Donate a Google Hosting Sandwich #1
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Donate a Google Hosting Sandwich #1

hello and welcome to my kitchen at home are now on the massive believer that ice cream should be enjoyed all the way around the matter what the weather and actually are been for us boy this week even that’s freezing cold so with that in mind I’d like to share a recipe that is really quick and neat and actually not only uses some of your left over honey kind that you made but also satisfies my need and potentially you will need for freezing cold sweet treat in order so without further ado let’s make ginger and honey crime ice cream cookies so just start with are going to get my ice cream ready I’ve got a 500 mil top of regular vanilla ice cream and I’ve used quite a hard one more than a soft so because it needs to be quite firm once stir things through it or break it up a little bit with the wooden spoon and then sprinkle some of your honey came in i’ve got about 20 or 30 grams here just sprinkle it all in and mix it in really love you want to work fairly quickly because your ice cream is mounting all the time but once it’s all start through get a bit of greaseproof paper just to line your top because we’re going to put the arts scream back in there and then just skip it all back in make sure you switch it down quite a bit and now we need to do is pop the lid on unwaxed it back in the freezer to firm love you want to get it quite firms this’ll take at least four hours by lights during the night the next thing that needs to happen is cookie making and arguably making a really tasty gingery spicy cookie and these one the perfect for our dreams am just because they’re really nice and thin but they’re really chewy so i have a start by measuring my dry ingredients i like both 380 grams of plain flour is going to put that through this and 2 teaspoons of bipartisan of soda now it’s time for the spices now I’ve got a half teaspoon of ground ginger quantities been all the cinnamon quantities being of ground nutmeg and a quarter teaspoon of clothes and the extra spices that are going to really enhance the ginger flavor now i’m going to put that to one side and get on with eating some butter and sugar together and I’ve got a hundred and ten grams of softened unsalted butter and 225 grams of caster sugar and i’m going to be days together until their peril and fluffy that’s out a couple of minutes so now it’s time to add a large free-range egg and i’m also going to add a hundred made two grams of golden syrup and that’s going to give this cookie a really nice chewy consistency and also make it tastes amazing if you can’t find golden city then you can use corn syrup but it is really really much better with golden syrup and just beat that altogether farm in until it’s combined and now it’s ready to have the dry ingredients added and i’m just going to fold that together really slowly until it all comes together like a day we should be left with is a splashy moldo and now it’s time to make that into cookies I want my cookies to be exactly the same size throughout because i’m making sandwiches so to have one big one on one small ones gonna look really stupid so I’m going to magically using my scales i meant to measure them out in 30 ground balls rolling my cookie dough in sugar because that’s going to give my cookies are really nice crispy caramelized out pacing 30 grams is going to make about three inch turkey so you want to make sure you can plenty of room on the tray so that it stick together now i’m quite low cookie they left in my mixer this mix does make quite a lot of cookies so you can freeze this if you want to wrap up really well stick it in the freezer maybe in a roll and then you can chop the mountains bake them from frozen all we can keep in the fresh rupture week or you can just make all the cookies that you can but I’m gonna just make these 12 and i’m going to be about 175 degrees c for about 12 or 13 minutes ok now they’re quite fit the moment but don’t worry they’re going to throw out now as they cool down why cookies are completely cool down so I’ve taken my ice cream out it’s nice and firm and it’s not that easy to get out so I’m actually going to use the purposes just to tell no you want to do this nice and quickly because it’s melting all the time so I’m just going to flip it onto its side and that because we’ve put into a top which is pretty largest cylinder shape all i need to do now is to slice into thick slices and then using your cookies just sandwich your slices together and you want to wrap these are in greaseproof paper and printing straight back into the freezer just do these one at a time now fully set of your ice cream sandwiches is a good idea to keep them in the freezer for an hour just to firm up at lakme are made from earlier so i am going to take mine now mmm that is delicious on that ice cream which with really easy to make is so tasty with the honey colleges kind of melting and using out on this cookie is really love in spicy and perfectly cheery for an ice cream sandwich why’s a real culture of a recipe so your moments away if you’ve got your ice cream your honey came a new cooking ingredients your moments away from really tasty treat usually off all lights all stuff lying around and so I hope you enjoy this video thanks so much watching anything have enjoyed it and please like it with the thumbs up and share with your friends on even subscribe to my channel which you can do by clicking on the link at the end and that where you’ll get lots of updates on when I upload which is particularly important coming out because it is Christmas time and/or heaps of recipes for you guys so stay tuned and I’ll see you next time


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