the city in a more kind of special way I guess because you know it would be from a local perspective or they might even take you in holidays with them if they are going on holidays just give you an example when I was in Hawaii I stay in the residence but my best friends from there there were a host family and they host mom took us on like a road trip kind of thing to not show like it was just a nice gesture that she had towards us didn’t really have to do that but she did and use top notch like I’ve got friends who wouldn’t call their host mom host mom they would just call him my mom you know like that’s how you can get to your family now I’m positive I’ve already talked about this in another video but if you’re underage you might want to consider going to a host family they are in the vast majority I’m not saying all of them but in the vast majority they are not very strict about curfews they will give you the freedom to do whatever you want until a time you wish as long as you let them know beforehand so they don’t have to worry or anything and now it’s time for the cons sorry bad news most of the houses that I know that I knew of were about one hour away from the Institute and Chester spot from the city centre which is about MA or maybe not I guess it’s not that bad but you know sometimes if you look if you’ve got friends who are staying like all of them are staying in the same place of their own the campus or they’re all in a residence or whatever plans might come up with short notice and then you may not be able to go because you’ve got a whole hour you know to commute and that’s just you know how all can I say also for example in how I did transportation the public transportation system it’s quite bad but you have to be taking movies all the time because you’re so far away from everything but again like there are many families that I’m very well located like maybe even ten minutes away from the Institute’s or ten minutes away from the city center yeah just depends now a lot of students and then make it a decision oh sure I can’t talk right now what’s going on with running up please a high number of students end up making the decision to stay in a host family so only because they feel like it’s the best way to learn do your the dialect and the accent and you know just the language in general thing is just because you’re saying with a family who lives in a destination it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are local you know they might be foreigners who immigrated in your destination and then they action is going to be different or their level of knowledge of the language might not be proficient that might happen that may that may not as well fun you know you know I just take everything into account before making a decision you know I’m saying then mercenary families EF pays families to host students so that equals that not always not always old my unit sometimes they don’t care by your culture didn’t care about anything really they only care about the money and that’s something that sometimes happens but it’s very easily addressed you know it’s an issue that’s very easily addressed we go to EF and you complain about it and they will change you to another family that that’s no problem anyways those are all my present high conclusions I’m gonna wire your data but yeah I feel with it if you liked this video please give it a huge thumbs up I mean not not like there are slices but um you know just smash it comment below subscribe watch my other videos yeah thanks for watching and yes [Music]

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