Duo Security protects customer data with Pixelbooks and Chrome Enterprise

JOSH YAVOR: The logo
for Duo is based off of the seal of Michigan,
but actually says Tuebor, which means “to protect.” STEVE EDWARDS: Duo is a
trusted access company. We offer two-factor
authentication as a service to companies. JOSH YAVOR: Duo has to take
security more seriously than most companies. STEVE EDWARDS: Our
customers are trusting us with the security
of their business. So if our business isn’t secure,
then their business won’t be. JOSH YAVOR: Pixelbooks
represent a large portion of our endpoint fleet at Duo. STEVE EDWARDS: Duo uses
Chrome OS on Chromebooks because they’re the
most secure platform. JOSH YAVOR: Our engineers can
absolutely code on Pixelbooks. ZACK HARDIE: I code on
the Google Cloud Shell. It doesn’t matter what
Chromebook I’m on, it’s always my
session when I log in. All my tools are there. It’s pretty cool. [LAUGHS] JAMIE TOMASELLO: As the senior
manager of security operations, knowing that I don’t have
to worry about these devices makes my life and my
team’s life easier. Peace of mind. Pixelbooks look nice. People enjoy the
way that they feel. FRANK ERVE: They’re very sexy. [LAUGHS] STEVE EDWARDS: The
keyboard is great. The battery lasts all day. Then, of course, you can
use the pen on the screen. And when I do that in a
meeting, people always ask me how they can
get one as well. JOSH YAVOR: Using
Chromebooks really has reduced our support cost. FRANK ERVE: I can just
take it out of the box, and it’s ready to
go in 25 minutes. Compared to other platforms,
which takes two to three hours, it’s very great, very great. [LAUGHS] STEVE EDWARDS: Chromebooks
are incredibly easy to manage. FRANK ERVE: Once we enroll
them into the Enterprise environment, we’re
actually able to manage it with ease from the Google Suite. STEVE EDWARDS:
[? Excavator ?] is a tool that we built internally
using Chrome Web Store APIs. It helps you build
a Chrome extension white list for your company. JOSH YAVOR: That’s something
that no other browser can offer for us. We like to say that everyone
at Duo is on the security team. JAMIE TOMASELLO: They
feel that they’re playing a part because they’re
using a more secure device. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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