Edge Computing – A speed boost for the innovation in the automotive industry
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Edge Computing – A speed boost for the innovation in the automotive industry

The “automotiveIT2018” specialist convention attracts
the crème de la crème of the scene. From suppliers and … … scientists to automakers, they all attend, discussing
the hottest trends in the automobile industry and in IT. But the action gets off to a slightly different
start – with T-Systems’ business breakfast. Yes, with this format we have created for ourselves an opportunity to chat
with customers and attendees in a relaxed atmosphere on the perimeter – and … … right at the start – of the proceedings when people are still bright-eyed and
alert and hopefully have lots of good impulses as they hit the convention center. This year Deutsche Telekom is focusing on edge computing and low latency. With 5G, the next mobile communications generation,
Dr. Thomas Gerszberg aims to put the new technology’s benefits to good use: With edge computing we can use much more powerful models.
When we talk about AI, we always have two components in mind. One of them is training, and learning takes time – as we all know from school. The convention is also always a great opportunity for Telekom and our
colleagues to listen to what the industry is saying and to hear … … its concerns and where it may still need support –
so for us it is always useful to take pulse of the automobile industry. And an ideal opportunity to explain edge computing: For us it is the processing that goes on somewhere in the network –
in which case we can provide super service because we can control … … all of the elements involved – from the network to computing. Edge computing is later intended to support autonomous driving
or even autonomous flying. Typical uses from which enterprises … … will soon benefit are augmented reality and virtual reality –
simply everything that has to do with image processing or is time-critical. For everyday use Dr. Gerszberg sees edge computing
being used in interfaces such as voice or gesture control. This year you can already see it for yourself at Telekom – with
some of our products that we are only now starting to use in-house. So it’s high time to connect large IT corporations that have
many opportunities with leading researchers, decision makers … … in the automobile industry and young visionaries – a job for Telekom: We have deliberately chosen to go for a relaxed atmosphere in order,
let’s say, to take to the stage with young people and … … startups in the way to which they are accustomed –
to make pitches, to say briefly what they do, … … why they are so great, and why we ought to collaborate.
And we have tried to do just that in this format. I hope and believe that we have succeeded
and that everybody left feeling satisfied.

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