Dutcher & Frayall: Behind the Scenes 🎬 Wife Swap
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Dutcher & Frayall: Behind the Scenes 🎬 Wife Swap

– It’s easier for me to understand that the earth is flat than it would be what mainstream science says it is. – So, no man on the moon? – No, no. I don’t… – Ugh, you’re killing me here. – Yeah, it kills me to think that they want us to believe that. – So, today was quite interesting. I must admit, pulling
up to this place was, I was freaking out. Oh, God. Okay, this is a hillbilly home. – Oh, my first day at the
house was very intense. See a calendar. Oh, their family chores. When do they have time to, to be kids? There’s definitely a contrast between my house and the house that I’m in now. – It stinks in here! Really bad. OMG. That completely freaked me out. How dirty the walls are. How dirty the carpet is. All of that is just, like,
completely disgusting to me. – Day went surprisingly pretty well. Got to meet the swap mom. – I don’t understand why something that hasn’t been touched,
seen, or smelled, like the moon, can be… – Believed? – Taught. – Things that I’ve kind of
picked up on with the kids is that they really don’t have a say so in what they want to do, or have a say so in how
to express themselves. – These are the family
chores, as you can see. (swap wife sighs loudly) Big sigh, you still gotta do it. I’m definitely got some
question marks about her. – He’s the disciplinarian in the house. – Oh, so he is a disciplinarian? – Yes, like that one right there, he’s working on a whooping right now. Outta control. – I feel little heartbroken that they don’t feel appreciated. – So I can say that I was
extremely open-minded today. And I really, really,
really did try very hard to live like the other family. I was definitely very, very nervous. – This right here would be
considered a leaf with leaflets. – So what makes something a leaf, exactly? – I don’t know how to answer that, man. – The dad doesn’t know
anything about science. I know for a fact that we have to bring in some element of true education here. After being here for awhile, I’ve noticed that we’re lacking a bit of structure. Academics is a non-negotiable. – I got to show them
how I teach my students in a non-traditional setting. What kind of bug do you think that is? – I know, I know. That’s a quesadilla. – A quesadilla? – I mean… – Cicadas? – Acadas, yeah. – And that was really nice for them, to like, come together as a family and really look and be in nature. – The new rules are
completely out of the ordinary from anything that we would do. But, I think it also provides
some family bonding time. – You guys made me hug this week. And I appreciate that, yes! I learned so, so much. Just from how people operate day to day. And just some things that
I can do a little less of, like planning everything to the t. Sometimes it’s just so good to just live. (upbeat instrumental music)


  • amanda nelson

    "So what makes something a leaf exactly?" if u don't know look it up if ur childs wanting to learn give them all the opportunity too I don't care if you choose standard education or not just continue to feed their growing brain with love and knowledge

  • TripsCloudsPureBliss

    I'm so worried about that boy "Master's" future. He couldn't even focus long enough to make a short list of schools. I don't know if he just said he wanted to be aerospace engineer/astronaut because that was the first thing he could think of or if he is actually serious about that…Really sad.

  • Hyacinth Niemann

    Unschooling is valid but what those folks are doing isn't it. I could for instance teach a lot of math and chemistry through cooking if I wanted to but if you have no respect for structure, you can't teach. Education doesn't come with institution necessarily but you do have to take it seriously.

  • Renaissance Woman

    I like how they’re intentionally not showing how the kids in the interracial family interacts with their parents. People watch the episode on demand.

  • SimpleQuestion CanUAnswer

    Simple math. Seriously though the earth spins 1000 mph they claim. So that works out to 1 mile per 4 seconds. SO when you hit a golf ball on a long drive for 4 seconds. Does the golf ball spin with the earth? See how backwards that is. If the sun was 1 light year away it would be 45,000 times further away and 45,000 times smaller. But they claim you see stars that are trillions of light years away. Just look into it and don't just blindly believe the government institutions.

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