Dreamhost Coupon Code | Dreamhost Promo For BIGGEST DISCOUNT
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Dreamhost Coupon Code | Dreamhost Promo For BIGGEST DISCOUNT

Dreamhost Coupon Code. Hey guys, Bryan with WP Cupid Blog and today
I’m going to be offering you a Dreamhost coupon code discount to get a free domain name plus
up to 47% off your hosting with Dreamhost. To get this awesome Dreamhost coupon discount
deal just click the link I provided below in the description. You will get Dreamhost hosting for as low
as $2.95 a month along with a free domain name with this Dreamhost coupon code discount. The regular price for Dreamhost hosting is
$4.95 a month. The Dreamhost coupon discount is automatically
applied once you click the link provided in the description. To get the free domain name you’ll have to
purchase Dreamhost hosting annually. Paying monthly won’t get you the free domain
name discount. Once you click the link below in the description
and it will take you to the page you see here which is the Dreamhost home page. A little disclosure, the link is an affiliate
link. I’ll receive a commission which helps support
this channel and helps us put out WordPress tutorial videos on a regular basis. If you scroll down a bit on the page. You’ll see the different hosting options available
such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, their website builder option,
dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting. You can select on the option that you would
like for your site by clicking learn more. Once you decide on the type of hosting you
want with Dreamhost it’ll bring you to the plans page. Scroll down and you’ll see the different plan
options available and you can click the the length of time you purchase your Dreamhost
hosting for. You’ll notice the longer you purchase your
hosting for the greater discount you will receive. Click on the sign up now button under the
hosting plan you would like. You are now brought to the domain page where
you can select your domain name now, later, or use a domain name that you already own. Let’s go over each of these options for this
tutorial. If you choose to register your domain name
later it’ll take you to the checkout page. If you choose to register a domain name now
it’ll bring up where you type in the domain name that you would like to use. It’ll let you know if it is available like
you see here. If it’s not available it’ll let you know here
and give you suggestions. Once you find the domain name that you would
like click the add for zero dollars button. It’ll now take you to the secure checkout
page. If you already own a domain name type in the
domain you own and then click the assign button. It’ll take you to the checkout page. From the checkout page enter your billing
information. Under it select if you want to pay via Paypal
or a credit or debit card. Type in a good email for you so dreamhost
can send you a receipt along with login credentials that you’ll need. Underneath you select or unselect if you want
dreamhost emails sent to you. Next, you’ll see additional options. Depending on the type of Dreamhost hosting
you selected the addons you see might be slightly different than what I’m showing you now. If you are going to be using WordPress leave
the pre-install WordPress addon selected as this is free. The WP Website Builder is free. Leave this selected if you want an easy to
use WordPress builder included. Next, dreamshield protection. This is up to you whether you want it or not. Dreamshield protects your site and scans your
site to see if you have malware, out of date software, etc. Professional email will cost money only if
you select the shared starter otherwise it is free. Once you are done click the submit order. Alright guys, thanks for watching. That is my Dreamhost coupon code discount. Give this video a thumbs up and subscribe
to our channel for more WordPress video tutorials. Leave us a comment we love hearing from you.


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