Dreamhost Website Hosting Review. Shared hosting or WordPress Managed Hosting?
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Dreamhost Website Hosting Review. Shared hosting or WordPress Managed Hosting?

In this video I’m going to take a look at
Dreamhost. Dreamhost is one of my top picks for webhosting
using either their shared hosting services or their WordPress managed hosting service
that they call Dreampress. I have a bit of a soft spot for Dreamhost. As I’ve been using their hosting services
for over 10 year and I’ve been really happy with them. In this review I’ll show you what I like
about Dreamhost. I’m Tim from realwebsitehints.com and I’ve
made it my mission to help you find the best and easiest way to build websites. I support the reviews that I do and the free
tutorials that I offer on my YouTube Channel and website by using affiliate links. So if you like the products that I talk about
in my videos or if you want to learn more about them, use the links in the description
below. The links below this video will give you $25
off of your first year of hosting with Dreamhost and it will provide me with a little bit of
a commission that helps me to keep reviewing, testing and creating tutorials so I thank
you for your support! The first thing that I like about Dreamhost
is their pricing. Dreamhost offers fair pricing without a lot
of gimmicks. Once you sign up for hosting with Dreamhost
they don’t bombard you with lots of up sells and I really appreciate that. When I’m working on my website I just want
to focus on what I need to do. Dreamhost’s prices can seem a bit more expensive
at first especially when you look at other companies introductory pricing, but I think
that when you look at what Dreamhost has to offers and then you compare that with the
long term rates of the other hosting companies you’ll see that Dreamhost is actually a
good value in the long run. My favorite feature of Dreamhost is actually
the domain registration. Domain Registration is a pretty basic thing
but what I like about Dreamhost over other domain registrars is that they offer domain
privacy standard. If there is one thing that makes me a little
bit crazy it’s robo sales calls, junk mail and email spam. Domain privacy helps you to avoid that by
using the contact information at Dreamhost instead of your personal information in the
whois listing. Most other domain registrars that I’ve looked
at charge anywhere from $9 to $24 for domain privacy alone and that’s on top of the normal
domain registration fee, so dreamhost is a great savings right there. For basic hosting and for WordPress hosting
there are really only two options with Dreamhost. Their shared hosting plan which allows you
to host an unlimited number of websites, create an unlimited number of email addresses, at
your domains and gives you unlimited storage and bandwidth. This is great if you want to host just one
website at a lower cost, or if you want to host a bunch of smaller websites it’s all
included with their shared hosting plan. Dreamhost also offers a WordPress managed
hosting plan that they call DreamPress. So what is it like to use Dreamhost? There isn’t really any hosting companies
control panel that I’m in love with. Dreamhost’s panel is different then most
hosting companies it’s not really better or worse it’s just different. The one think that I do like about the interface
at Dreamhost over other hosting companies is that all of the main setting categories
stay on the page. They’re all right over here on the left. You don’t have to go back and forth between
the main settings categories and the setting that you are trying to control. Under the domains tab you will find the basic
hosting features. This allows you to turn on and off hosting
for your domains as well as add features like SSL certificates or turn on Cloudflare. If you want to add or manage email address
you’ll find that under the mail tab, and it’s fairly straight forward to add an email
to any of your hosted domains. When you want to install WordPress on one
of your hosted domains you will find that under Goodies, and then under the section
for one click installs, and I have a full video tutorial that will show you how to setup
hosting and install and configure WordPress on Dreamhost. I’ll link to that in the description below
as well as right here at the top of this video. If you want to step up from the basic shared
hosting to something a little more robust for your WordPress website you can use Dreamhost’s
managed WordPress hosting service called Dreampress. Dreampress is what I currently use to host
realwebsitehints.com with. With Dreampress you get a virtual private
server that is configured specifically to run WordPress. The settings are automatically managed for
you to help you get the best performance out of your website. One of the things that I really like about
Dreampress is that it now includes a premium subscription to Jetpack. The premium version of Jetpack includes daily
backups of your website with vault press. ValtPress keeps an offsite backup of your
website. With the premium version you also get Akismet
the spam comment filtering for WordPress and if you’ve had a website for a while you
know that spam comments are just really annoying and really annoying to get rid of so I really
like that fact that there is this sort of automatically cleaned out for me. Jetpack also offers a malware scanner to help
keep your website hacker free. And of course you get all of the other benefits
of the standard version of Jetpack like it’s image content delivery network to help you
website’s images load quickly, as well as the easy to read website statistics and social
media tools. I’ve been really happy with Dreampress since
I’ve had it and really excited about the newly included Jetpack premium. That’s going to save me $99 a year with
just that service alone. Over all Dreamhost is a great option. With Solid State Drive hosting and fast servers
Dreamhost offers one of the fastest options for hosting at this price point and that I’ve
tested. If you decide to step up your service to the
WordPress managed hosting Dreampress you’ll get a fully managed VPS and the benefits of
Jetpack premium. If your interested in learning more about
Dreamhost or if you want to get started with it check out the link bellow and get $25 off
of your first year of hosting. If you want help get started with Dreamhost
I’ll have that video that will show you step by step how to sign up for Dreamhost
and how to get WordPress installed and configured, and I’ll link to that at the end of this
video and in the description below. And for more tips and tricks on how to build
great websites easily be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and visit me at realwebsitehints.com. Thanks for watching!


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