Downgrade and Down-Edition Rights for HPE OEM Windows Server Licensing [CCEN]
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Downgrade and Down-Edition Rights for HPE OEM Windows Server Licensing [CCEN]

Ever wonder about Downgrade and Down-edition rights when it comes to Windows Server licensing from HPE? Both can simplify application migration and
support legacy business applications. Let’s learn more about how Hewlett Packard
Enterprise can help you with both. Hi, my name is Rob East. Today, I want to explain downgrade and down-edition rights available for Windows Server licensing from HPE. Let’s start with some definitions that may
be confusing: Downgrade rights are the rights to use an earlier version of the software in place of the version that was licensed. (Windows Server 2016 in place of
Windows Server 2019 for example) Down-Editions rights are a little different,
they are the rights that allow users to run an instance of a lower edition
(Standard in place of Datacenter for example) Downgrade and Down-edition rights can also
be combined. For example: a customer may purchase a Windows
Server 2016 Datacenter license and use downgrade and down-edition rights to deploy a Windows
Server 2012 R2 Standard VM. HPE offers downgrade kits that include an
installation media and product key in accordance with Microsoft’s OEM policy, some downgrade
kit options get discontinued overtime, and some downgrade options are never released
through the OEM downgrade and may require the licensee to use an existing older OS media
and product key as covered by the downgrade rights. Most downgrade kits are available at server purchase but can be also ordered after the server purchase. Let’s drill down on this… HPE OEM licensed customers who wish to exercise
downgrade rights from Windows Server to a downgraded version have two options: Option 1, When a customer purchases an HPE
OEM Windows Server license along with an HPE server they can request the downgrade kit
at time of purchase. Most common downgrade options are available
from factory and include a DVD installation media and a product key. Option 2, Customers may also obtain the downgrade
kit after the initial HPE OEM Windows Server product purchase by placing a request online. HPE requires the customer to provide proof
of purchase (such as a photo of the Microsoft Certificate Of Authenticity (or COA) showing
the physical 5×5 Windows Server product key for the purchased HPE Windows Server product). HPE can fulfill a downgrade kit for the same
server OS only one time. Thank you for your time – and remember downgrade
and down-edition rights can help simplify migrations and support legacy applications
on the world’s most secure industry standard leading platforms –
HPE ProLiant Gen10 severs.

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