Dominion SX II Serial Console Server
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Dominion SX II Serial Console Server

Today’s network and IT administrators face many challenges. Maintaining, monitoring and troubleshooting hundreds or even thousands of networking, computing and security devices, with zero downtime, is a 24×7 job. Administrators need secure, reliable & productive remote management for serial devices, such as LAN switches, routers, computing servers, and security appliances. That’s why we developed the Dominion SX II Series — Raritan’s enterprise-class line of secure console servers that provide IP-based, remote access, monitoring and management. It’s designed for network engineers, IT administrators, data center and security managers, who want to increase productivity and uptime. SX II provides: Out-of-band access and control of serial devices, allowing administrators to troubleshoot, reconfigure and power cycle devices remotely via a Command Line Interface, or CLI; access and management of serial devices across a LAN, WAN, and Internet, including emergency telephone and cellular modem access; complete CLI control via Java-free web browser, popular SSH clients, at-the-rack access, and convenient direct port access to individual devices; logging and monitoring of system and kernel consoles, with real-time alerts of critical events and failures; Automatic DTE/DCE serial port detection to eliminate the use of cumbersome rollover cables; military-grade security features; such as AES & FIPS 140-2 encryption, and IPv6 networking; and a powerful enterprise-grade platform, including dual power supplies and LAN ports with automatic failover. With the SX II, we’ve developed the ultimate serial console solution — secure, reliable and productive. Plus, it’s easy to install, manage and use. Add Raritan’s CommandCenter Secure Gateway to support the largest, multi-site deployments, with thousands of devices. Raritan’s history of innovation spans over 3 decades; and we’re trusted in over 60,000 locations worldwide. Rely on the SX II to maximize the uptime, performance and reliability of your critical networking, computing and security infrastructure.

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