Dondy Bappedyanto – Biznet Gio Cloud Indonesia (APAC Meet & Greet Series)
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Dondy Bappedyanto – Biznet Gio Cloud Indonesia (APAC Meet & Greet Series)

In general, the cloud industry is
growing. You know, the evidence is that a lot of big players – the hyperscalers are
coming into APAC. AWS, Azure, Alibaba, IBM – all of them have servers somewhere in APAC, especially in Singapore. If I am not mistaken, some of the
hyperscales are building new data centers, just to serve the APAC region. So,
I think from the business perspective the market is growing. It’s just that I
believe not all of the market can be served by the hyperscalers.
There are still some point where we as small local players can just contribute to that. The cloud industry is pretty big on the
container with the introduction of Docker and then lately it’s the Kubernetes.
Actually, it’s shifting from isolated VMs into containers that can
easily be managed to serve the customers’ needs. So, on a VM, if you want to do
some orchestrations, there are a lot of tools that you need to use.
But, in a Kubernetes or container, actually one orchestration can fit to whatever it is that
the customers want to do. Given that a container or Kubernetes is not
as easy as VM, but I think the technology is going to make everything easier.
Google is doing a very good job on this and also some other third parties do
a very good job on this. So maybe for the startups – you know the trend, “the unicorn” – they try to mimic the Silicon Valley type of
working. Maybe for that kind of customers they don’t have the problem of keeping
up with technology that is offered by the hyperscalers. However, though there
are several customers that actually feel challenged with that kind of technology. For me, this is an opportunity. What we can do is to offer them many services. We do everything for them and
they just enjoy the results. For me, there’s customers that can do
everything by themselves, and for the second type of customers – those who want everything to be done by somebody else. That’s where we come in as a local or
we as the local players. AI is a big hype these days,
similar like cloud was several days back. From what I’m seeing, the current market
is actually the same. They just want their problems to be solved.
They just want to pay some money. They don’t want to think about what was this, what was that – they just want to have their problem solved. In terms of AI, it’s a pretty
good buzz word, but I don’t think that the real AI is going to be
leveraged by the SMEs. It will be leveraged at some point in time,
but in terms of a solution, not as AI or AR in itself. Plesk is a very interesting company.
I’ve been working with Plesk for quite some time, even before my
current company right now. What I like the most from Plesk is
trying to disrupt. In the hosting industry, for example, with the introduction of Docker inside the panel, which the other control panels do not have and
probably do not even think about. It’s actually a pretty good breakthrough
for the hosters to have other services being offered with the help of Plesk.
The other thing is the WordPress Toolkit. It’s actually something that
we as hosters really needed because we need to compete with the other WordPress only players, who already had their own technology. We hosters, local hosters, I believe we don’t have the capability to build from the ground up. Not because of the competency,
but more because of the type. So, Plesk is really helping the hosters to achieve a service that the other players may have.

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  • mowax74

    Disabling comments to the digitalocean OneClick Plesk video says a lot! This crap is just not working and freezes the droplet. Then the droplet is not available anymore to the outside network, even after a reboot. The only solution to get this server back is to rewind to a saved backup. But what am i telling you . . . of couse you already know that! Otherwise you would not disable comments to that video.
    Plesk was crap 15 years ago and it still is! good ideas involved – but bad and buggy developed.

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