Domain Searching in Google
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Domain Searching in Google

Domain searching in Google- a quick demo brought
to you by the Los Rios College Libraries. So your instructor said you should only use
a specific type of websites like .edu or .org websites for your research paper? Here’s
a quick demonstration of how to narrow down your Google search to look for websites published
by a specific domain. Remember, a domain is part of the website’s address which tells
how the site has been published. There are various types of domains such as .com for
commercial websites, .gov for government websites, .org for nonprofit organizations, .edu for
educational institutions and many more. Let’s try a Google search for .edu sources
on the Zapatista uprising. First I can type in my search terms on a regular Google search.
Then to narrow down my results to a particular domain, I can select the little sprocket icon
in the upper right-hand corner. Then I’ll choose Advanced Search.
You’ll see on the Advanced Search screen you have a lot of options to focus your search.
I’m looking for the “site or domain” field. I’ll type in the domain I’m interested
in, and Voila! My search is narrowed to only include information from educational institution
websites! You’ll see that Google updated my search
inquiry to “Zapatista”. That is a shortcut I can use to do the same
search in the future. Let’s try a .org search. Remember, even though I’ve narrowed my results
to types of websites my teacher accepts, I still have to evaluate my results to select
the best sources. You’ll see that some sites like Wikipedia are .org websites, but they
still might not be acceptable for my research assignment.
more information on finding and evaluating Internet sources, contact your campus library
or check out one of our other tutorials.

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