Dreamhost Review: Pros & Cons To Know About Before You Buy [2019]
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Dreamhost Review: Pros & Cons To Know About Before You Buy [2019]

In this DreamHost review I’ll tell you
about the top 5 things you should know before starting with Dreamhost. Since
different web hosting providers have different strengths and weaknesses it’s
really important to choose the right provider for the type of project that
you’ll be making. So, without any further talking let’s jump right into the number
one thing you should know about DreamHost when starting your website. While other web hosting providers
increase their monthly prices after the first term ends DreamHost
doesn’t. It doesn’t matter how many times you renew your plan the price will stay
the same exactly what you see on the price tag for example, SiteGround will
charge you $3.95 per month on your first period but after
that the price will increase to $11.95. a month. So, this does not
happen with DreamHost their prices stay the same for every
period no matter how many times you renew your plans and DreamHost prices
are quite low in general especially considering their performance. By using
the links below you can get an exclusive price of $2.59 a
month for their starter plants and $4.95 a month for their unlimited plans. DreamHost takes on the responsibility of
your website being online 100% of the time as far as I know no other web
hosting provider takes the stability as seriously as DreamHost does. It’s
actually in their Terms of Service for every hour that your website is down and
its the fault of DreamHost you can get one free day of hosting
added to your account. And, they’re pretty serious about this here’s these
statistics from my own DreamHost websites I’ve launched the website 33
days ago and it hasn’t been offline since, 800 hours in and no crashes. And,
they’re loading speed is quite impressive as well just 1 second to
load a full web page a solid 9/10 in terms of performance. So, DreamHost is actually one of the only
3 web hosting providers officially recommended by WordPress themselves. This
means that DreamHost has actually put in a lot of effort to make WordPress
integration as smooth and as easy as possible. Not to talk about all of the other
optimizations for WordPress that they’ve done as well. DreamHost has a custom
control panel and upon purchasing your plan you will be able to install
WordPress on your website automatically within a couple of minutes after
purchased you will be able to start working on your website no problems at
all. By the way, super quick I want to mention that my channel is supported by
affiliate links. What does this mean exactly? Well, if you use the links down
below and make a purchase I will make a commission and you will get a discount
this sort of deal is the win-win for both of us since you get a discount I
get to make more videos, I get to buy more web hosting services to test and
keep my content ad and sponsor free. So, if you’re on the market for some web
hosting consider using the links down below and get the best possible price
while supporting the channel at the same time. Thank you for your support and
let’s get back to this DreamHost review. DreamHost is one of the main hosting
providers for nonprofit organizations and charities. Why? Well, they give out
their hosting plans for free. So, if you’re a non-profit or a charity
located in the United States click the link below and grab yourself a free
hosting plan that includes emails as well. By the way if you want to know more
about this I’ll leave my full in-depth DreamHost review on the screen right
here. DreamHost gives you domain privacy for
free. Without domain privacy your name, address, phone and other personal
information might be visible to the public through the WHOIS databases.
Domain privacy hides all of this information. Other providers usually
charge anywhere between five and fifteen dollars per year for the service but
DreamHost throws it in for free. And not having your personal information out
there on the Internet sounds like a pretty good idea to me. DreamHost actually offers an excellent
pricing model if you’re buying web hosting for the long term. Because their
prices do not increase over time and they offer plenty of free features for
you to take advantage of. Their stability is 10/10 their performance is
a solid 9/10. I have several websites
with DreamHost myself I’ve been using them for about half a year now and I
have absolutely no complaints, I highly recommend you check out DreamHost if
you’re hosting a project that requires stability. The biggest downsides of
DreamHost though is their support team the emails are very slow, the phone
support is expensive and actually costs extra and don’t expect much help from
the chat support because it’s only available during certain hours but if
you don’t require much support and you know what you’re doing DreamHost is
like one of the best providers you can actually go with get a special discount
price by using the links down in the description below and if you have any
additional questions about DreamHost feel free to leave a comment I read and
answer every single one my name is Emit with the hosting.review team and as
always good luck making your websites


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