Edge computing with Layerscape- Making Security and Building Automation Intelligent!
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Edge computing with Layerscape- Making Security and Building Automation Intelligent!

Edge computing is driving a new wave of
digital transformation. Combined with artificial intelligence
and machine learning, it’s the power behind tomorrow’s
most revolutionary applications. At NXP, we provide the X Factor
when it comes to complete solutions that make edge computing experience
possible everywhere. Technology that scales from ultra-low power
end nodes running off of harvested energy to high-performance gateways that
provide local intelligence with zero latency. We integrate the connectivity
and security components needed to make it all work in harmony. And provide a complete,
fully tested and documented software suite that allows our customers
to develop with confidence. Our fully integrated systems are secure,
flexible, and designed to fit your needs. NXP’s edge computing solutions are
transforming our relationship with technology – at home, at work,
on the road, and in retail. Imagine your smart home. You can control the lights and
thermostats via your phone or voice, it learns your schedule
to predict the usage, and it can turn on your home
appliances seamlessly And you expect your data to
be secured. Now imagine your office building. More space to cool, more people
coming in and out. Can a smart system be a
truly effective solution for your office? That much more traffic,
complexity, and more data. How do you make it valuable? A truly intelligent building
automation system of tomorrow will be connected to
motion sensors, security cameras, and your badge readers
to learn your patterns. Expecting your arrival, the control unit will slowly begin to start your
HVAC in your office area. Then, when you pull
into the parking lot, it will operate to
reach the comfort level when you get to
your office. And the data collected need
to be securely stored and processed in order to protect employees
from potential harms way. Secure data processing capability, coupled with network connectivity is what you need to transform smart to truly intelligent in
the age of edge computing. And the NXP’s QorIQ® Layerscape®
family of processors are here to help
your next transformation

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