Dwayne Johnson Eats Cheat Meals Late at Night and Alone Like a Troll
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Dwayne Johnson Eats Cheat Meals Late at Night and Alone Like a Troll

-You look great, buddy.
Everything going well? -Everything’s great, yeah. -Since you last were on the
show, you had another little baby. -I did, yeah. Baby Tiana.
Thank you very much. [ Cheers and applause ]
♪♪ Thank you. So cute.
-Look at this. Oh, my gosh. She’s so cute!
-Oh, my God. -How old is she now? -Well, right now,
she’s 16 months old. And, you know,
just the love of my life. I have all daughters,
which you do, too, right? And there’s nothing like it.
-Nothing like it. I love it so much.
What are they into? What shows are they watching?
-Oh, my gosh. Big-time into “Peppa Pig.”
-Oh, yeah! -Yes, they’re into the
“Peppa Pig.” -Oh, they’re obsessed.
-“Spirit the Horse.” -Oh, no.
-Spirit. -I don’t know. Oh, “Spirit.”
-“Spirit.” -No, I don’t know that one. -Oh, we might have to
educate Jimmy on that one. Yes.
-“Dora the Explorer”? -“Dora the Explorer.”
Yes, for sure. -Oh, man,
that will get real annoying. I can’t wait.
-Yes. -Yeah, get ready for that. -Do your daughters make you do
the voices of, like, Papa Pig, Daddy Pig? -Oh, grandpa? Yeah.
[ Snorts ] -Yeah.
-Snorting. [ British accent ] Mommy… [ Snorts ]
Yeah. Muddy puddles. Muddy puddles. [ Normal voice ]
I’m like, “All right, I can’t take it anymore.” I have nightmares about
muddy puddles. I follow you on Instagram.
I love you. It’s a very good follow,
by the way. -Thank you. I follow you, too.
-It’s great. You do everything.
You do everything extreme. You go hard. Your workouts are amazing, and
you put some of those on there. And then you also post
your cheat meals. -Yes. It’s very important,
the cheat meals. -But look at your cheat —
How do you — Lookit. You were into pancakes.
You were big into pancakes. -I’m into pancakes.
I’m into sushi, and — Oh, like right there. -At the same time.
-That is sushi and pancakes. -Yeah. -Which I wouldn’t
recommend that, but you got to give it a shot. What else? Ah, yes.
Even more sushi, sandwiches. -Those are good-looking
sandwiches. -Oh, it’s the best, dude. And for me, I mean, the cheat
meals, though, it’s like — it’s like church. You know? Because you work out hard,
and once a week, you treat yourself, and then,
you know, I partake in that. -Yeah. -And I just — I open my
computer and I sit there — But here’s the thing. I have to wait until
everybody is asleep. That’s the way
I’ve got to do it. I put the babies down to sleep. Everyone goes to sleep —
Lauren, everybody. So at like midnight — -That’s when you have
your cheat meal? -That’s when I — Yes. And I’m like a troll,
like, “Oh, yeah!” Open it up and all by myself.
-Yeah. You just got back from Hawaii.
-I did, yes. -And you wanted to go there because you wanted to
stop by the protest over there. What was going on? -Sure. So, what’s happening
in Hawaii right now is — there are protesters on the
big island, in Hilo, and there’s a mountain,
Mauna Kea. And Mauna Kea —
Some of you guys may know this. Mauna Kea is a sacred place. It’s a sacred place to
native Hawaiians. And there’s a telescope that’s
being propositioned to be built there that’s
18 stories. Eventually, it would be
the size of a football stadium. And the issue that the native
Hawaiians have is that It’s sacred land. There was some trust that was
breached between them and the state and the people
who are trying to build the telescope. And what I wanted to do was
get my boots on the ground, go there personally, and —
Because I grew up in Hawaii and I understand what it’s like
to have that sacred land. And when I was — It was really
a beautiful experience. It was so inspiring,
because you have men and women and children
and elderly — Kupuna that we call them —
who aren’t leaving, and they are so steadfast and
passionate about this land, about the sacredness
of the land. So, I joke that cheat meals were
church, but the truth is — this mountain is their church, and it would be like
building on their church. So I wanted to go, get my boots
on the ground there, and speak to them directly,
get a deeper dialogue with them. And then I realized something, that this is so much bigger than
a telescope being built. This is humanity. These are human beings
whose hearts are hurting. And I think anytime situations
like that come up, whether it’s — And, again,
this is like a microcosm of the bigger thing
all around the world — or at least how I look at it. When scenarios like this pop up, when you have human beings
who are hurting, any culture around the world, that’s our indication
that we’ve got to stop. Let’s be considerate,
let’s be empathetic, and let’s always
take care of our people, ’cause, at the end of the day, it always comes down to that,
taking care of the people. -Yeah. Take care of each other.
Good for you for doing that. I’m glad you did that.
-Thank you, Jimmy.


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