Drone Domain Delivery
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Drone Domain Delivery

I came up with a kind of progressive
idea to deliver domains to our customers and we figured, you know, we might as well
just use some drones a lot of drones, a lot of domains, means happy customers… you know, nothing but smiles [scared child shouts ‘mom’ and runs] here is where we will insert the payload
and customer will receive their domains [off screen] and we’re just really proud of what
we’re doing here with the drone program very excited but it’s gonna bring you
our customers and we’re just glad things are going very very smoothly so far It’s no different than an email marketing campaign. Except we’re flying to the house and dropping off the domains. [off screen] you know and its relationship you have
the customers at the end when Iceman goes to Maverick he’s like, hey man, you can
be my wingman anytime It was that ‘a ha’ moment because, you know, customers and name.com…we’re good wingmen. We’re good and well together. [terrified child] Mom is it gone?


  • TheOnePabb

    Does 'global' include rural Canada? It usually doesn't, so will we still be able to get our domain names shipped by land? Last time I was pleasantly surprised that it only took a month and a half to get there, so I wouldn't want to lose that option.

  • Jack Rugile

    This sure beats buying domain names on craigslist, like I have been. I was going for a .com and this guy kept claiming that .creeper was better when I met him at McDonalds.

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