Eagle Arrived Unconscious
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Eagle Arrived Unconscious

good morning pardon the way I look,
this Eagle’s in very very bad shape and this is uh around-the-clock
care this is a little bit before sunrise and and we’re gonna give him another
feeding..so here he is.. I came out a little bit earlier I put a rabbit
carcass out for him to see if he could pull his own food yet but he can’t Did ya digest some of this stuff? Let’s move some of it down for him you know that because that was mostly air he’s one very sick kid, yes you are you’re one very sick baby yeah when in this kind of a situation
you just give them a lot of very very small meals so that they can digest
everything and again we’ve got the the fluids the medication electrolytes plus
a very high protein high vitamin paste food supplement that we add to this as
well high calorie poor thing okay? going down okay? and this is uh these are mice cut in
half which is about the right size for him to swallow as a single piece without
too much effort oh I hate it when they won’t fight with
me you’re one really sick little boy there we
go one very sick baby you did swallow it down our last peace for this feeding you’re feeling pretty awful, pretty awful I’ll make sure we work it down there Yes we do, make sure we get it worked down, okay, little boy we’re just gonna set you back and let you uh rest some more if you
feel up to it we got that rabbit carcass but I don’t think you’re gonna touch
that, I really don’t Martin to Susan:I thought you had a headache and was gonna stay down. I love you you are so dedicated That’s a lice, that’s a feather lice that Eagles have I think I got it off hi sweetie we’re gonna have to spray you
for lice too that’s the first one I’ve seen Martin: Okay, that’s the first lice we’ve seen sweetie
Susan: So he hasn’t eaten any of the rabbit?
any of the rabbit know anything this is Martin: No, he hasn’t eaten anything, this third feeding for the day So I’m keeping him fed, he’s getting a
little bit stronger Susan: He’s got mute stuck to this tail feathers
is that because he’s not standing up? Martin: Yes I’d wash him off but we don’t want to
get him wet I don’t want to chill him Susan: Not until he gains a strength
Martin: Yeah you’re doing very good sweetheart there’s my boy when it goes a little bit
faster huh this following a little Susan: He’s swallowing a little better?
Martin: He’s swallowing a little bit better. Okay, here you go sweetie there you go Such a good boy Yes you are, get that down.
There we go. you know so going a little bit faster
swallowing a little bit better you’re still very sick little kid you are I don’t
care we’re gonna keep you and make you all healthy then put you back in the
wild where you belong my sweet little boy yes you are, you’re such a pretty little thing
okay? That’s my boy, you’re all right little tiny improvements but you still
got a long way to go Hey kiddo, you doing this morning You’re gonna run away from me,
that’s a good sign Susan: It’s improvement Martin: It is improvement From unconscious to starting to walk away Oaky, are you gonna fight with me a little
bit? Make it hard to get this in? everything’s things empty in your crop almost
there you go sweetie Susan: This is his third day with us?
Martin: Yes third day Susan: So for two days he didn’t even
walk away from you
Martin: No… He’s getting better,
it’s a very slow process he was he was unconscious when he came in very good and we just have to keep doing this
three four times a day until he is strong enough to start feeding himself there we go, that’s my baby well my tables right here see? He still has a hard time swallowing,
but he’s still very very weak but he is swallowing yeah I’m surprised you’re still alive
kiddo you’ve had a really really rough time of
it you’re getting there you’re getting there one more piece
we’ll call it good for the day for this feed anyway There we go little one this is my book, Healer of Angels, this is
40 years of wildlife rescue stories and the wisdom of grandparents. What’s even
more important than me autographing the books is that you get my Eagle’s
autograph as well and the profits really help us feed the sick injured or
orphaned wildlife that we care for. I don’t know if you can see
through the chamber right there but we’ve got a nice big female Golden Eagle She came in starving to death
virtually inconscious Unable to swallow, she was
on the absolute verge of death and she has been with us about a month and half she’s doing very well, she’s flying
back and forth across the chamber the chamber she’s had a very very big
breakfast and she’s been eating lots and lots of food it is time to put her back
in the wild so I get the fun job of going in and catching that big wild
eagle and so will get started doing that Hi sweetie
Isn’t she beautiful? and it’s always so neat to
get them put back in the wild where they belong
and this is a young one this is one from that would have hatched about the end of
March and would have been on its own by mid-july so we’re pretty much ready to
go she’s been very quiet and very calm but I don’t think that’s gonna last very
long there’s my girl, big pretty girl oh you weigh a ton that’s great
you are one big heavy girl Susan talkin over Martin: Her crop is still full, bulging yeah that’s her breakfast
right there lots and lots of food in there and so
she is in very good condition I bet she’s up around 13 pounds and so
we’re really pleased with that
what a beautiful girl you are Susan: yeah I can see that crop is just bulging. She’s not gonna want to fly, she’s gonna want to sit Martin: but that’s okay it’s always a good day when I can put an eagle back in the wild it always
makes it a really wonderful day, yes it does
and you have just had so much food there kiddo
we love that yes we do okay let’s get you get you hooded and
let’s get on our way Martin: In fact, uhh Susan interupts: Is that buggy one that came
in unconscious with featherlite’s yep so Martin: yeah, I jsut found a lice so… Susan interupts: That was the one that came in unconscious with feather lice? Martin: Yep so let’s give this one a little spray of
lice spray before we turn her loose grab the spray real quick nice and strong good girl okay, here we go, a little parting gift
so that you’ll be kind of bug free This is a hood this goes over her eyes so she
doesn’t get too frightened when we’re transporting her and let’s do a little
bug spray shall we so that you leave nice and clean In fact there’s a bug right there.
Now these lice are host specific which basically means a human lice will not
infect Eagles and Eagle lice will not infest humans but they are really an
ugly disgusting bug and so they they feed on the dander from the feathers is
what they feed on and so for most cases and they’re pretty they’re pretty
harmless but you can see how big that one is yep they’re pretty much harmless but
they’re kind of disgusting to have to deal with They’re really hard
to kill but this will allow her to start her new life pretty much bug free
parasite free so that’s a good thing Oh you do weigh a ton!
She is just huge! There’s my girl, okay,
there you go Get off any bugs on me Susan: Feeling creepy crawly, are you? Martin: Oh yeah, you always do with creepy crawlys But thats okay, a small price to pay to
want to help these animals Got them all knocked off Wasn’t too bad, I’ve had a lot
worse than that now for those of you that were at the
Parowan gap with me this morning saw scout
she’s much bigger than Scout Scout’s a big male
females get about a third larger so she’s even bigger and the most dangerous thing I can possibly
do is reach in a box to pull a wild eagle out of a contained box and the reason that’s
so dangerous is they have a very strong fight-or-flight instinct which basically
means if they can’t get away they attack so inside the box is far more dangerous
than it is once I get her out
and so I have to be very very quick so it looks like I reach in there I rip her
out of the box I’m not being mean it’s for her safety for my safety, does that
make sense everybody? Person in crowd: Is she strong enough to pick up a small dog? Martin: She is strong enough to pick up a dog
that weighs 2 pounds Right now it will be hard to be
able to get herself off the ground. And here’s our big girl This is kinda bad because her back
is to me and I have to get her feet
that’s the most important thing and so I need to fight fine both
feet and I need to grab them at the same time Isn’t that a big girl? Person in crowd: What’s that on her head? Martin: That’s called a hood and the purpose for the hood is
they have really really good
eyesight and when we transport them a lot of movement terrifies them and so I
can put the hood over her eyes so she can’t see and that’s kind of her stress protection The hood is almost too small for you,
you’re so big! This is one very big girl, she’s very, very strong Now birds don’t have stomachs like you and I they have a crop And they have a gizzard. The gizzard is a relatively small muscle that grinds up the food. The crop is where the food is stored. The crop is right here, and see
right here is about as big as a softball. And that’s where all her food is that
she took today, so that’s a big crop of food This little gal right now, to be honest with you She could go three weeks or more without
eating, she’s had so much food And that gives her a good opportunity to survive we could tell this is a young Golden
Eagle because the young eagles have brown eyes now those of you that were at
the program’s the Parowan gap so my golden eagle has yellow eyes and they
get the yellow eyes when they’re 5 years old and so this is a young one and the
young ones also have a white band right here in the tail and then at five years
old they lose the white band so we know that she’s a young one and she’s got
even bigger feet yeah bigger and actually more deadly
feet than Scout at the Eagle that I had this morning and these talons literally
would drive those things through my hand and crush the bones of my hand so we
have to be very very careful with her to make sure that I don’t get grabbed because my next stop would be the hospital She’s got a good six feet plus wing span ad her wings are perfect right now she’s acting calm because she’s frightened does that make sense and she’s basically
sitting there going please don’t eat me but if she got any inkling at all that she could escape
she would try to bite my face and run And that’s kinda why I decided I’m
going to release this one myself her size and her strength the truth of the matter is
to be very hard as he decided to fight with somebody that they would get out of the fight unhurt She is so fat right now and so heavy that if she was on the
highway she’d have a very hard time getting up around and so when you’re
driving down the highways guys and see some big birds off in the distance down the road slow down, I’ve literally had to come to a stop and let the eagles walk off the road because they’ve had too much breakfast and so when you see a birds on the road,
please slow down, give them an opportunity to get off the road. That’s really really important Person in crowd: when it gets colder will she get more feathers? Martin: No, this is all the feathers she’s gonna have And to be honest with you, she does very very well if the temperature is below 70 When the temperatures start to get warm What these eagles will do, they’ll ride the currents of air and go up to 30,000 feet to stay cool So at 40 below 0 she’s fine At 80 degree we have to watch her real carefully make sure she doesn’t overheat, so it’s the heat that’s the issue, not the cold okay you ready sweetheart to go back to
the wild Here we go!


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